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Unicorns Save the Day

🙂 Poptropica Help Blog has reached the 750,000+ hits milestone – that’s 3/4 of a million! 🙂
Thanks to Popfan for creating such a unique name for the unicorn in this sneak peek: Sparkles!

Not long after a meteor crashed through the prison of Super Power Island, another disaster struck in Poptropica. The skies darkened into a grayish color. Onlookers were very much afraid and immediately ran home as soon as they heard the warnings from Hazmat Hermit. “Aaaahh! The sky is falling!” somebody screamed into Hazmat H’s ear. Uh oh, thought the hermit. It’s time for… Super Sparkles Unicorn, come to save the day! In a flash, Hazmat Hermit had climbed onto his unicorn, Sparkles, and the two were now soaring high in the air. “I brought my green laser gun, Sparkles, just in case,” HH reassured the unicorn. Suddenly, they both saw it. A menacing red bird, who happened to look a bit stiff, was chasing them at top speed! “YIKES!” yelled Hermit. “Watch… out… ” He squeezed in his last two words, just as the bird came crashing through them.

Can unicorns rescue us in times of trouble? Maybe they can… on Astro-Knights Island!

Blog Post Title: It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s…!
Description: Strange things have appeared in the air above Poptropica. This picture was taken a moment before the mysterious rider vanished into the clouds. A large explosion followed soon after. I advise caution as we continue to monitor the situation.
Image URL:
Image Name: watchout.png

The bird might be one from this earlier sneak peek – the Firebird! (Called “Rising from the Ashes…” in case you’re interested.) In that sneak peek, it looks like there are many little birds, which act as missiles, under the gigantic wings of the huge firebird. This new sneak peek seems to show one of them!

Remember to visit the post below for updates on Poptropica’s merchandise!

64 thoughts on “Unicorns Save the Day”

    1. I know, right? 😀 I would name my unicorn Fred. No, no wait-Bob. Isn’t that,like,the PERFECT name. JK. 😆

  1. New Snapshot Sagas, no story with it though… 😦
    I have a better name for the unicorn, Fairy Dust! JK! 😆

      1. Yeah, because knight’s armor rusts, well that’s how I get it, but if I’m wrong can you tell me?

  2. Thank you for naming the unicorn Sparkles, Scary Tomato! 😮 I also like the story that goes with it!

    1. In the picture (if you click on the URL) there is a blue dot above one of the eyes on the guy, and a grey line that kinda looks like a crown in his hair. But you have to look really closely.

      1. I maximized the image and the “grey line” is actully a blue outlined star. Weird, huh?

    1. Hey, you changed your little icon back to your Poptropican! Huzzah! Anyway, why do you want to sue the PCB for?

    2. Well did they really steal it because you said the Birdplane thing on your title and they just put the first part then periods. Sorry if I am wrong just wanted to clear that up! 🙂

      1. Oh yeah, because on that first picture with the abnormal robot birds Smockers posted it as “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a birdplane?”. They posted it as “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s….”. It’s not nice of them to do that! I’ll testify for you, Smockers! JK! 🙂

    3. Well, it’s not EXACTLY the same. And people use that line all of the time, so it’s not actually plagiarism.

  3. Hi, i used to be Grey Lizard but since that character got a glitch in it, i made a new one. Now my name is Purple Sword! Anyway, is it just me, or does that horse look a little robotic? Also, have you noticed that the person isn’t actually holding the lazer? Is the lazer levitating or something?

    1. I think it’s a lazer Joust, to destroy the missile. It might be being carried by Sparkles on it’s wings.

    1. Oh yeah! U r right! B-cuz normally it says Coming this Spring!! I would LOVE to ride unicorns on Poptropica! 😛

  4. There’s a new post on the blog about snapshot sagas- they’re interviewing someone called ‘tiny crown’.

    1. Sorry but I already said that… I think Valad is getting bored doing the Snapshot Sagas because he didn’t put a story with it and alot of Poptropicans are clicking the not interested button when they read it. 🙄

  5. I’m not sure if you noticed, but the guy on Sparkles has this blue dot over his eye that suspiciously looks like a peircing

    I’m new to this blog! Great job guys!
    Also, I noticed that no one congratulated you on the hits, so CONGRATS!!!

  6. Sweet!
    My sisters friend Steven can draw really well!
    He drew me a Unicorn and a Pegasus +Anima!
    Pegasus=boy Unicorn=girl Girl And Boy In Love!

  7. Ya, I know… 😥
    There are two posts on the Creator’s blog that you haven’t posted but I know it is hard to keep up with a blog!

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