Astro-Knights Island, Sneak Peeks


Thank you Director Lion (Gentle Lion) for the hint that the telescope sneak peek could be part of Astro-Knight’s Planetarium.
(Disclaimer: Dr. Hare is probably not going to be on Astro-Knights Island.)

I spy with my little eye… something big and round!

“A planet! I see a planet!” Dr. Hare’s buddy, a tan-skinned boy with neatly combed brown hair yelled excitedly. “Huh? Really?! Yess! World domination, here we come!” Dr. Hare, who had recently crashed his giant Rabbot onto Astro-Knights Island after being hurtled through space at top speed with his carrot supply, was eager to conquer another area. He and his friend had been hanging out at the Astro-Knights Island Planetarium on Main Street for a while when they had found a massive telescope that happened to poke through the dome-shaped roof of the Planetarium. The friends were now happily jumping up and down in glee. “Muahahahaha! It’s time for attack!” they chanted evilly.

Just imagine all the things we’ll encounter on Astro-Knights! Doesn’t the observatory look awesome? This could be like looking at Sealsaw Rock through a telescope in Big Nate, only this one’s bigger and better!

Blog Post Title: Look to the stars
Description: Those twinkling planets may seem safe from a distance, but we’ll see how you feel after setting foot on the surface! Bwa ha ha!
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Image Name: telescope.jpg

😦 Unfortunately, the traditional PHB Sneak Peeks will be coming to an end. You can read more about it here. 😦

6 thoughts on “Planet-Eyed”

  1. Cool! 🙂 With your story said Scary Tomato, maybe Dr. Hare didn’t perish in space, maybe he did land on Astro Knights Island. He might be the leader of the alien robots! I’m not saying this is true, I’m making a theroy.

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