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Financial crisis hits Poptropica

Now more expensive!

All the prices at the Poptropica Store have just been raised by 75 more credits! (Thanks for the update, Green Seal and Cool Wing.) Costumes used to be 75 credits each, but are now being sold for 150; while items from the ”Cool Stuff” section used to be 250 each, but are now worth 325 credits. Many Poptropica players at the PHF and PHB are saying that this is a rip-off and a big tragedy!

The reason that prices have risen is most likely because the Poptropica Creators want/need to make more money, and to get people to spend their cash on Poptropica Credits in order to help pay for their jobs. Although it may seem unfair to the players, don’t worry: it’s not the end of the world!

Also, Motionman95 and Codien seem to have secretly found a way to view item SWF cards in full form, but they’re not saying how to do this for now. The ”Party Room” that many players had earlier discovered is called Multiverse, discovered by Codien and shown by Incredible Fish on our forum. Motionman95 shares a card for an unreleased ”Quiz Game” and ”Teleporter Fuse” he’d found. Maybe they’ll tell us more in the near future!

SWF link:

SWF link:

Spy fuse
SWF link:

In other news, the voting for the ”Poptropica’s Best Dressed Contest” has ended. Check the forums to find out who the winners are! (We regret to inform you that there was some cheating involved, and one clever winner was not a winner after all.)

155 thoughts on “Financial crisis hits Poptropica”

      1. omg that is insane! good thing i am saving my credits. :/ Why in the world would people pay money for VIRTUAL items?!

  1. I thinh the teleporter thing is for reality TV because the glasses in the back. One of the past sneek peeks on the PCB had shown a store with glasses and funny wigs in it and the store wasn’t in Astro-Knights. Plus now I have to beat an extra island to get the stuff in the Poptropica Store. I’m not aloud to buy stuff through the internet if it’s not some thing I can use in real life like stuffed animals.
    P.S. this is the earliest I have ever posted on a website.

    1. I think it’s from Spy Island. Those glasses in the back are on all of the item swfs from Spy Island. Plus, you can get those glasses on Spy Island at the glasses store!

  2. I dont think i’ll ever use the multiverse thing because none of my friends go on poptropica ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      1. But think. How much do you think the Multivese will cost? I think it will be worth about 550. Meaning we’ll have to buy credits if we want it…

      1. Hehehe. This is going to be fun…but first we have to buy it!! And I don’t think ANYONE wants to buy that with those prices.

      2. Yeah, you’re right, Cheerful Claw. I think it would be 575 credits now! Or 325. I only have 400 credits!

      3. If it’s only 500 i will sacrifice it after i beat reality tv island. I only have 425 credits right now.

      4. I wonder if to visit your friends, you only need one of those cards. Because if that’s the case, I’m bunking with Cool Wing. ๐Ÿ˜€

      5. Sweet!!!!! I wonder what the limit is? Cause me and my friend Zany Skunk like to meet on Poptropica and constantly have to go in and out.

      6. Yeah people can bunk with me but i think the person who has it has to invite and I’m not sure I want to play Golden Eagle at Soupwords…. hehe

      7. Well, it has to come out first. Then someine has to buy it (a.k.a Cool Wing), and then we can find out!

      8. I’ll buy it!!!! But i’ll have to beat reality tv island first! Or if it comes out sooner i’ll ask motionman95 about giving me some credits!

      9. *Sigh* And if he can’t I (might) give up my credits to get it (I have 725 credits).

      10. I wouldn’t waste them if i were you cause then you might not get a costume that you really want. I got all the ones i wanted so i just have to wait until i beat reality tv then i can get it!

    1. I’m bunking with Cool Wing too, if that’s the case. I already blew off my credits and my parents won’t let me buy them.

      1. OK, then. It’s official: we’re all going to free-load off another person.

      1. It would probably be the same as the many in a multiplayer room. Just a guess though.

    2. Don’t worry Cool Wing, I made a new account and it’ll have more than 500 credits on it. So someone can bunk with me now. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. There was a bug on my old account, Grey Lizard, that made you unable to move because the mouse was the loading circle instead of an arrow, but now it’s fixed, so someone can bunk with Grey Lizard now!

  3. I’m happy that I blew off all my credits before this happened. But it’s still sad that they raised prices by 75 credits. I saved up 250 credits on one of my accounts to buy the Multiverse thing when it came out, and I spent it on a Rock Star outfit because they’ll probably keep prices high, and if it comes out I still won’t be able to buy it.

  4. if they wanted money they should have advrtised the shirts.wich btw they don’t post on fridays no more

    1. That would be great, I’d love to trade one of my costumes for another. It would allow us to try different outfits, to get a good choice.

      1. I know. I’ve been thinking about that for a while. Giving back outfits and stuff so you can buy something else.

      2. Same. I could never decide between the ninja or the Renegade costume. I bought both, and I’ve got 25 credits.

    2. yeah i bought an outfit for its move and it was a rip off all he did was put the thing up to his head.

  5. Yeah, but what do kids want the most? Outfits for their Poptropicans. And when you think about it, you can’t really blame them because they’re just trying to get through this economy. Now which would you rather have: nicely-priced outfits, or Poptropica going out of business forever?

    1. Cheerful claw you are just trying to tempt us and that is not fair. none of us here care about the economy. (well maybe some) but this is a total crisis! this is so unfair. ๐Ÿ˜ก i think if they were gonna do this they should’ve raised the amount of credits we get for saving islands a little bit. I hope you are hearing this creators.

      1. you know what???? I’ve got to care about the economey more than anyone here, so i’m glad they did this.

        that was extremly offensive to me, SERIOUS FOX.
        And i bet it offesivie to Cheerful Claw, too!

    2. Serious Fox, not to be rude, but the Creators need money. If Poptropica doesn’t earn any money, *plop* Poptropica goes take a dirt nap. I agree with Cheerful Claw. I’d rather have more expensive outfits everyday than lose Poptropica forever. I’m not saying I want the prices to be high, but I am saying I want to keep Poptropica, at any cost.

    1. life aint fair.Everybodys was sad…but they got through it.good enough for you?:idea: the prices came down then normal price.

  6. This is no fair. They had us use all of our credits at one time on cool stuff. But now they are adding better stuff. They wants us to buy mor credits so we can buy it. This is a ripoff! I think the item is probably an item from spy island that they never used in the game. It was probably one of the other gadgets but it never got put into the island. Plus, if you look at the background on the card, it has the same glasses from all the other spy island cards. Poptropica is getting lazy. Have you noticed how many times they stop working on another island just to make a new advertisement? They take forever to make new islands, and they havent made many new games, and they haven’t been posting on their blog as much as before! I have a feeling when the quiz game comes out we’ll have to buy it with credits! Next they will raise the price on credits! The creators are asking for money without being fair. I love Poptropica but if they keep doing this, i might quit playing Poptropica! Thank you PHB for bringing these to my attention. And thanks to Green Seal and Cool Wing fr bringing this to the PHB’s attention. Even though Poptropica’s getting lazy, its nice to know atleast someone isn’t. Keep up the good work PHB! You rock!

    1. I defiantly agree on the PCB posts and the credit increase. They aren’t delivering as they were before, in the case of the posts. Leaving a post up that isn’t really awesome (The Background thing’s okay, but I’d prefer Reality TV) for nearly a week isn’t cool.
      I thought that the prices were fair before the increase, I’m so glad I bought my stuff cheaper. Yeah, again, you’re right Coby.

      1. That was no fair. I was trying to save up more credits so when Reality T.V, came out, I’d beat it and get 100 credits! Now if i beat Reality T.V. since I’d only get 100 credits, I cant buy the gun i wanted to save my credits for. This really sucks. I’m just glad I spent my money when the prices were lower! I got more stuff that way!

    2. i agree with the games and the posting and the islands taking too long to open. It is getting quite boring.

      1. If Poptropica allowed advertisements on their page, (not buildings, but on the side of the website), they would be able to make more money and keep more people on their site. This way their losing money. They want their site to look perfect with no ads on it. That really sucks that they’re doing this.

      2. Yeah, but some kids I know might not be able to play Poptropica if that happened because their parents wouldn’t let them play on a site with ads on it.

      3. But islands are only released about 2-3 months after the last one was released. So RTV might come Late Aug, Early Sept. And there hasnt been a new ad in a while. And the ad buildings arent that bad. It gives the kids fun stuff to do while waiting for the next island

      4. Also i forgot to say that maybe the Creators are busy and dont have time to post. Or maybe they have no sneak peeks to show us. They also might be making a video to post on their utube channel.

      5. but maybe they should delete the not-so-good posts.

        ST: I don’t think they should. The Creators keep all their posts so people interested in Poptropica’s history can search for older sneak peeks and stuff.

    3. Do you know how much time it takes to make the islands? It’s a lot of hard work. So just because there isn’t a new island every day, don’t get all mad. And yes, you need money to have a website! And they probably need more money! So please just stop complaining!

  7. Now that I look closely at the teleporter card, I do notice the background looks like it came from Spy Island. It was probably something they were going to use, but didn’t.

    Speaking about the prices/credit issue, I think advertisement might be the solution. But we should try to contact Pearson Education, or post on a Creators’ Blog.

    1. I thought so as well, there was a Teleporter in Spy, and they had the glasses.

      That would be a good idea, but yes, we’d probably have to contact Pearson Education.

    2. Ya. I have a feeling that instead of battling Dr. D to destroy his teleporter, we would just battle him to try to get past him and take out the chip. Thats a good idea Motionman95.

  8. We should be able to earn like 5 or 10 credits when our battle ranking increases. That way we dont get many, but atleast we could get some that way!

    1. Yup. I had the idea that if you got a 5-star battle ranking, you could get 25-75 credits for every day that you played in a multiplayer room and still kept your ranking.

  9. Does anyone know a way I can contact Poptropica and actually have them respond? I want to make a petition.

    1. Hmm. Not very helpful but I might call them. Thanks for the number though. I was hoping for an email. Thanks anyways. Poptropica should start letting us comment on their blog.

      1. I used to have Poptropica’s e-mail on my computer but when it reset everything was deleted, including the document that i had the e-mail on!

      2. I just thought of something! On (which is part of Pearson Education) there is a bar that says “Sign up to hear about movies and games!” right next to a place where you enter your e-mail. So, if someone signs up, Pearson Education might e-mail them! Then just take the e-mail address that the e-mail was from, and you’ve got Pearson Education’s e-mail!

    1. If they are, you should take a picture and e-mail it to the PHB. They would love to see a picture of that!

  10. OK, am I, like, the only person thinking of the creator’s point of view? Yeah, the prices are higher then usual, but the United State’s economy is doing HORRIBLY right now. If you ACTUALLY thought in PCB’s way of thinking, you’d see that they are doing everything they can to make Poptropica awesome without it having to shut down completely. And if you’re seriously thinking of quitting now, just when the going gets tough, then you don’t deserve Poptropica. You have to at least be strong and see that the PCB are trying as hard as they can to not go out of business. And if you care remotely about Poptropica, you’d see that.

      1. Cheerful Claw you don’t understand,think of all the little kids out there. i bet they are probably crying and screaming right now. i mean its like the creators don’t care about us! *gasp* what if they don’t? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

        ST: Making the store items more expensive would probably help the Creators more, which is what Cheerful Claw was saying. However, it is true that it makes the customers unhappier.

      2. Lots of people lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet across the world. That’s a crisis. Poptropica Store prices going up is definitely not a crisis.

      3. what does Poptropica have to do with the economy? My mommy told me that the economy is important but when i am 7 i don’t have to care about it.

        ST: Poptropica is a business and they need to make money to keep their website running. Raising the prices was one way they could make more money, but they lowered them again because people complained.

      4. Poptropica is a part of Pearson Education, so Pearson technically owns Poptropica. Maybe times were going tough and they decided to raise the prices in Poptropica Store so they could get a profit. Well, they’re down now, so it doesn’t matter much anymore.

      1. What do you mean “Being an aunt”? Do you mean your sister had a baby? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

      2. my older brother’s girlfriend has a baby.
        And if you think i’m lucky, lemme tell you this: I think it’s the worst thing that ever happened to me!

      3. i mean, who cares about the economy?

        ST: Fox, please stop the mean comments. Fighting among others is against the PHB’s rules. Plenty of people with jobs (such as the Creators) do care about the economy, because they need to earn money to live.

      4. i also care about the dad lost his job and getting a job took him MONTHS! but the prices are lower now:mrgreen::smile::mrgreen::smile::smile::smile: one last one :mrgreen:

    1. ok maybe they can raise the costume prices but i don’t think they should raise the Cool Stuff prices.

    1. I just checked… the prices are back to normal on mine! On all my accounts! But I feel sorry for everyone who had to buy stuff when they were expensive.

  11. Yes! Prices changed back to normal! and you guys now have 1,503,719 hits last time i checked. New rcord! X gives cookies to phb to give to us ๐Ÿ™‚ X

  12. Hey, wait. Remember when the Poptropica creators blog posted a goodbye to the PHB after the April Fools trick. That obviously meant they read the PHB. Maybe they are big PHB fans, saw our complaints, and lowered the prices again!

    1. I think that 2! There was more proof the creators are viewing the PHB.

      -On Nate Greenwalls blog, he has a link to this site!!!

      -Someone asked for certain colored outfits and they appeared in Poptropica a few days later!!!

      1. Yeah, that was me. Back then when I thought they were the Creator’s and were begging them to make more stuff.

  13. Maybe the prices were a temporary thing to see the customers/our reaction? The prices on my account have gone down too! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Theres a New Post on the Poptropica Creators Blog! Its about Comic Kid Collecting Bugs. Its Called “Bug Collecting” While I’m traveling the world of Poptropica taking pictures and drawing cartoons, I also search for rare bugs to add to my bug collection.
    Posted by Comic Kid at 7:30!

    ST: There is no need to say the same thing using more than one comment. Please don’t spam our blog.

  15. About the Multiverse, how would you invite someone there?

    ST: I’m not sure, but maybe you could open your Multiverse party room to the public and people can wander in.

  16. OMG? I didn’t know the Pop store prices would go up!
    Anyway, I need help, I can’t access the SWF Links.

    ST: Just click on the link provided above to see the SWF.

    1. Her family voted for her and made phf accounts so they could vote she told me that before people thought she cheated.

  17. Scary Tomato, Multiverse is probably going to be about friends…. Maybe in the future, you can add friends and bring them to your party. ๐Ÿ˜€ Otherwise random people could step into your Multiverse. :p

  18. What?! No way?! That’s terrible! I just helped my friend earn 150 credits. =( She was really excited to get the cowgirl outfit and the cheerleader one too. Now she can only get one. =( Same goes for me too, I was planning on getting 1000 credits with some of my allowance and now I have to choose very carefully. I could get 2000 but I’d rather not waste my money on it. Hopefully the economy will get better and the prices will be lowered.

  19. What if there was a Multiverse Room where all the entrances to Multiverses are? And also, remember that “Green Screen” post on the PCB? Since there was binary on it, I don’t know why it wasn’t on Astro-Knights Island.

    ST: I think the green screen thing was a discarded Astro-Knights idea, like the teleporter fuse item that didn’t appear in Spy.

  20. I think the Multiverse may work so that you may have a public invitation, so anyone can come, or you can somehow search for your friends, then invite them. It could be a possibility.

  21. You can tell by the backgrounds of the cards that the quiz card is a game card and the multiverse card is GOING to be in the poptropica store and the teleporter fuse card is from spy island and since spy island is already out,it might be a deleted item from that island

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