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2 Cool Ads!…with not so cool prizes.

POST UPDATE: The Multiverse Project is back online!

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WAS UP HOMIEZ?!! i iz har today *screen fizzles and rotates*

Woah…what just happened? OH NO! IT WAS MY ARCH NEMESIS, ANTI-MOTION! He must have escaped from his alternate dimension and tried to hijack my post! Well, he’s gone now, so on to THE POST! CUE DRAMA MUSIC! *silence* I SAID, CUE DRAMA MUSIC! *silence* Don’t make me come down – *music plays loudly* That’s what I thought. As I was saying, on to THE PO – *music plays* HEY! I didn’t say to cue – *more music plays* NOT funny guys.

Please excuse my special effects team, they must think it’s April Fools Day. One sec while I go knock some sense into them.

*goes off stage, screaming and load noises are heard, comes back*

Now that that’s been sorted out, we can finally move on! On to THE POST!

There’s two new Ads in Pop! (Credit to Happy Storm and Xarr of the PHF!)

  • The Electric Company Ad, about a new TV show coming to PBS Kids. (NO, I DON’T WATCH PBS!!)
  • The Monster INC. Ad, about the old movie coming to DVD and BlueRay (HI-DEF).

In The Electric Company Ad, there’s no mission or “problem” to solve, but simply a synopsis of the show, a trailer, and two actors from the show. The only thing to get out of this Ad is the costumes from the actors.

The other Ad, about the new version of Monster INC. DVD, actually does have a goal. You have to find the kid (or shall I say PopKid?) that’s escaped into the Monster Realm. Using the key cards you find (which allow you to access different rooms in the ad) you have to search for the girl. The reward is…”lack luster”. What you receive is a card that takes you to a “theater room” where you can watch the trailer for Monster INC.

Here’s some screenshots for both ads:

Monster INC Ad

The Electric Company Ad

I was asked to promote these 2 awesome blogs, by Adammos (Popular Thunder) and IkeWB!

Be sure to check their awesome blogs out!

Lastly, I’d like to say that The Multiverse Project will be back up soon, it’s getting a few…renovations.

Peacing out,
this has been a message from mo-*fizzle, static* ANTI-MOTION! MUHAHAHAHAHA!