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The Multiverse Project, an Ad, and new Store items!

I’m posting from my “Coderkid” account instead.

(Motionman95 has changed his WordPress account to ”Coderkid”. They’re the same person.) 😀

First of all, hello again Poptropicans! (Man, I really new to come up with better introductions for my posts… :/)

Anyway, there are 2 new developments in Poptropica:

  • New “Ice Age 3” Ads on the side of Poptropica
  • New Store items “Silly String”, “Followers: Spook Pack”, Werewolves, Creepy Countess, and Swamp Monster costumes!

Silly String, is basically a canister (like on the fire fighter costume) that sprays..well, silly string, duh! 🙂 It’s very useful for PWNing people in Multiverse rooms! 😆

The “Followers: Spook Pack” is basically a different version of the original, including pets such as a ghost, pumpkin, skull, and bat. I think it’ll probably be a “limited time” item. Meanwhile, the other Follower item has been renamed to ”Followers: Classic Pack.”

The new costumes, Swamp Monster and Werewolf Boy, are both scary. Swamp Monster is basically a fishy looking dude, whereas Werewolf Boy is doggy dude, with killer teeth. “Good boy” – I think not. 😆 Only girls get access to the Werewolf Girl and Creepy Countess costumes.

I have the Silly String, and I must say it compliments my outfit! 😛
Take a look, and tell me what you think: Clickey! I’m not sure myself, but I think I was aiming for a “tagger” type theme.

Here’s a picture from the Poptropica Creators’ Blog showing off the ‘frightening’ new items! Let us let the fun begin at the Ghoul’s Gala at the Haunted House! Throw the colorful streamers at the evil monsters and get your little floating skull friend to follow ya. 😛

And in other developments, The Multiverse Project has been released! With this awesome online tool, you’ll be able to submit your Multiverse room codes or view a list of currently open ones. Find your favorite hangout spot and rock out with friends!

Can you believe it? After all this time…it’s finally here. Be the first to try it out.

Enter The Multiverse Project.

I’d love your feedback on it! Don’t forget to look at the post below and read about the Ice Age Ad quest!

84 thoughts on “The Multiverse Project, an Ad, and new Store items!”

      1. A couple of days ago, my character could buy boy items even though she was still a girl! I bought all the girl items with credits and membership and luckily my dad isn’t canceling membership anytime soon. 😛

    1. It sounds awesome but I’ll try it out later. Too lazy right now. Creators! Don’t do anything to this! It’s just convenience for us! It don’t affect you! WE COME IN PEACE!

  1. Someone.LOL. Ok,this is no laughing matter,sorry. He’s not gonna reply as he said at the top, “I will not post any comments so ignore what you see in the comments and think is from me.”

  2. Thanks,motion for making the time to make this!

    I haven’t seen my friends in a month and I found them in muiltevrse

  3. Im been playing this multiverse thing for only 2 hours but it feels like ive been doing it for 1 year! 🙂

  4. Wow the multi universe thingy is cool. I really want the silly streams. (silly string is awesome!) The new follower pack seems cool. I have only 50 credits from uh the haunted house, so I’m saving up for the five dollars to pay and get more credits. 😀

  5. Try finishing one (easy for convenience)island and then buyin’ a costume. Maybe it didn’t buy anything cause you only had 50 credits?

  6. 1. Silent Eye, if you download a newer version of the Flash Player, you can go on Poptropica.
    2. Motion, I love your outfit! I think it is awesome!
    3. Sort of Random: On the multiverse Project’s list of Room Codes page, “Remember” is spelled wrong, it’s
    “R-E-M-E-B-E-R” there. Nobody really cares, I’m just saying, though…

  7. P.S. I don’t think the Creators will delete this because it’s a whole new site, (like it’s not a Poptropica hack) and there’s nothing wrong with telling people, “Come over to this room! There’s a cool dummy here!” and “Ha ha! Now you’re in the boy’s bathroom!”
    Because isn’t the Multiverse all about inviting friends to come chat and battle and stuff?

  8. I noticed that the colour of the swamp monster differs depending on the skin colour of your Poptropican.
    The same goes for the werewolf boy & girl. And I should know: One of my acounts(funny lion) is a cut pink werewolf!
    Also, I think the swamp monster is taking off the missing link from that movie Monsters vs. Aliens weird. Who next B.O.B. the blob thing from the same movie? 😆 LOL

    1. I don’t think they are copying Magic Storm, I have seen countless cartoons with the same monster design. But omg if they made B.O.B i am soo getting it!

  9. 1. I was in a room today and saw Motion for like, three seconds! I managed to Costumize him before he left- you can’t Costumize his Dr. Hare ears and glasses.
    2. Smockers! Guess what! I have a hippie shirt and peace necklace! Do you already have it? If you don’t,we can meet in a Multiverse or something. You probably already have it, though.
    3. Using the Multiverse Project, I was able to create this character:

    1. u know that that costume is really easy to gte right? u go to the haunted house, beat it and go in the hole with a bunch of witches and stuff in it and somewhere inside the hole there is the same exact mummy

  10. Hey I’ve had something like that done to me! I was playing on Pop, when I suddenly hit the back button. I clicked forward back to Pop, but it was a complete different person!

    1. That happens. It has to completely reload the same url, and the url doesn’t mention the appearance of your character, so it just randomizes.

  11. It’s actually called ‘Silly Streams’ and the Multiverse Project sounds cool! (I think it’s awesome to have a person who can do all these cool stuff on the computer in this blog :P)

  12. And I found a cheat! You know that Puppy costume in the Poptropica Store? The tail has changed! When the new stuff came out in the Store, the tail changed to the werewolf tail, and turned black! (Sorry if I posted 3 comments in a row, I keep forgetting to tell you something, lol)

  13. You guys think if we post some ads we would like to see in Poptropica, that the Creators might read and make them?
    I, for one, would LOVE to see an Aaron Stone ad!

    1. poptropica gets payed by different companies to advertise their product. Poptropica will only make an Aaron stone ad if disney channel wants one. But good idea though, I love that show! 🙂

      1. Aaron Stone! You haven’t seen it yet?! Go to, click video at the top, then hit Disney XD, and find you an episode.
        This is exactly why Poptropica needs the ad lol.

  14. OMG, Codien! That’s an awesome header!
    Maybe when I start a blog, I should get you to design the header (if you want to).

  15. Everyone who’s gonna say “User and pass?” I might suggest signing up for a PHF account and signing in with that! I don’t know. Just a hypothesis. Please consider this answer instead of asking 1,000,000 times and saying “WHY CREATORS??!! WHYY?!!????”

  16. I was hoping someone would actually read the message box, but sadly no one did. If you read it, you’d notice that it said “The Multiverse Project is currently down for maintenance”.

      1. I’m sure, as MS said,that the creators learned teens like Poptropica…. *cough* PHB *cough* Staff *cough,cough,pant* So yeah.

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