Resignation Note of Grumpy Wolf

Yes, it’s true. Grumpy Wolf is resigning. It’s been a good run here on the PHB. I posted only few things here as a blogger, but as a commenter, I’m sure many. I’m very sorry I have to leave the Blog. I wish you can have fun without me here. I’m also leaving Poptropica itself for good to. But there, is good news, as there will be a contest to see who gets my Poptropica username and password! Well, I bid many a good day to all of you guys, including Scary Tomato, Smockers, and Codien.  Farewell commenters!

~Grumpy Wolf~


241 thoughts on “Resignation Note of Grumpy Wolf

  1. Scary Tomato says:

    Grumpy Wolf, you were a great blogger! Thanks for all your contributions to the Poptropica Help Blog! You will be missed!

  2. Young Skunk says:

    *Gives cookie that says “Peace out”* Thank you for contributing in the Poptropican world, but WHY are you quitting?

  3. Orange Tummy says:

    Leaving Poptropica…for good? Anyway, wish you the best in the future, Grumpy Wolf. We’ll all miss you.

  4. Director Lion ( Gentle Lion) says:

    Why are you leaving Poptropica for good? Anyway,goodbye Grumpy Wolf, you will be missed. 😦

  5. Cheerful Claw says:

    Grumpy Wolf, you were a great blogger and commenter and we will miss you. You will be dearly missed by everyone on the PHB.

  6. Trusty Hawk says:

    Thanks for your services to Poptropicans worldwide. You will be missed by many.
    Live long and prosper.
    ~Trusty Hawk
    *cries softly*

  7. Calm Spinner says:

    Why are you leaving? 😥 😥 😥 😥 At least tell us why! And leaving Poptropica! why? 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 Did you think you were too old for it?

  8. Hyper Fire says:

    Wow… 😥 …..

    Wait…. Why are you resigning so quickly and why do you make this post so formal *sniff* and sad *sniff* 😥 ?

  9. Hyper Star or.. Director Star or.. Lady Star! says:

    aww, good luck somewhere else, Grumpy Wolf.. May I ask, what is this so called contest? But that’s not the point.. This is the point… WE DON’T WANT U 2 GO!! but if you must.. Farewell, Peace out, goodbye, adios, aloha, ciao, shalom, and most of all, good luck out there!

    Best Wishes,
    Hyper Star…

  10. Coby says:

    Goodbye Grumpy Wolf. You will be missed greatly. Please visit back every now and then to comment on the blog. Bye Grumpy Wolf! You rock!

  11. Golden Eagle says:

    Farewell, Grumpy Wolf. You will always be remembered for your smile and your glasses, which reflected the sun, and made the PHB sunnier. We take our hats off to you.

  12. shaggy tornado says:

    When will the contest be held and whos hosting it? Bye GW, Youll be remembered here at the PHB!

    ST: We haven’t decided when yet, but the PHB will host the contest soon.

  13. a1130 says:

    Bye GW. We miss u. 😥 I know there is nothing we can do about it but why quit??? You are leaving PHB and Poptropic a? Plz pls plz tell us why!!!
    *gives a giant cake with icing saying “We Miss You” on them* *crys*
    GW didn’t deserve enough time! He hasn’t posted in a while and he doesn’t have an account on the PHF (I think)

    • Grey Flame says:

      I think that he just tought he was growing old for Poptropica, or he noticed that he rarely plays it anymore. Or maybe he had something else that required a strong committment, like he got on the Gold team in soccer, or he was playing an instrument that required a lot of practicing.

      • Golden Eagle says:

        And if it’s because his Poptropican has glasses (I don’t know if he does in real life), you people really need an occupation instead of making fun of peoples eye problems!

    • SERIOUS FOX says:

      was it you? *ties up Moody Skull but he escapes* I got my eye on you.

      ST: Moody Skull witnessed people teasing Grumpy Wolf and Smockers in a chat room, but I don’t think he/she joined in.

  14. Bunnydooper says:

    Golden Eagle is right. Even though I never agree with people. I will miss you, Grumpy Wolf! That was from the heart, Grumpy Wolf. I usually never compliment so nicely like that. Oh… and remember, that was from the heart.

  15. Smockers says:

    Best of luck to you in life, Grumpy Wolf! =) It sure is sad seeing the old header. =( Everybody at the PHB will always remember you!

  16. x aka moody skull says:

    GrumpyWolf: I’m coming back next year

    ST: That was most likely fake, or left by someone who was impersonating Grumpy Wolf. 😕

  17. graceeee says:

    you never know, maybe it’s someone trying to impersonate him? unless, he had his picture there, now THAT would be a hoot.

  18. rough eye says:

    on a different tune “one small step for man ,one giant landing for new wall paper”yay and a new post it reads”in honor of the 40th anniversary we put togethera new Poptropica wallpaper!We will also be adding a new astronaut outfit to the store next week.” I can’t wait for the new outfit.yay!

  19. spencerjamesd says:

    I know who it was that made him do that
    her/he name is NEAT WHALE! she emailed me that wait what if that was fake to my freind got banned from poptropica because some one figerd out his user gave him credits and said he didn’t spend money and his account got banned ps: grumpy wolf and smockers im very very sorry. smockers why didn’t you quit to? thanks alot NEAT WHALE!

    ST: You’re making Neat Whale upset, lying, and trying to put blame on someone innocent – which is all against the blog’s rules. We won’t tolerate this.

  20. SERIOUS FOX says:

    Neat Whale why? Why did you do this? The mystery is solved! Neat Whale did it! You aren’t upset Calm Spinner?

    ST: It wasn’t Neat Whale. Nobody caused Grumpy Wolf to want to resign; it was a choice GW made himself. Don’t be so accusing please.

  21. SERIOUS FOX says:

    ok someone said it was Neat Whale that made Grumpy Wolf leave. *looks at Neat Whale*

    ST: Neat Whale wouldn’t do that. Just because someone tells you something, doesn’t mean it’s true. (Especially if the someone is a stranger.)

    • Neat Whale says:

      WHAT?? I would never do that!!!! I get bullied enough already!! Oh My GOSH!!! Whatdaya think I am, an idiot???
      I would never do that!! I SWEAR I wouldn’t!!!
      Who told you that anyway? Because whoever did was really mean to do it!
      I want to cry right now, SF!! Thanks a lot!

      • Calm Spinner says:

        I knew it wasn’t you! I was trying to to tell people that! I said not to jump to conclusions,and stuff like that. People here, don’t accuse someone of something if you don’t have proof.

  22. SERIOUS FOX says:

    do you even have proof of what she did? and it’s not nice to call her stupid. imagine if someone said that to you. you could get blacklisted!

  23. SERIOUS FOX says:

    i know who it was! It was anag! He said a bad word! The mystery is solved!

    ST: Although it seems likely that it was ”Anag”, just because someone cusses doesn’t mean that they are also impersonaters. Unless we have some real proof, you can’t just say ”mystery solved” that easily.

  24. Strange Joker says:

    You will be missed!

    *hands chocolate cake with “Farewell Grumpy Wolf” in blue icing written on it*

  25. Calm Spinner says:

    I don’t think anyone caused him to leave.

    ST: My thoughts exactly, I even made a section in the next post explaining about Grumpy Wolf’s resignation. Obviously some people just jump to conclusions before they read. 🙄

  26. spencerjamesd says:

    if anyone of you guys think you can reaplace grumpy wolf your very very wrong but, the guy on te phf or what ever might be a new member but, don’t say he is a new gw okay 😈 maybe you can get me im spencerjamesd, sir.monstern,, see yay peeps oh, I just remembered he saidsay yay peeps 😥

  27. winner123 says:


    You were so new and you had to leave!!!!!!

    *CRYING* :'[

    Signed, Sleepy brain

  28. spencerjamesd says:

    neat whale I think there was a nother neat whale im sorry please don’t hurt me its not far!!!! no I get blacklist im going to cry wait… why can’t we find the fake neat hwale to IM SORRY NEAT WHALE!! PLEASE IM CARED

    • Neat Whale says:

      First: The PHB already blacklisted you… I’m sorry!
      Second: Okay, I forgive you. Just remember that you should be saying things that you know might hurt people.

  29. Big Joker says:

    I really think nobody made him leave.Let’s not frustrate him with questions.Everybody has a reason for what they do.

  30. Ebony Rider says:

    Ah, 2009, the glory days. Out of the three: Scary Tomato, Codien and Smockers, Grumpy Wolf was your first recruit. I miss those days, when this blog was just a little bit more fun and exciting.

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Well, the blog really only started with “Scary Tomato,” so technically Smockers would have been the first recruit, then Codien, then Grumpy Wolf. Not sure what you mean as the difference between then and now.

      • Metal Rider says:

        I think what Ebony Rider means is that back then, Poptropica was really simple. The Help Blog seemed a little more easier back then. Four People instead of your current eight. Plus, you, Codien, and Smockers were the only original people so it was easy to pick up on their humor and so on.

      • Slanted Fish says:

        You know just because you’re using a different name and “email address” doesn’t mean I can’t tell you’re the same person. You may as well be honest about it.

        Yes, Poptropica was much simpler back when I first started, before the Store, Daily Pop, membership, etc. But does that mean that just because they added new things, that it’s worse? Not at all. As things grow, they can improve, and that’s what Poptropica and the PHB have been doing. I liked Poptropica’s simplicity, one of the reasons I started this blog, but I also love how it’s progressed into so much more.

        The PHB started out small too, which of course is natural, but what’s also natural was its community growth. With more authors, it’s less likely for the blog to stay un-updated, so it’s a good thing for the PHB to have so many helping hands. My point is, it was great back then, but it’s great now, too.

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