Cloudy with a Chance of Spies…

There are two brand-new advertisements in Poptropica! =D It’s for the ages 6-11, and they’re on the Main Street on islands!ย  They are the:

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs:

Yep, there used to be another ad for this movie.ย  This one, however, is for the Blu-Ray, DVD, and PSP versions of the movie that are coming out on January 5th!ย  Here’s an image of the advertisement:

Heh heh... she looks like she's eating my fishing pole.. xD


Well, first you have to enter the advertisement (obviously xD), then talk to the guy with the crazy brown hair (who is probably Flint).ย  He says his machine that makes food fall from the sky is broken.ย  OH NOEZ!ย  NO MOAR FOOD FALLING DOWN FROM THE SKY?!?! THIS IS A DISASTER! D:

He says the machine is located at the top of the “dangerous” ice cream mountain.ย  I mean, if it’s made out of ice cream, how dangerous could it be?ย  I could even eat it if I wanted to. >:D Flint tells you to go to the helicopter to bring the machine back to him.

Now jump on different items (unless you can fly) to the left until you see a helicopter in the crack of the building.ย  Click on it to enter it.ย  You have to shut down the machine by flying to the mountain!ย  They tell you to be cautious and watch out for falling food… hmm….I haven’t had breakfast yet… >:Dย  Press the start button to begin.

Now you are at the top of the mounta- ICE CREAM!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Unfortunately, though, your poptropican cannot eat it. D: The horror!ย  To be on top of an ice cream mountain and not be able to eat it? THIS IS TORTURE! Well, anyway, jump on the very top and click on the machine.ย  Now it should be raining meatballs! :O But wait, if the machine to make food fall from the sky doesn’t work, then HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?ย  Is it… could it be… magic? :O

Well, now you have to click on the pink spoon in the green ice cream.ย  Once you do that, you should be sliding down the ice cream mountain on a spoon.ย  Oh, how I wish I could just eat the whole mountain…. xD You can move your cursor to move your poptropican.ย  Try to dodge the falling food (even though I know you want to eat it sooo bad).ย  You have three chances, and you can see your number of chances by the amount of meatballs on the left.

You just press the left button on your mouse to make your poptropican jump over the food on the mountain.ย  Continue dodging, jumping, and sliding down the mountain until this screen pops up:

I want to eat those costumes sooo bad... :O

Now you win two costumes, as shown above: the Spaghetti Outfit, and the Sugar Cone Outfit! Yum.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Spy Next Door:

This advertisement is for the new movie coming up on January 15th, which I want to watch! xD


Once you’re in the ad, talk to the crying poptropican with glasses (who is named Bob ๐Ÿ˜€ ).ย  He reveals that he’s really a government agent and tells you the kids he is babysitting accidentally downloaded secret files. :O The spies are trying to get to it! :O OH NOEZ!

Bob needs help babysitting and keeping the kids and their pet pig (aww… cute wittle piggy… :3) safe from the spies.ย  Now, what spy would be mean enough to harm a cute little pig? D:< After he tells you that, a screen should pop up telling you to stop the enemy spies!ย  You only have a short time to find the children, find the cute pig, and fix the defenses before the spies arrive.ย  You have to click and hold on gadgets to fill their repair gauge.ย  One the gauge is full, the gadget will be fixed!

Press the start button to begin.ย  You now have to quickly move around the house and get to all of the children and the pig and also hurry and “fix” all of the defenses (you can tell which one is a defense when it looks spy-like and the word fix should pop up when you hover your cursor over it).ย  This should include the TV, the plant with the flamethrower, and the lamp.

When you are done with this, this screen should pop up, telling you that you won!

You win a Flamethrower wand, and a Super Secret Video File, which is similar to the movie room from the Monsters, Inc. ad.ย  The video file shows a preview of the movie, which is often used as a commercial.ย  The Flamethrower wand shoots out fire, and it matches the color of your electrifier, if you have it on!ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

Enjoy your prizes, everyone!