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Popular Poptropicans: Dimension Bros

Hey Poptropicans, welcome to another Popular Poptropican interview! ⭐️ We have two guests today, Isaac and Theo, who together form the Dimension Bros. They’ve been making Poptropica (and other) fan videos (some of which are for ages 13+) on YouTube for over a year now, and are also known for heading up the Poptropica Month fan video event.

Welcome, Dimension Bros! Let’s pop into it.

What inspires you to create Poptropica videos?

Before we started, the only Poptropica YouTube videos you could even find were all just playthroughs and walkthroughs, nothing but gameplay. So we felt like there was just a huge hole for content in that area. Being one of the only channels making Poptropica videos that aren’t just playthroughs is pretty inspiring just due to the fact that it’s our job to fill that void that no one else seems to be filling.

The Earth Poptropica Help Blog is pleased to share this Dimension Bros video of Theo reacting to players’ Poptropicans.

What advice would you give to aspiring Poptropica YouTubers?

Solid advice for any YouTuber is just to focus on making content you want to make, and whatever is fun for you. But if you’re interested in Poptropica videos specifically, you could consider taking part in our Poptropica Month 2021 collab this September. All you need to do is make your Poptropica video, let us know about it, and we’ll add it to our playlist! Last year’s playlist has over 1,000 views, so taking part in Poptropica Month is a great way to give your channel a little extra boost from the Pop fandom! There’s a video on our channel about how to join.

Shameless self promo aside, as long as you’re enjoying the video-making process, people should enjoy watching them! It’s not hard to tell when a lot of love went into a video, and that’s all that really matters.

What do you enjoy about the Poptropica community? 

Theo: I enjoy everyone’s dedication to keeping the memory of Poptropica alive. You’d think for a game that had a majority of its content removed, fans would’ve left, and a lot did, but some fans have stuck around and are keeping the fandom chugging along! Like the PHB continuing to write posts and hold events, and fan artists continuing to draw their favorite characters, it’s nice to see a small but dedicated fandom still be so active for what little is left of the game.

Isaac: Having been a part of a lot of fandoms throughout my time on the internet, I’ve always found it interesting how close all the Poptropica fandom is. For better or worse, everyone in the fandom has had at least one interaction with pretty much everyone else. I feel like this creates a really good sense of unity. Every time the creators do something dumb (like forgetting the name of one of their own characters) the entire fandom unites to complain about it. And in a weird way, that’s kinda nice.

Publick House: This place on Cryptids Island could use some customers. Come right in!

What do you hope for the future of Poptropica and its fandom? 

Isaac: My main hope for the future of the Poptropica fandom is that everyone on the Poptropica Help Chat will change their nickname to “#ISAAC4MOD” in an attempt to “vote” me into office as the next PHC moderator 😉

Theo: In an ideal world, Poptropica would port all of the old islands and the game would be fully restored, but it looks like that’ll never happen. All I can hope for now is that more people take part in the Poptropica Rewritten project as an attempt to save Poptropica. (You can learn more about that project in another DB video we have on our channel.)

World Warriors: Welcome back to the stage of history.

What is your favorite feature (still here or gone) from the many years of Poptropica? 

Theo: Obviously the feature everyone misses most is THE ISLANDS, but another feature I really miss are the minigames you got from the store. I’m pretty sure I spent more time playing Shrink Shot than I did playing any actual islands as a kid. Another feature I miss dearly are all of the personality questions you could answer on your friends page, as well as that whole page in general.

Isaac: While it may have made little impact on gameplay, I really liked when you had to go to Early Poptropica during the events of Counterfeit Island. This along with details such as Zeus destroying a bunch of the other islands during the events of Super Villain really made Poptropica feel like one big cohesive game rather than a bunch of small separate ones. (And if you know me, you know I love theorizing on the connections of all the islands.)

What is your favorite Easter egg/reference in Poptropica?

Isaac: The entirety of Survival Island is a huge reference to one of my favorite short stories, “The Most Dangerous Game,” so playing through that is always enjoyable. I’m also a big fan of all the Marvel references in PoptropiCon, especially the Mighty Action Force card game, seeing as I’m a huge board/card game nerd. (Also, creators, if you’re reading this, you should make the MAF card game into a real thing!)

Theo: I really enjoy all of the references to Alcatraz in Escape from Pelican Rock. It’s no surprise that the island contains references to Alcatraz since the whole premise is based off the Alcatraz prison break, but having guards recite certain dialogue said in the prison, and having your Poptropican escape in almost an identical way to real escapees is cool. Also the PHB nod in that island is a fun easter egg too.

How do you feel about the Pop Creators fearing you?


On a Dimension Bros post on Instagram about the upcoming Pop Month being funeral themed, the Poptropica Creators jokingly called the duo “Dimension Foes.”

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Thank you for reading, and stay awesome, Poptropicans!



Pop YouTuber Spotlight: Dimension Bros 📺

Hey Poptropicans! It’s been a while since we’ve spotlighted YouTubers playing Poptropica, but there’s a new duo on the scene with plenty of Pop (and other fandoms) to share. Meet Dimension Bros, Isaac and Theo!

Rather than show gameplay, these bros sit in front of their cameras and talk about a topic related to the Poptropica universe, sometimes throwing in relevant pictures. Here’s one of their recent videos where they discuss “The Current Poptropica Situation” in regards to loss of islands, whether the Poptropica team are evil capitalists for the membership paywall, and more:

They also raise the question of what will happen to our Flash accounts since they are currently separate from Haxe, a concern that is relevant for all of us nostalgic players with plenty of old items and costumes that may not be converted to Haxe, perhaps due to time, manpower, or both.

Also, hey, there’s a shoutout to the PHB starting around 7:20! It’s in response to our sharing of Theo’s Reddit post showing what Poptropica support said when asked about the membership paywall situation on the old Flash islands. Although the PHB may not warrant as big of a freakout as if we were Poptropica itself, it’s still a fun moment in the video. 😄

The first Dimension Bros video released, only about a month ago, is a masterpiece of research entitled “The Poptropica Timeline.” 🌏

Here, Isaac and Theo consider when in the world’s historical timeline all the islands may have taken place and put them in chronological order while trying to keep with the Poptropica canon. It’s a bit like our PHB post on World Geography with Poptropica Islands, but with history. Check it out:

As of this posting, Dimension Bros have one other Poptropica video entitled “Making Our Own Poptropica Islands.” Here, they share about many of the ideas they have for Poptropica islands, including Rockstar Mystery Island, Quarantine Island, Cryptids Island 2, and more. 🦕 Hear ’em out:

Pretty creative stuff! Looks like there will be more to come from this channel, which has both Poptropica and non-Poptropica content, so keep watching and consider subscribing to Dimension Bros on YouTube.

Stay awesome, Poptropicans! ✨