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Nim’s building and trophy bonus!

On 24 Carrot Island and Shark Tooth Island, there is a new building! It is about Nim’s Island and you can enter it. Inside, you can play Nim’s Island Quiz Game (left side), read the Nim’s Island Synopsis (middle top of the building), try out 2 cool Nim Costumes (right side), look at a Nim’s Island DVD cover and watch a trailer of the DVD (left side)! (Every island’s Nim buildings are the same.)

But even more interesting is the new bonus you can get at Booga Bay on Shark Tooth Island. Please note that it isn’t an item and will not show up as one in your inventory. It is just an item you hold. Anyway, here’s how to get it:

  1. The bonus trophy!
    The bonus trophy!

    Go to Shark Tooth Island.

  2. On Shark Tooth Island, go to Booga Bay.
  3. At Booga Bay, jump on top of the “Grass Skirts” sign.
  4. From the “Grass Skirts” sign, hop on to the top of the coconut tree on the right side.
  5. From the top of he coconut tree, you should see a golden trophy with a green circle on it standing on a big shark-shaped rock on the left side. Now click on the trophy to grab it! When you grab the trophy, the words “BONUS” will appear in gold for a few moments.
  6. Congratulations! You are now holding the trophy. If you don’t want to hold it anymore, just use the Customizer tool on somebody and then click on the trophy in your hand.

In other news: This blog now has a new guide on the Early Poptropica Quest! If you’d like to know how to solve the Early Poptropica Island Quest, click here. I hope you find it helpful! 🙂

26 thoughts on “Nim’s building and trophy bonus!”

  1. Actually, Eddy, the bonus trophy was gone about the time the spy glasses bonus became available. I don’t know exactly when the Nim’s Island and Arrive Lounge buildings left though. 😉

  2. i cant find it!!! when did u find the trophy was it a long time ago cause its not there:(?

    hey did u finish the time thingy u can find a viking suit 🙂

    why do i have a mad face?

    oh thats why nvm

  3. Coolcat, if you’d bothered to read the next post you would’ve found out that the trophy was no longer available.

    Remember that if you have a question, first search for an answer and only if you can’t find an answer to your question should you ask it. 😉

    Yes, I’ve finished Time Tangled Island, and I have the Viking suit, but that is off topic.

    Your “mad face” is your avatar. It is default and everyone’s is different. You can change it by going to your WordPress blog’s Dashboard, selecting “Settings”, and changing your profile.

  4. Georga – Read the post titled “Sunglasses, Spy Island, and Choose Your Own Adventure!”. It should answer your question. I am not sure if you can still get them though, but you can check. 😉

  5. NOOOOOOO!I did not get the trophy in time!

    Scary Tomato: Not that it matters – because when they removed the bonus trophy, those who still had it, had it removed from them too. So, nobody has the trophy now.

  6. BronzeShadow – It’s gone now, sorry.

    Roryccool – Thanks for helping.

    My name is jumpy spider! – That’s off-topic: Please do not spam/post unnecessary things.

  7. will there be any more hidden bonus item,please respond cuz i don ‘t even have none of the bonus items.everytime someone talks about a bonus item.i mean i’ve already gotten the hidden one in early poptropica but the worst part is that you didn’t said that this would have been a temporary item.

    1. This post was made five years ago. At the time, the trophy bonus was current and we didn’t know it was temporary until it was no longer available. Besides the Hypnotic Costume bonus at Poptropica Towers, there are lots more bonuses listed on the PHB’s Cheats page, such as items awarded by promo codes.

  8. *everytime when someone talks about a bonus item,i don’t even see it.

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