Astro-Knights Island, Sneak Peeks

Got Green Screen?

Hey people! Yes, it’s Smockers. Anyways, a new post on the PCB shows up! We’ve seen Comic Kid go through weird, scientific labs, clown stores, and crystal caves. But have we seen him visit a strange, green tech laboratory of some sort? Check it out!


Blog Post Title: Green Screen
Description: My travels took me to yet another “out of this world” location, where I had a hard time deciphering what was being displayed on this green screen.
Image URL:
Image Name: screen.jpg

This sneak peek is probably showing part of Astro-Knights island. “Out of this world” most likely suggests that it’s… not on Earth. We also see Comic Kid staring in awe at what appears to be binary numbers on a green screen. Perhaps, if you put those numbers in a binary translator, it could reveal some message? 😛 I wonder how this will be implemented into the island…

Well, that’s about it. Smockers signing out!


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