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Happy Easter!

eastercarrot-farm-thedrharesecretwillberevealedsoondelaever eb lliw sterces eht

-PHB Team-

Scary Tomato


81 thoughts on “Happy Easter!”

    1. yeah super power is right! i just went on poptropica and nothing was there for easter! at least paint dr hare white and make him the easter bunny!And maybe you should have a disply of easter clothes like you do on christmas and halloween

    2. I KNOW.

      I’m so lazy.

      But if Poptropica bring out an Easter costume or if they don’t. Either way i will make a new picture with an actual Poptropican coming out of it.

      Preferably Dr. Hare. ๐Ÿ˜›


    1. Remember that the game is made in America. Meaning that when where asleep it will be Easter there.

      So be Patient.

      1. It’s 7:28 in California. You’d think they would put something on there! I mean, not even a post on the CB saying “HAPPY EASTER! BUNNIES RULE! RAWK ON!” That would be cool.

      2. The Egg looks really COOL!!!!!

        PS Can we eat it? ๐Ÿ˜†

        Scary Tomato: Just make sure you wipe the computer screen after you give up trying to eat the pixels. ๐Ÿ˜›

      3. When I first saw the word “Fall” on Poptropica, (eg: “coming this Fall”) I had absolutely no clue what it meant. I call it Autumn.

        Scary Tomato: There’s two words for that season – fall or autumn. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. 4 MY easter, i got a book ive been wanting! yay!
    Ontopic: jeez, i was hopping 2 see poptropicans in line getting presents, but this will do. bye, u guys! still, nice job!

      1. o. my. chesse. OMC!! wow! ur so amazing! ok, keep doors locked at all times.robbers takin it! JOKE!

      2. Okay, for people wondering… I know I’m Jewish. But my friend, Lizzy, is a Christian, and she can’t EVER seem to get that straight in her head that I don’t celebrate that holiday… so she gave me that book… which took me three weeks to read, might I add…

      1. I Got 5 Chocolate Bunnies! Codien, Smockers, Scary Tomato, can I Eat You? PLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!
        OWW! Ooooo! EEEEEE! AAAHH! I ste Too much chocolate!
        *Barfs/Throws Up/Pukes/Vomits*

      1. my friend put an entire cup of sugar in his ceral!! (hes nuts, thinks hes ‘magic’ or something.) hes REALLY hyper!

      2. SWEET!!!!! *eats choco bunny ears says I NEED MORE!!!!!* You know i’m still hungry!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜†

      1. You can change your Poptropican’s skin color to really white, dress in white with pink accesories, and get the braids that stick up! Also, I found these buck teeth in the mulitiplayers room that I think are rare because I havent seen them anywhere else(They are not the ones that you can choose when you first make a character)! Finally, you customize the cat whisker’s in the multiplayer room and VOLIA! a Poptropican bunny! :mrgreen:
        Try it! ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. Rough Panda, you can cutomize the bunny teeth from the rabbit minions on 24 carrot before you turn their hats off. (sorry if this is confusing, its hard to explane :blush: )

      1. You can use any pink clothing item you want, like the pink vest ๐Ÿ™‚
        By the way, you don’t get candy for doing this, that is just what I got for my Easter!

      2. Oh… My Poptropican Looks Like This… (I am A Boy)
        White, Pale Skin Color
        Rabbot Ears
        Dr Hare’s Buck Teeth
        White Tang Top
        White Pants (Whitest I Can Find!)
        – I Can’t Pink Items For a Boy!

    1. CHOCOLATE!!!! **eats all of the bunnies before anyone else can touch them** **licks fingers** Hmm…needs more sugar! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. On poptropica if that happened I would be bouncing off the walls! Or getting a ticket for driving an airplane!! ๐Ÿ˜†

  3. Hello, hello! happy easter 2 1 and all! heres some choclet!
    luv easter bunny
    *i get home and read this.*
    lol. happy easter!

  4. Grab all the chocolate bunnies! Run to your nearest closet! Turn on the lights! Run in and lock it (do not attempt if you can not handle sugar, are allergic to any ingredients in the chocolate bunny, are afraid of anything that looks like a bunny, your nearest closet does not have lighting, and/or your nearest closet must be locked from the outside. Also do not attempt if you do not wish to be stripped of your allowance for replacing the ceiling and/or door for the closet). Now………the moment of truth…….stuff all them bunnies down your throat! Enjoy! (We are not held liable for any damages done to your home, yourself, another person, or any unfortunate furniture that may be nearby)
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      1. THANKS? i killed myself!
        lol, im just joking. yum, i luv those bunnies! now im going hyper.
        YAHH! YAGH! WHA!!
        *boink bash*
        Mara, u ok?
        YEAH MOM!
        ok, im just nuts. bye, c u guys 2morrow!

  5. HAPPY EASTER! (Hands Out Chocolate Bunnies In Scary Tomato, Smockers and Codien Forms) Enjoy!
    ONE For Scary Tomato
    One For Codien
    One For Smockers
    one for popfan
    one for neat whale
    one for nice bubbles
    one for cheerful claw
    one for Director Lion ( Gentle Lion)
    one for serious spider
    one for Cool Wing
    one for clubpenguinrush
    one for Purple Sword
    one for nervous lizard
    one for Isabella~Zany Thunder
    one for Purple Sword
    one for roxy
    one for shaggy tornado
    one for Solarial and Chocolate Bunnies for Everyone!!!!!!!!!! Happy Easter!!!! :-)!!!

    1. I Always Randimize My Poptropican
      I Like Going At the Soda Pop Shop and 24 Carrot Cinema and currently I have Red Hair, A Skull Headband and Wearing alot of Black for Perfect Feather and For Maroon Tomato has Brown hair and a Referee Oufit and Also is Holding
      A Tenis Racket! Seeeeeeeee Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I like Easter. In Poptropica you can spray air out the can on Spy Island. Scary Tomato thanks for putting me on Poptropica Links.

  7. i wish a happy easter to the PHB team: Scary Tomato Smockers and Codien.(throws confetti while shouting: HAPPY EASTER!!!)

  8. Um, why is there “delaever eb lliw sterces eht” below the picture. It looks like it’s in German to me……..oh well, like it matters! ๐Ÿ˜†

      1. Um, sorry, but what does “ROFL” mean? I’m not good with those things, I only know like, 5. :blush: Can you tell me?

      1. It’s not an anagram; it’s an acronym. An anagram is one of those words where the letters are all different: for example: meat is an anagram of team; you just need to rearrange the letters. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. “delaever eb lliw sterces eht” Rofalol
      its soooooooooooooo funny
      I think it German for the secrets will be revealed

      Scary Tomato: It’s not German, it’s Backwards English. ๐Ÿ˜†

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