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Release dates, mysterious islands, and BTS images

Hey guys! Lots of stuff on Twitter, as usual. I asked the Creators about release dates for islands, and they weren’t too specific, but we now have a general idea of when new islands are coming out! Knowing the Poptropica Creators though, the dates below could change.

At least it’s something, right? 😛 Just to recap: Mystery of the Map Island is planned for May for members, and June for everyone. Arabian Nights Ep. 3 comes out around July.

Now, the islands in the tweets above aren’t the only ones in our future. The Creators want your opinion on some mysterious new designs for a mysterious new island. Remember, nothing is official yet, so the island might not even come out!

Seems like their idea somehow relates to jail, judging by the police officers, inmates, and canines (“K9”, heh) above. Hopefully we will have more info on the island soon!

Moving on to different islands, we also have two other behind the scenes images from Twitter.

The first image shows a, uh, man-baby of sorts… *cough* and the other shows on old fort on a tropical island. These pictures are most likely for Arabian Nights Island and Mystery of the Map Island respectively. Post any ideas you have about how the man-baby relates to the island below! 🙂

Last, but not least, we have PopStorms 24 & 25! #24 is basically the creativity of a Poptropica Creator, and #25 was posted with the caption: “This character has Poptropica eyes and loves ding dongs.” 😛

That’s all for now!