The Nabooti Hit News and SANTA HATS!

Is Nabooti the best island or what!
First i would like to say that we had the busiest day yesterday when Nabooti came out, and look how many comments we got on the one post. 
 I am sorry that we havn’t got the guides up yet. I only just finnished the island, Scary Tomato  is most likely still at school 😛 , and Smockers, i’m sure he’s at school too.

The Phone
Did you know you can get items from the phone by doing this this:
Press ‘1’, then enter any two-digit number.
E.g. 102. When you type that in you get a really big sword!
I will write a full list of items with codes really soon.

For a full list of codes visit here:

Type 1225 in your Phone
Type 1225 in your Phone

You can access the page on the ‘Cool Stuff’ Page.

Is Nabooti the best island so far?

Santa Hats
Look at what i just found.
Type 1225 on your phone to get a santa hat and bag. 😛


21 thoughts on “The Nabooti Hit News and SANTA HATS!”

  1. Wow i am the first one! Yep it is the best island, another code is 1337 which makes you look like Ned Noodlehead. I fonished the island, though i took some time, first i thought it was half hour after i finished, but it was acctually two whole hours!

    Codien: Happened to me too.

  2. by the way the ring is at Giza,call Vince and he will be gone,his phone number is 555-6789 then get something from his bag and walah!a moonstone!

  3. I actually finished it yesterday. 😉 It was quite the hard island. I really liked all of the puzzles. Some were very challenging! It took me about 2 hours to finish the island!

  4. dial 555-6789 at giza to distract vince
    By the way, the only ones that work for me are santa, nerd, and the brain cap.

  5. Maddy, you have to beat the man in mancala and he will let you in the cave. In the bottom of the cave is a cellphone. Btw, how did you find out Vince’s cellphone number?

  6. you got to trade the lily flower at nabooti and you get a some kind of hat and put it on then go to Giza and talk to the guy and he will give you a shovel with the number

    1. etobin21: You will see that the one you need has strange markings on it, so click on the one with the marking.

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