Power Rangers: Loogie Chase – Poptropica ad walkthrough

Power Rangers loogie chase

There’s a new ad game on Main Streets (such as Zomberry) for Saban’s Power Rangers Megaforce, and the objective is to lead Vrak’s evil forces, the Loogies (those yellow-and-black creatures), to the Power Rangers at the end of the chase! Thanks to Samwow5 for the heads-up.

The mission: don’t let the Loogies catch up to you, but keep running until you reach the end of the city landscape. You’ll be given a weapon, which you can use to shoot small obstacles in front of you (press spacebar). For bigger obstacles, you’ll have to jump over them. When you near the end, you’ll fall into an underground pit – keep running and you’ll reach the Power Rangers, who will take care of the Loogies from there.Β Go go Power Rangers! πŸ™‚

For your heroic efforts, you’ll receive a Power Rangers UniformΒ (pink for girls; red for boys) and RoboKnight Power (surroundings flash red for a moment and you wear the yellow RoboKnight suit).