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PHB Sneak Peaks: Unicorns and Princesses

Feb-Feb…March 28..-1st, 2009 #6


-Poptropica Help Blog Sneak Peaks-

Welcome to another wonderful week of ‘Poptropica Help Blog SneakPeaks’. These posts are posted every week on Sundays. In every new post there will be stories that only we have. Andonly we post them. These stories are classified and are very secret. 11011
Th1s week’s story is ”Unicorns and Princesses”, 01011i finally have a S101neak Peak about abo101the neweww Island As10011AstroKnights Island.0011010Hoppe yu 010 edn-joy it.

-Unicorns and-nd 101101 Princesses 1101-11
Itss Be-t-ert thenn ffluffy bunniies
1100101 _ …. ____ ______

Codien loves bunnies and pandas, ___ —  _______ _penguins and kittens. But most of all Codien loves Unicorns and Princesses. SOit was his great reat  sur suprise when wew hw he yyr92h dvamaje 3ur0u j3u2r …_____ – -_____ ..___-!error!….fsda fdja _–_____…!error!________

>!Signal Lost…__________________________…………………………………..________-       ______*____________  ____________                                ________________________
______________________________    _ – ____________*___________ – _____…………………__________________  _____ _ __________________________- _______ – – _____________ – -__________________________________________-  ———– ________**_______________________…………._________________________________ ____________________________**____________________ ………………………

>!Signal Reestablished…


“Is this thing on? Oh.
Hello. Do not be alarmed. We have interupted this post for an important message. Later last night we found this message  flying through the internet being sent to Poptropica Help Blog. We decided that it would be the best way to get our message to every one. We are kind of sorry that it is going to be sent late to you late. Well actually. We’re not.
We are going to steal your King and Queen. We are sorry. Not really. But we thought it would be nice of us to tell you.

Later in spring we are going to fly one of our space crafts into the side of your castle and steal your beloved royals. We might even steal some of your awesome armour. You must tell us how you make them. No really you must or you will never see your King and or Queen again.
Any who. You are going to have to travel through space to find your precious King and Queen, in your very own spaceship. If you want we can set up a deal for you and you can buy one of ours. We have a new shiny green one. HaHaHa we are only joking.
Thankyou for listening to our warning message. We will play the rest of your silly Pony message after we are done.

That is all.
Over and out.”_____________.._________________.–…_____________—_____**_________….
-__________________________–__________*__________________-______-____ ____________…

And thats the story of Codiens magical journey with the Unicorn and the Princess. How lovely.


I hate those Robot Alien things. Yes, i’m sorry it is a day late but its the robots fault. It delayed the message. Pity because Codien went on a really fun journey with a Unicorn. You would’ve loved it.
Well you asked for an Astro-Knights sneak Peak and you got it. These are the aliens/robots that will steal the Queen and King.
Do you find them scary?



So that’s my Sneak Peaks this week. Next week i don’t know what i’ll have. See you next week.




61 thoughts on “PHB Sneak Peaks: Unicorns and Princesses”

  1. Nice sneak peek. I really would have liked the unicorn and princess story to continue though. Maybe in another post?

  2. Hey thanks Codien. I’m not sure what the game your talking about is, but it looks like your doing an excellent job posting about it! Thanks again 😀

      1. Yes i made the picture. It was fun too.
        I got the inspiration from the spy island TV.
        And yes, it is the actual alien.

  3. lol!!!! haha “[MESSAGE WILL BE-B-BE-B-BE…]
    [HaHaHaHa]” lol

    1. Smockers Why are you Wearing a Girls necklace and Tinkerbell Wings? Your a boy.

      Scary Tomato: Boys can wear them too, otherwise I don’t think Poptropica would’ve made them Costumizable. 😉

      1. What on earth are you talking about??????? Smockers isn’t wearing a necklace or Tinkerbell wings, how would you know?

      2. look at the pic really close. I see the wings. Maybe it is for a future pic thing or somethin

      3. That’s almost as ridiculous as saying girls can’t play soccer and boys can’t wear pink.

    1. it started out as a unicorn & princess story. Then aliens (ooh i dont like that word) had to interfere with the message

  4. wew hw he yyr92h dvamaje 3ur0u j3u2r …_____ – -_____ ..___-!error!….fsda fdja _–_____…!error!________

    i didnt undertsand that part of the message.

    Scary Tomato: It’s the aliens making the computer have errors. 😆

  5. hey! Thats the brain helmet that some people used as their hats by using the phone codes!

  6. LOL! i have an idea prank phone call the aleins. say you’re superpoptropican and that ur gonna blast their shiny green ship. Watch them panic. MUHAHAHA!!!

  7. cool,CODIEN is that alien really going to be on astroknights kiddnapping the king and queen?also in poptropica talk on comment 883,u r lying.

  8. hey guyz! i know that this is some what off subject,but, The Pinochio thing is for everyone now, whoohoo!!

    1. Poptro_______________computer being attacked___________________is the cooles__________monkeys flinging poo______________website ever!___________error!

      1. Sorry if that is off topic, but if you can read it, it is talking about poptropica!

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