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Meet Grumpy Wolf!

Hey guys! You are probably thinking, “Who in the name of Ned Noodlehead is Grumpy Wolf?”. Well, I’m the new member of the PHB staff!  Many of you have seen most of my comments on the blog before I was part of the staff. I hope you guys enjoy having a new staff member! Later guys!


~Grumpy Wolf~

78 thoughts on “Meet Grumpy Wolf!”

  1. Congrats Grumpy Wolf! :mrgreen: Hope you have the best of times working with PHB! You must be really good to work with them! 🙂

    1. I agree with you. It could mean that AstroKnights is coming out really soon…
      But I guess we’ll never know 😀

      1. 😆 It doesn’t matter, really. I’m a girl, I don’t really care. Oh, how do you get hits? I don’t have a blog or anything, I’m just asking.

      2. Golden Eagle: To get hits, I just keep on writing! I also post comments on lots of different blogs to get publicity. Also, I really think that a girl should apply to the PHB! There are plenty of girls who play on Poptropica and have blogging experience…

      3. OK, thank you for explaining how to get hits.
        It would be cool to have a girl, but I have no blogging experience, and I’m easily excited too, abut I forget stuff. 😳 So blogs ain’t for me!

      4. girls can have differant opinions then boys, and we should respect that. but it would be cool to hav a girl author!

      1. Dizzy Shell, that’s a great idea. I have blogs on both Blogger and recently WordPress. Although I remember Scary Tomato said that we can’t beg and plead to be put on the staff, so I guess we have to hope and wait for something to happen!

    1. Yeah…I was thinking of that, too…But it’s OK. As long as good things are being posted on here and you guys continue to rock, I’m OK with it! 🙂

    2. Remember, PHB is always looking out for active and helpful commenters that would be great additions to the staff team. The gender of a person does not matter on Poptropica Help Blog, so if we feel that any of the girls are good for the job, they can be hired too! 😉

      1. Wow its May 22nd already :O the time goes by so fast!!! By the way I’ve always wondered how you let people join your team :S Sorry I’m terrible at explaining, as you can see.

        Scary Tomato: The PHB hires people who follow all the rules, are extremely helpful and active when commenting, and generally have what it takes to be part of the staff. Remember, non-staff members have the privilege to comment, too! 🙂

  2. I know this is off topic, but there are new Lucky charms ads on the sides of the screen in Poptropica!

    1. Not just that- I saw him helping out other fellow Poptropicans so I think that he deserves to be a staff member 😀

  3. Congratulations, Grumpy Wolf! I am sure you will be a fantastic new part of the increasingly and rapidly growing Poptropica Help Blog. Welcome! -Graham

  4. Hey there’s a new post on the creators blog With astro knight characters on it it has an old guy and a knight and it says”Ye brain and ye brawn.”

      1. Sorry it took so long too type it and some people commented already and I didn’t see Sorry 😥
        * Crys uncontrollably* Mommy i didn’t know!

        Scary Tomato: It really doesn’t matter if someone tells us about a new post on the PCB. We’ll eventually post about it, so you don’t have to worry. 😉

  5. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! A new blog member, Congrats, U R awesome!Wooooooooooooooooooooo!

  6. Don’t be jealous! We already have the priviledge to post comments! We should be happy with what we can do already!

    Oh I agree, I think girl members of the pHB would be great.

    …Oh yeah, congrats Grumpy Wolf.
    I wasn’t expecting a fourth member!

  7. Welcome to the PHB team! I am sure you will be a great staff member! :mrgreen:

    Gentle Lion

  8. Nice one Grumpy Wolf! I’m guessing Codien is making another banner with you in it, right?

    1. No, an author can only make posts (and everything else has to go to an administrator for review,) and he’s not as…free as a Admnistrator.

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