Spy Island Quest page!

I’ve finally added the Spy Island Quest guide page onto the blog! Check it out here: https://poptropica.wordpress.com/island-help/spy-island/spy-island-guide/.

It could use some more details, so if you think you can help, post a comment there saying what you think could be added! If I approve your ideas, your name gets added to the “Special Thanks” section on the top of the quest guide’s page.

I hope you find the guide helpful! If you are having trouble with it, don’t hesitate to ask. Enjoy! 😆

~Scary Tomato


14 thoughts on “Spy Island Quest page!

  1. mat888 says:

    new multiplayer game poptropica

    Scary Tomato: Ok, ok, I get the message … just because I haven’t posted it yet doesn’t mean I don’t know. We live in different time zones, and apparently you get to the computer first. So, just be patient, ok? I’ve just added a new post about it. 😀

  2. kayla says:

    hey i love this website and i love you so much!!! i finished it cause of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you love me cause i loooooooooove you ❤

  3. roryccool says:


    Scary Tomato: Uh…read Kayla’s comment again – she said the opposite of what you said she said. Just to clarify the information.

  4. agent moon says:

    im bord now thers nothing to do in poptropica any more i keep making knoo wons but now is boring to star all over if somebody knows something about the two new islands plese tell me im beging and im not realy bord whith it but i youst want to do a diffifrent island please info right know espeshely on weekends will be grat and sorry about my spelling im hafl spanish any thing about it is good oo and sacary tomato ahhh ahhh !!! please if you now info tell me im beging evry body wants to kow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Scary Tomato: Calm down! And I’m really sorry, but I don’t know the exact dates the upcoming islands are going to be released. However, I do know they will be coming this fall. (Either October or November most likely).

  5. serious spider says:

    It takes time to create an island you know… If I had to make an island it wouldn’t be very professional and it would take me ages coz I’ve got no experience in making islands or anything similar.

  6. Squish says:

    Wat do you use to open the cage of the third spy?
    Sorry, its just I’ve been doing this all day LMAO

    Scary Tomato: Basicly, you move the cherry bomb to her cage and wait for it to blast open. Reading the guide might help. 😉

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