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Young Bug models for the Poptropica Store

There are new outfits at the Poptropica Store, and it’s full of awesome gear! Here are just four of them, as posted by Hazmat Hermit on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog:

Blog Post Title: Do you want fries with that?
Description: Personally I’d never leave the safety of my Hazmat suit, but if you feel like a change in your wardrobe, look in the Poptropica Store for these new outfits.
Image URL:
Image Name: newStoreOutfits.png

Check out the Poptropica Store by clicking on the star symbol on the top-right corner of the gamescreen! You may also want to buy more credits in order to gain access to even more cool stuff.

What’s New Now:

  • Large Fry Outfit (See the leftmost figure in the above picture)
  • Soda Pop Outfit
  • Big Burger Outfit
  • Ice Cream Outfit
  • Pirate Captain Outfit (There is a boy’s version (blue; middle-right figure in the above picture) and a girl’s version (red; rightmost figure in the above picture))
  • Rock Singer Outfit (Boys only; middle-left figure in the above picture)

And remember, if you want something from the Poptropica Store that is not available for your gender, just use the randomizing cheat (Ctrl + Shift + R) until it changes your gender! (Warning: This will also change your entire appearance.) You can then buy the costume you want and change back to your original gender.

Update! Soon after the release of all these tasty costumes mentioned above, even more outfits – and another item for their “Cool Stuff” section – has been added to the Store!

Blog Post Title: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Description: We’ve added some new items to the store. Hope you’re not afraid of snakes!
Posted by: Dr. Hare
Image URL:
Image Name: newChars.png

What’s Even Newer Now:

  • Cowgirl (leftmost in the above picture) (Girls’ only)
  • Cowboy (2nd from the left in above picture) (Boys’ only)
  • Baseball Batter Outfit (4th from the left, it has 3 different color options – green, blue, red (boys’)/pink (girls’))
  • Baseball Fielder Outfit (3rd from the left, 3 different color options – green, blue, red (boys’)/pink (girls’))
  • Medusa (5th from the left, it is part of the “Cool Stuff” items and costs 250 credits) (Works like the FrootOctorizer!)

Vlad the Viking makes his first trip to the kingdom of Arturus… a.k.a. Astro-Knights Island. It’s not always safe there, as he was able to find out today. Read on for his tale:

A visit to Arturus was a chance of a lifetime, and I had been waiting MONTHS for this! It was going to be grand, taking a trip to the famed castle, and visiting the small museum dedicated to Mordred, the infamous scientist!

When I had finally taken my first steps into Arturus, a great rumble filled the air and the ground shook. It soon became apparent that a great battle had begun at the castle, and all I had was my trusty camera! I am no coward (well, not a coward all of the time), but I couldn’t fight these flying ships without a sturdy axe, and I just had my hair re-braided, and… well… I just couldn’t jump into the fray.

A laser blast exploded near my feet, and I was thrown back through the doorway of the nearby Crop Circle Inn. This was just getting to be too much! My freshly braided hair was still intact, but my favorite boots were practically ruined from the searing heat of the barrage!

With the sounds of battle still ringing outside, I decided to hunker down in safety with the other Poptropican’s that apparently had the same idea as myself. One Poptropican in particular caught my attention. His name is Young Bug, and he was a Ninja! I definitely didn’t feel cowardly knowing that even a Ninja equipped with nunchaku wasn’t too fond of entering battle against flying machines with laser guns!

Congratulations Young Bug, you have just been featured in Snapshot Sagas!

Be safe while rescuing Arturus from danger, and watch for me as you travel throughout Poptropica!

Fellow customers, if you are thinking of purchasing the ninja costume from the Poptropica Store, Young Bug definitely did a good job modelling it for us. Want the same clothes Mr. Bug is wearing? It’s only 75 credits! 😛

In other news: If you log in to Poptropica, you’ll notice a new ad on both sides of the screen. It’s advertising an original movie from Disney Channel called “Princess Protection Program” and it has the names “Selena Gomez” and “Demi Lovato” on the top. Under that is their description, which says “Royalty meets reality.” On the other side it says “Premieres Friday, June 26 8p/7c” with a sign that says “Click here”. If you click on that, it brings you to this webpage:

103 thoughts on “Young Bug models for the Poptropica Store”

  1. Anyone here find it ironic that almost every Snapshot Saga has gotten mostly “Not Interested”s on the blog, yet they continually post them, despite our beliefs? I find it annoying getting excited for a new blog post, only to find another random member being featured on the blog for no particular reason. Hey, Poptropica Creators! We want more Reality TV sneak peeks! Come on!

    1. I know it is frustrating that the creators post snapshot sagas, but it takes time for them to make for sneak peaks just for us! So it’s nice to just have a break for them and go out and play with all poptropicans!

    2. if they truly look at this blog i think they should find someone that comments on this blog so it would be a little more fun! like for instance maybe they found Green Seal people would congratulate her and maybe the phb could make there own story for it!

  2. The reason Vlad can’t write other Snapshot Sagas with stories is because he’s already written stories for all of the islands.

    In other news, I bought the ninja outfit! YAY!

  3. NEW new outfits: Baseball outfits (batter AND pitcher) cowboy and cowgirl costumes, and Medusa hair which you can give to anyone!

    1. Too be honest…. I really LOVE The hair! I love watching those snake movements on everybody’s hair!

  4. Here’s the thing: I want to save up on one of my accounts (Orange Tummy Out a money! 😆 ) to buy the print poster thing; but I’m stuck, should I buy the baseball outfits or save up for the portrait printer?

    1. I would save. New outfits have been coming alot, so new one may come out that you really like and want to have.

  5. I only have enough credits to buy one more costume 😦

    i dont know whether to buy one know or wait to see if a better one comes out 😕

    1. no it would be better if you’d wait till a better one comes out… i have 125 credits only so i’m waiting till a better one comes out myself ! 😀

    2. I am saving mine, because who knows what cool outfit will come out next! I am hoping for an artist out fit for girls and boys both. I love art and will hope so much that it will come out, although it is unlikely. But the special action could be like painting on air. Does anyone like this idea?

      1. I learned my lesson for spending credits when I spent 275 credits in less than five minutes.

  6. Some of these costumes are boring, I wish they’d sell another feature that allowed you to design clothes and wear them, so guys and girls could get the perfect t-shirt, or hand held items

    1. And when you make them, you could pick whether or not you would like other people can wear them in the multi-player room, so you can be a trendsetter or be unique.

      1. why would the creators make you be able to choose if you want other poptropicans to wear it or not? that would be unfair.

      1. We know, and we love those costumes (at least I do). We’re just thinking of ideas.

      2. I know, but like Cheerful Claw said, we’re thinking of ideas. You can never have too many to share! 😉 😉

  7. I wish there was a way to return costumes, because I just bought the Fry costume and realized that you can’t wear the mechanical face with it!! 😦
    Also, there are new sidebar advertisements for anew Princess movie on Disney…. That’s bad right…? Poptropica can’t turn into a Club Penguin thing!

    One more thing…. sorry about making this comment so long!!!!!

      1. Next thing we know, Disney will buy out Poptropica, and it’ll turn into trash, like Club Penguin. It’s easy to tell that Disney has their eye on Poptropica.

      2. I used to think that Disney was cool. Now I want them to go away from Poptropica, even the ads on the screen irritate me. They would do memberships, which is great. Fantastic. 😡

      3. And before you know it, it’s not even Poptropica anymore! It’s just some Disney clone.

      4. well, if you think about it, they have to have ads that entertain kids 6-15, boy and girl. i could not think of a better way to do it. and just because there advertising stuff doesnt mean there going to buy it. it just means there coming up with new stuff. that doest mean i think its not going to happen, its just unlikley.

      5. skinnysnowball: but it could mean that Disney is interested in Poptropica and are probably viewing it a lot

      6. then they will think of buying Poptropica!

        ST: Yeah… I really hope they don’t, though. Disney owns enough companies as it is. 😐

      7. now if Nick (nickelodeon) bought it that may be a little different they actually might let you make your own island!

  8. leave Club Penguin and Poptropica alone disney! youv’e done enough damage to Club Penguin! (no offense)

      1. yeah go on strike! Go on strike! Go on strike with Disney! If we went on strike we would make people not like Disney buying Poptropica and soon Disney would let Poptropica go.

      2. big deal they own club penguin
        i like poptropica a whole lot better than club penguin!

        they need to release the next island soon
        you know the reality TV show island
        although they should make a
        Total Drama Island/Total Drama Action island

    1. Yeah, leave Poptropica alone! No one likes what you’ve done to Club Penguin, so don’t keep doing it! Poptropica rules the way it is.

  9. you know if your infected with the snake hair by someone, well can they see it??

    Scary Tomato: Yes. 😉

  10. No mean to be pushy, but what happened to the monster contest?You said you would announce the winners later this week two weeks ago.

    1. We’re sorry for the huge delay. I do not have the costumes; Codien does, so I can’t send them to anyone. I’m not sure when, but hopefully we’ll get to it soon.

      The contest has been officially over since June 7th, 2009, because a walkthrough was posted in the form of a story on our first edition of the Poptropican’s 911. Entries that came in to the secret address on or after that day do not count.

      13 costumes are being given away. Will you win one?

  11. There has been a leak. Goto Crop Circle Inn in Astro Knight Island to find Binary Bard’s now customizable eye.

      1. the mouth looks kinda like what’s on the icefish!! Maybe their was another leak like with the cat cause i sent the phb a pic with someone with the weird mouth!!!!!

      2. I had that mouth once for like one second but I changed it because I thought it looked weird.

      3. how did that person get Binary Bard’s outfit?

        ST: That’s what we don’t know, but it’s probably a glitch. The costume can occasionally be found in multiplayer rooms now.

  12. Hey, I was just looking through some older posts on the poptropica creators blog, and I saw the post Green Screen. Was that ever in Astro-Knights???
    Or could it be Reality TV Island???

    ST: It looks like it should be on Astro-Knights, but for some unknown reason it isn’t. We don’t know what it is actually for. ❓

    1. Theres also another post that should have been on the Fire Planet in Astro Knights, but isnt there. Its called Hot Under the Collar. Do u think they abandoned these ideas?

      1. That could be a posibility…

        New Post!(sry if someone said it already, I looked and saw no one post it yet.)

        Soaring High

        Last week I went for a hike into the hills of a strange island, and this is what I saw. I was so hungry from my travels and the eggs looked so good, but I didn’t think the seagull would like it if I “borrowed” an egg for my lunch!

        The one and only Comic Kid at 8:56 AM

  13. Was that the last “Snapshot Sagas” post? I miss it… even though I’ve only been playing Poptropica for a year now.

    1. Yup, as of right now, this is the last of the “Snapshot Sagas.” However, there’s also other Poptropican-featuring posts from the PCB, like the Poptropica Superstar series. 😛

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