A mysterious voice booms out loud and clear. You stop to listen.

“You’re from Poptropica, aren’t you? Just to let you know, it’s not really safe around these parts. There have been rumors circulating around about these places, rumors you don’t want to hear about. Believe me, it’s horrible here. Seriously, have you seen… Poofendirtz? Oh, you don’t even want to know!

(Long, awkward silence)

You DO want to know? You do realize that you may find yourself dead if you wish to continue, right? Because if you make one wrong move, well, we’re not going to be held responsible for it, capisce?

…all right then. No backing out now!”

By now, you’re really starting to feel creeped out, but there’s no way to escape now. You come across a diversion on the path you’re walking on and wonder what you should do next…