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The Egg Pops…!!

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(Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction.)


As more and more dark clouds filled the sky, the sky kept rumbling with loud booms, and Detective Tongue became more and more panicked. She was on a mission to capture a huge, mechanical Firebird that had escaped from its home in the mechanical jungle. Thanks to the bad weather now and the fog earlier that morning, she was now lost in what appeared to be a metal junkyard. Dozens of red-and-blue metal eggs wrapped around some barbed wire could be found all around her. She stuck out her tongue as she usually does when she gets excited, and started jumping on top of the eggs. “Happy Easter…!!!!” she yelled.

But during one of those leaps, she landed on the egg too hard, and the metallic shell popped open. Out came…

Blog Post Title: Easter Adventure
Description: Hunting for Easter eggs is a dangerous activity on this planet!
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…the very Firebird she was looking for! Its perfectly round, hard head was attached to a spring in the egg. To her horror, when she peered inside the egg she found the bird’s body flattened underneath! Mission accomplished, but what should I do with the bo-, her thought was interrupted. The bird was glaring at the detective fiercely, pecking her hard with its sharp beak. “OW!” yelped Tongue, and fell to the ground in pain.

Astro-Knights Island Tip: Don’t be so quick to judge your success! 😉

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