Shrink Ray Island

Shrink or Swim: Celebrating Poptropica’s 20th Island!

The Poptropica Help Network is proud to present:

Shrink Ray Island Resources: Guide | Videos

Is he trying to 'sea' whether this calamari squid can swim on land, or will it have to face the shrink ray?

Straight from the Creators’ Blog:

Shrink Ray Island is now available!

Poptropica Members have full access to the newest Poptropica adventure. Non-Members can also try out the special Early Access demo. Head on over toย Poptropicaย and see what the big deal is!

Well, the fact that it isn’t fully available for non-members was a bit of a disappointment at our PHC Countdown Party, but at least the non-mems still get more than they usually do – an early access demo of the island! Paying members get to enjoy the entire island first, as usual. PHB staff member ElmoPwns has already written a walkthrough guide with all the Shrink Ray Island cheats, which you can check out by clicking here!

Shrink Ray Island is also Poptropica’s 20th island! HAPPY TWENTY, POPTROPICA! (And to think I could have counted the number of islands there were on one hand when I first started playing…) They’ve just released the trailer video for it, too, so take a look!

Remember: Being tiny can be fun, but don’t lose your true self and size!