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Ye Brawns and Brains

Yay! Grumpy Wolf’s first post!

They say that brains beats brawn any day, but others say vice-versa.  Which one are you in Astro-Knights?


Blog Post Title: Astro-Knights Characters…
Description: Ye brain and ye brawn.
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avatar imageIn other news, I would like to thank all of the people who congratulated me, I really appreciate it. 🙂  Also, Golden Eagle pointed out that Binary Bard’s cyborg eye changed from a relaxing green, to a devilish red! 😯 What could that mean? Later Poptropican peeps!

99 thoughts on “Ye Brawns and Brains”

  1. I think that maybe, just like Director D, he turns kinda evil in the end. He could be a double agent, or an alien in disguise…

      1. “…Because even strength has to bow down to wisdom some times…”
        ~Quoted by Annabeth Chase from the Lightning Thief

      2. You read that, too? I absolutely love that book! 😛 And, I agree with her.

      3. The Percy Jackson series are my favorite series! I like Annabeth a lot, considering that I want to become an architect.

        Say, when does the next book come out?

      4. My 2nd favorite, actually, after a Series of Unfortuanate Events by Lemony Snicket.

      5. We read a lot of the same books Fearless Paw! I also Like the companions Quartet Plus Twilight Saga

      6. May 5? I can’t wait! I’m gonna have to plan a trip to the bookstore…

        On topic: I wish they would have a PJ ad on Poptropica!

      7. Whose your favorite? I’m a boy, so you’d think that I’d like Percy, but I REALLY am interested in architecture, so I chose Annabeth as my favorite.

      8. I like Grover and Annabeth and Percy! I just can’t choose! *inhales cheese Enchiladas!* Mom I don’t feel so good

      9. Remember the “Enchilda Fight” at Hansen Dam, when the skeleton gaurds are coming? And Percy’s like “And then Grover had a totally Grover-like idea.”

      10. See, I’ve read all of the books in the series (EVERYTHING, including the hand guide!) so I’m eagerly awaiting book #5! :mrgreen: Side Note: YAY! Everyone here liks the Percy Jackson series too!!!

      11. in wrestling you need wisdom because you need to know how to do a move and think what move you need to do

      12. Hunh. personaly I like ‘How I Survived Middle School’ ‘ Main Street’ and ‘the tail of Emily Windsnap’. also, I LUUUVVVVV the author Mary Downing Hahn!!
        ontopic: oh, do I have to be a guy?? I wanna be a princess!! can’t they be heros? Unlikely ones??

      1. Yeah, I love the Percy Jackson series,too, but we have to remember that this blog isn’t about Percy Jackson and the Olympians! So please try to stay on-topic! :mrgreen:

  2. Nice first post, Grumpy Wolf! I don’t know which I would be… maybe a monk with a double life as a knight! I like the sound of that!

  3. Cool characters! I’m not particularly brawny, so I suppose I’m more like the monkish dude to the left. I can’t wait for AstroKnights Island; It sounds very interesting 😀

    1. Isn’t “Bravissimo” a type of cheese?

      Also, you may not here from me for a while. Also, I’m cancelling Poptropica Mysteries.

      1. I don’t know about the cheese, but bravissimo is kind of like saying ‘bravo’ 😀

      2. Poptropicalthunder, u honestly sound like these crazed kids in my class. Does the comment ‘i like pie’ seem familier? lol!!
        but yes, chesse rocks.

  4. Maybe the cyborg has a mood-eye! You know, like a mood ring? Anyways, good luck on all of your posts, Grumpy Wolf! I’m sure you’ll do great! 😀

    1. That is like such an awesome idea! The sneer and eye could mean that the island is close to being completed! On the other hand, of course, it might also mean that the Creators are having trouble with producing and the like :/

  5. His real eye turned devilish,too. Maybe he was supposed to be a good but now they changed it and he is bad? Maybe he stole the king and queen? Maybe he changes sides in the game? Maybe he is good? 😕 Who knows. Oh,yeah. The poptropica creators and God (that’s who knows).

    1. They were more interesting when Vlad made up stories. 😦 I WISH HE’D MAKE THEM!! 😈

      1. Yeah, the stories kind of suck now 😦 I’m sure a lot of people would love more sneak peeks…

      1. No, no, you got me all wrong. I just meant to say that I liked them more when they had better stories. I don’t hate them. 😛

  6. The creators have exceeded last years post count!!! Bring out the cookies cuz that means waaayyyy more sneek peeks for us!!!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Well, the blog only started last summer, so you have to keep that in mind 😀 But I agree- waaaay more sneak peeks than last year!

  7. I just can’t wait till Astro-Knights but rite now i am… bored with Poptropica!! I love that the new charecters have more and more detail!! 😀

    1. Sure seems like it, huh? 😉
      It should be out soon, though, because we’re well into Spring and Summer is starting to creep up on us!
      I just can’t wait for it to come out!!!

  8. did you guys know that when you are playing poptropica the guy on the bottom of the screen has a yellow cyborg eye?

    1. Yeah, but he’s a whole different person (or is the right term a whole different THING? I really have NO idea).

  9. Like I said in comment #3, I think Binary Bard is like Director D. He sort of walks you through it at the beginning to hook you in, then he turns bad (like a double agent) at the end! You find out he works for the aliens or is an alien in disguise or something. OR HE TOLD YOU THE ALIENS DID IT AND SET IT ALL UP!

    1. I agree. Although in the preview he is still normal. Maybe he gets programed wrong since he is a cyborg. 😕

    2. Well, yeah. My friend was like :O when I told her Astro-Knights was coming soon and she said she’ll be the monk. She has a boy with purple skin and orange hair, so I’ll see how that goes.

  10. i think there is a good jester and a evil jester!
    cool maybe the creators just thought the red eye was cooler [i think it is]
    :- ]

  11. your site is the best poptropica site ever
    even if there is going to be a better one i’ll still stay on this one!

    1. Cool!! And did u notice the lips?
      On topic: I am more of the brains person. 🙂

  12. The new post, “Clear Sky” has an interesting character. The smile is new, or I haven’t seen it before.

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