Crumbled Castle

With Astro-Knights, anything can turn into a mess. Check out this new sneak peek:

Blog Post Title: What a Mess!
Description: I decided to venture inside the damaged building only to find more damaged walls and a bigger mess. What happened here?
Image URL:
Image Name: trashed.jpg

Some people think that the UFO may have crashed here, because of this sneak peek. Golden Eagle noticed that this was similar to this other sneak peek. What do you think? Share your thoughts by commenting here!

Remember to take a look at all the other posts below. There’s been a lot of AK Island sneak peeks lately, and don’t forget to try the newly-discovered PHB Dr. Hare Glitch!

24 thoughts on “Crumbled Castle

  1. Golden Eagle says:

    I think there are sneak peeks that connect. The one from the Creator’s Blog (Past or Future), may have been the first image. Then, the next one (UFO meets Castle) may have been a UFO crashing into the room in Past or Future. Then, Holy Cow was a picture from the outside of the castle after the crash. Then this one is how it looks inside.

      • Golden Eagle says:

        Yeah, in the first one, there’s wood flooring, in this one there’s stone flooring. There is one new tapestry in this one, but in the other one there was only one. Also, the knight’s armor looks different slightly different from the first one. The first one had some red stuff on it.

  2. CheerfulBear says:

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  3. cookie345 says:

    i think poptropica needs to stop with the peeks and go with the island. ugh this island is gonna take forever to do. 😉

  4. Orange Tummy says:

    That plate underneath the armor may give us some clue to why it’s there, a bit like the ones in the Nabooti museum (when the island comes out) 😀

  5. Orange Tummy says:

    Hey! In this sneak peek you can see on a banner/flag one (and a bit of a) leg. In the sneak peek which Golden Eagle said looked similar you can see a lion with an astronaut helmet, they are both very similar. 😀

  6. bendyhero01 says:

    I think the UFO from UFO Meets Castle is the UFO in Stuck in the Mud and they edit from crashing into a castle into mud.

  7. Rachel says:

    I think they’re diffentitley the same– everything makes sense… but the real question is, as it states in the post, what happened?

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