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Poptropican’s 911: Issue #2

It’s time to kick off the month of July 2009 with another issue of the PHB’s Poptropican’s 911 newsletter! You’ll get to learn how to play any room on Astro-Knights Island in full-screen, read some cool tales about courageous Poptropicans, admire awesome artwork, and lots more! So, let’s go ahead and…

Enter the realm of Issue #2!

Also, the Poptropica Help Blog’s ”Poptropica Poll” has been updated! Our latest question reads, ”Reality TV Island is coming this summer! I’m most excited about:” followed by some cool answers, so take your time voting!

June 2009’s poll question was, ”How many credits do you own (on a single/main Poptropica account)?” Here are the results:

Option | Votes | Percentage
None, I spent them all. | 519 | 22%
25 – 75 | 443 | 19%
100 – 475 | 653 | 28%
500 – 575 | 118 | 5%
600 – 775 | 121 | 5%
800 – 975 | 187 | 8%
1000+ | 301 | 13%

You can now rate any of the PHB’s posts or pages with awesome blue stars! At the bottom of every post and page, you’ll find 5 stars with a ”Rate This” sign next to them. (Note: For posts, you have to click on it to actually see the rating section, because it doesn’t show on the homepage.) To rate our pages/posts, simply hover your cursor over the stars and select how many you’d like to rate us (out of a possible 5). One is the worst; five is the best; and you can see what each number of stars stand for when you hover over that amount. Here’s the list:

  • One star = Very Poor
  • Two stars = Poor
  • Three stars = Average
  • Four stars = Good
  • Five stars = Excellent

Once you’ve decided how well we’ve written a post or page, click on the stars to submit your rating. A ”Thank You” will appear for a brief moment, then it will show you the average rating of the post/page from everyone who has ever rated there. Next to it, it will show you how many people have rated the post/page. If you try to rate again, but with a different star level, it will be saved over your first one. If you try to rate again, but with the same star level, it will not add one more to the number of votes.

So, please send us your valued feedback! 🙂 ID Card Generator is now available!
Users of our Poptropica Help Forum ( can now use the brand-new PHF ID Card Generator created by forum admin and founder Motionman95. If you’re in need of a signature for your forum account, download the Generator to create one!

For more information, visit:

Screenshot of the ID Generator
Screenshot of the ID Generator

Remember, you can edit your forum signature by going to the User Control Panel (click on the link on the top-left of the forum’s webpage), under the Profiles section. You’ll also need to use the [idCard] [/idCard] tags! (Also, Moderators who wish to use this sig should contact Motionman95 for instructions to making the ”Rank” part say Forum Moderator.)

And if you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for the Poptropica Help Forum, where you can hang out with lots of awesome Poptropicans and have tons of fun chatting! :mrgreen:

23 thoughts on “Poptropican’s 911: Issue #2”

      1. I miss them, especially Mrgreen. Now he just looks like a squished-up smiling green blob of slime 😦

  1. Oh, I just noticed that you PHB staff guys moved/ shortened the Poptropican’s 911 link to just 911. That makes it look much neater, so THANKS 😀

    This isue of the 911 was much better than the first. It was also quite a bit longer, which is pretty much what made it better 😛

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