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Poptropican’s 911: Issue #6

Update: The Haunted House has been removed from Poptropica’s Map, but you can buy it from the Poptropica Store for FREE! Thanks for the news update, Incredible Fish.

The November edition of our blog’s monthly Poptropican’s 911 newsletter is here! A must-read for all Poptropican fans; click the link below to get started!

Read Issue #6, if you dare…

We have also changed our ‘Poptropica Poll’ widget, which you can find on the right side. The current question reads, ”Did you pay any real money for Poptropica merchandise?”

October 2009’s question was, ”Is your Poptropican all dressed up for Halloween?” The results came in as:

Option | Votes | Percentage
Yes, and my costume is so scary, you’d probably faint just at the sight of it! | 1,049 | 46%
I haven’t yet, but I’m preparing for a spooky surprise! | 846 | 37%
No, I don’t celebrate Halloween. | 226 | 10%
Halloween?! What’s the point of that? | 143 | 6%

Hope you’ll enjoy reading our 911 this month, and maybe even be inspired to submit your own entries! Congratulations to everyone who entered something for the 911, whether it made it or not.

16 thoughts on “Poptropican’s 911: Issue #6”

  1. I knew it!!!! Haunted house is gone!! I knew it was going to go off the map! But, go to the store! There is a new item that lets you go to haunted house for free! And, the best part is it cost 0 CREDITS!!! So you can buy it for nothing 🙂 !

    1. It is true. You can purchanse Haunted House for 0 credits. Doesn’t cost one. I just did it twice. You better buy Haunted House now before the PCB puts a price on it.

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