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That Extra Oomph

Hijuyo: Hewwo and welcome to the last installment of “Behind the Scenes of Skullduggery Island: The Phoenix Warbird.” Originally we were going to have a sailing expert – Captain Crawfish – tell us all about the process of designing the famous ship, but as you’ve probably noticed he’s not up for the task.
Cpt Crawfish: Juyo? I’m hearing you, but I can’t see a thing!
Hijuyo: Um, that’s because your eyeballs were eaten.
Cpt Crawfish: Well, this is gonna be the last epic Skullduggery Island informative session – so be nice. Let ME read MY OWN POST for once.
Hijuyo: I did let you read out “Skullduggery in Sketch” for the PHB, you know. You should be glad someone’s here to take over for you in case of emergencies – like being crowded, ripped, and eaten alive.
Cpt Crawfish: EXACTLY! I’M DYING HERE! D: AND YOU’RE NOT GOING TO HELP? =.= This is the best episode! There’s a video and everything! And I’m not able to read it out! AUGH!
Hijuyo: …whatever.

Behind the scenes of Skullduggery Island: The Phoenix Warbird, part five

With the colors and the scale of the Phoenix Warbird in place, it’s time for a few final tweaks to the design. For that extra “oomph,” the creators give the ship a set of fierce-looking talons.

And it’s done! Starting with one basic idea, the creators sketch out different possibilities, choose a direction, and then refine and improve the design until the final version you see here.

Here’s how it looks next to an actual Poptropican.

Huge, isn’t it?

And here’s a look at the Phoenix Warbird when it takes to the seas.

Pirates of Skullduggery Island, tremble in fear!

Quite a journey from concept to reality, huh? How far we’ve come:

Of course, seeing the Phoenix Warbird in pictures is one thing. Taking the helm of this mighty vessel is quite another.

Have you earned enough doubloons in Skullduggery Island to buy the Phoenix Warbird? If not, what are you waiting for? Play Skullduggery Island now!

Hijuyo: And that’s the end of “Behind the Scenes of Skullduggery Island”!
Cpt Crawfish: ZOMG NO WAI!!11!!1! YOU DIDN’T LET ME POST? WAHHHH… ;(
Hijuyo: OHMAI. Your pegleg was ripped away and your eyesight is already gone! What was I doing wasting my time reading your scripts?
Cpt Crawfish: EXACTLY! You were supposed to help meh!
Hijuyo: No… I should’ve been nomming on you – on the best part – the FILLET!
Cpt Crawfish: o_________0

(And with that, Hijuyo joins in with the others working on getting Captain Crawfish NOMMED!)

Random nommer: Mmm. That was nommilicious.
Random nommer 2: *burps*
Random nommer 3: Ah. A very satisfying meal indeed. Who do we eat next?
Random nommer 4: Well, as I like to say… there are plenty of fish in the sea! Plenty of people who will want to join the PHB, and then we’ll attack! WE’LL EAT THEM ALL!!

(The nommers cheer loudly and everyone looks at YOU.)


40 thoughts on “That Extra Oomph”

  1. Bring it on!!!!!!!!! You nommers got nothing!!!!!!!! I dare to try and defeat Captain Rider. I will pump your guts full of lead and fire it out with my Tommy Gun. And if that isn’t enough, I got God Almighty on my side and all you nommers got is cannibialism. (Was that a little to harsh? Sorry if that was.)

    Anyway, this had to be the longest post the PCB ever did. Maybe they are stalling for time. As for Captain Crawfish, serves you right.

    ~Golden Rider- God of Poptropican Islands- Captain Rider of the Narrator- Servent to God.

    Hijuyo: Lol, it’s true. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. *stares as the Authors nom each other* O.O Should I shoot or should I join the nomming? *random nommer is gnawing on her foot* HEY! Those are my favorite chucks! *pulls out dual berettas and shoots* Darn…oh look, it’s Green Boa! *pounces*

  2. Nommers……… 0_0

    it’s………..NOMMER TIME! ๐Ÿ˜€
    -nommer tries to eat me,i eat the nommer instead-
    MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO1 NOMMS ON ME! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. (Zaps nommers with ray guns and Poseidon’s

    (Charon takes nommers away on his boat)

  4. PART 2!
    Nommers:GET HIM!
    (Captain Crawfish pulls out sword)
    (Captain Crawfish slashes nommers to pieces)
    Cpt. Crawfish:There! No nommer can stop me now!
    (Hijuyo groans)
    (tv turns off)

  5. Backstage Post
    Cpt. Crawfish:Let’s see…nommer flesh…nommer bones…nommer blood…
    Hijuyo:It was all your fault by killing the nommers!
    Cpt. Crawfish:Was not!
    Hijuyo:Was too!
    Cpt. Crawfish:Was not!
    Hijuyo:Was too!
    (Charon hears Captain Crawfish and Hijuyo arguing)
    (Charon runs off)

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