Nabooti Island

Nabooti Island – Now Online!

The day has come. The day we have all been waiting for. An early present to everyone around the world.
The opening of Poptropicas newest island ‘Nabooti Island’, has just been released!

Unfortunately I think Codien and Scary Tomato were asleep when it came out. But we will have the guides up as soon as possible.

The guide is now available here: If you have any questions or comments about the Nabooti quest, ask on that page. Of course, you should read it first because most of your questions will probably be answered there. Hooray for help guides!!! 😀

Scary Tomato

143 thoughts on “Nabooti Island – Now Online!”

  1. The kaya spirits have appeared but I lost my ebony elephant and can’t get it back HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP!!! 😥
    😥 😥

    Scary Tomato: It must be a glitch – try redoing this part of the quest if you can. 😉

  2. for some reason i cant get into the multiplayer room

    Scary Tomato: The multiplayer room is the Fly-By-Night Airlines building… just click on the door to get in. 😉

  3. Ok for Giza, you need to get the flower from West Nile Falls (on the left cliff). Then go to the nabooti marketplace. trade the flower for the Egyptian Turban. Go to Giza (with the turban on) and talk to the guy with the shovel. If you have the cell phone examine the shovel and call that number. It will get the Tomb raider leader’s attention. while he’s not looking steal the moon stone from his backpack. Climb onto the sphinx’s head (very top) and use the moon stone, just then the sphinx door will open.


    Scary Tomato: It definitely wasn’t me – I would never hack somebody’s account. But just to be safe, don’t share your password with someone you don’t trust. 😉

  5. Another tip for Giza: Follow the heiroglyphs. Also, when you are busy out on the quest, never forget the marketplace in Nabooti. If you need some elusive item, cances are you’ll find it there.

    Fun things with the phone: Dial 911 and you’ll recieve a police hat and belt. If you want to look like Ned Noodlehead, dial 1337. I didn’t want to look like that and had to run all around Poptropica to gather all the pieces to my outfit.

  6. Comment 270.
    You look at the picture somewhere in the room and pull the levers of the order in the picture befor the quicksand covers the levers.

  7. I really need help with nabooti island! I dug up an elephant statue from under that turtle but now it’s gone.I have all the other jewels but I need the elephant statue to get the green one. It won’t let me dig it up again.

  8. Codien, you did a mistake on the post. You wrote “Unfortunately I think Codien and Scary Tomato were asleep when it came out.” Shouldn’t it be: “Unfortunately I think Smockers and Scary Tomato were asleep when it came out.” 😕

    Scary Tomato: Nope, because Codien wrote the original post. Smockers edited it to add that line. 😛

  9. Hi People! Any tips on how to beat the guy in mancala- if anyone wants to be nice- please go and beat that guy for me! My password is iluvu and my username is iluvu21.

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