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A Greek God has entered Poptropica…

Hello fans of the Poptropica Help Blog–Neat Whale posting! Seems that there’s a new Creator, and a new island, AND the Creators are stealing Tyrian’s ideas. Here’s what new Poptropica Creator Hades posted:


I decided to rise from the Underworld and see how the new island is coming along. Not quite as cool as where I’m from, but it should be fine for you living, breathing *gag* mortals.

Animadverto vos nunc 😉

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Personally, I find it a little bit creepy that they’re copying Tyrian’s idea…I mean, who knows what they could do next?

Also, according to Wikipedia, Hades is the Greek God of the Underworld. (For those that think he’s Roman, you’re thinking about Pluto. 😉 ) Below the picture of the webpage, it shows that the three-headed dog, Cerberus, the Helm of Darkness, the Helmet of Invisibillity, Cypress, Narcissus, and the Key of Hades are his symbols. Also, that he’s a brother to Poesidon (God of the Sea), Demeter (‘Earth-Mother’), Hestia (Goddess of the Hearth), Hera (Goddess of Women and Marriage), and Zeus (God of the Gods), and his parents are Cronus and Rhea. This dude has a pretty big family, don’t you think? xD


From all of the history surrounding this guy and the looks of the island in the backround, it’s probably a new island the Creators are working on that is about Greek mythology, and not Reality TV. If it was RTV though…uh… well, do you think a gameshow where you have to beat Gods sounds good? I don’t. So, let’s just hope it’s a new island and that we don’t have to battle the dude that rules the Underworld, huh?

Before I wrap up this post, be sure to check out the latest Poptropican’s 911, for all your Poptropica Emergancies! 😀

I guess that means I’m out–see ya!


67 thoughts on “A Greek God has entered Poptropica…”

  1. I thought Coderkid posted this, with 100 or more comments on his mistake on the latin/greek thing xD

    1. Ummm… why would NW delete it? There was no need for a new one.

      Hijuyo: Coderkid’s original post was accidentally deleted, so she helped write another one.

  2. guys read Percy jackson i know all of the gods but cool a Greek island Greek mythology is cool so it sounds cool i guess

      1. ME TOOOO!!!!!!!!! 😛 Go Hepheustus!!! He is my fav god! :mrgreen: !!!!! I hope hes in the island!!!!

    1. I love mythology like ares god of war and athena goddess of battle stagey and hades god of the under world.and all that stuff but if your wondering where i got to no that i got it from the percy jackson books. LONG LIVE CAMP HALF BLOOD.

  3. Coderkid, how are you supposed to submit a costume to iCostume? When I click “submit a costume!” it just brings me to a page that says “No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator”.

  4. Wasn’t Hades that dude in the Hercules movie with fire hair? I beat him in the kingdom heart games too…he’s hard.

  5. The statue may be of hades’s wife, Persephone. She is often portrayed/associated with flowers(hence the flower in her hair) and her anual moving to the underworld causes her mother, Demeter, to be so sad that the earth turns cold (winter occurs).

  6. On this place, this would happen:

    Zeus:Hello, twisted brother.
    Hades:I in the HAWOOOOOOZ!
    Zeus:Rise waves!
    Poisiden:I do that you-
    Apallo:LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA!
    Medusa:Get of set will ya?!
    Poisiden:I’ll drown you all in a tsunami if I have to!
    Demetres:You’re idiots.
    Enclosed Lightning:What the-

    O.K.:Zeus:Sky god;Poisiden:Sea god;Apallo:Light god;Medusa:Killer godess;Demetres:Hunt godess.

      1. Mars is the ROMAN god of war, not greek, you could say i’m a.. Greek geek! lol 😉

      2. hang on, thought apollo was spelled a-p-o-l-l-o and i thouught selene was the moon goddess and apollo drives the sun chariot and demetER is not the hunt goddess i thought artemis was

        and the roman gods correspond to greek ones,like venus=aphrodite,neptune=posiedon,etc,etc…

      3. Brave Moon- I thought Artemis is goddess of the entire moon, not just the waxing moon.

        moonlight91- Selene was also replaced by Artemis, and her Roman name, Diana, replaced Luna.

    1. here is a list of the greek gods
      athena-wisdom and battle
      hestia-home and hearth
      dionysus-sorry but it is the main thing hes known for but wine,theatre, etc.
      artemis-the moon and hunt etc
      apollo-the sun poetry and medicine
      hermes-theives, travelers, etc
      demeter- agriculture
      hespheastus- fire and black smithing etc.
      aphrodite- love and beauty
      hera- symbol is the cow not sure what she stands for
      and minor ones like nemesis, aeoulus, circe, hercules, hecate, morpheus, etc

      1. Just so you know I’m not trying to be mean.
        some thing about that list:

        zeus rules the sky (He took it from Kronos who took it from his father).

        Hera-i think it might be marriage.

        Athena-not really battle more strategy.

        Apollo-music, not poetry.

  7. Cool post but, where did CK’s go? That’s weird. Only two people could do that… But don’t know why they’d do it…

      1. Well, I always thought that was how you spelled Zues. Oh well! Learn somethin’ new everyday!

  8. Goooooooooo Percy Jackson! Speaking of him, maybe its like a Percy Jackson island cause of the mythology! YAY! 🙂

  9. I LOVE Greek mythology. I’m a nut, it’s true. XD It would be AWESOME if there was an island for it!!

  10. I tried som stuff and if you want 2 see the post as seen at Jan 3, 2010 06:10:35 GM with the 1st 52 comments look at the chached google page at

    Hijuyo: Thanks for recovering the post! 🙂

  11. i really hope this is another really cool mini quest or island like with that haunted house thing a greek story based island or place would be really cool in poptropica

  12. Oh dear, oh dear. It’s already the 4th over here, and CF still isn’t up. Any ideas on how to spend the credit? Either I can save up for the costume collector or buy the Swan Ballerina thing. (I really like the bun; the ones over at Spy and TT are too high for my taste.)

    1. Same where I live. It’s already the 4th, but Poptropica is American so we’ll have to wait for the 5th. 😦

      Hijuyo: It will probably come out in less than a day. For the record, it’s almost the 5th for me. x)

  13. hmm from what i saw in that second picture it appears that hades is laughing and throwing skulls at something. my guess is that he is going to be a possible boss in the island or mini quest.

    i guess this because in the super power island most of the bad guys there laugh at you before you go against them. this also happens in at least one other island. and then i connect that to an enemy fight because of the giant he throws which im guessing is at you that is why i think its going to be an island or mini quest

  14. Greek mythology is one of my mos favorite subjects. I wonder if the statue next to Hades is Persephone, too. I hope there are plenty more gods and goddesses!

  15. I LOVE greek mythology. I’ve read all the Percy Jackson books. Also, on the creators blog, I think I saw a picture of Athena, and Poseidon’s temple. Peace Out!

  16. OMG I CAN’T WAIT!!!! 😀 I did a report on Athena (goddess of wisdom, crafts, and war) and I can’t wait to see her on poptropica!

  17. Omg wow I feel so left behind, since I’m talking in 2014… Lol 4 years ago everyone is talking… Omg am I the only one?? XDDD Btw.. Is Artemis the goddess of the entire moon and hunting or just one of them…?

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