Announcing the Island Hopper Grand Prize Winner! (plus Twitter Roundup)

Greetings Hawk-tropicans! This is Giant Hawk speaking, and today, I have returned, ready to share with you all the grand prize winner of the Island Hopper Sweepstakes.

If you recall, I was the author who originally posted about the sweepstakes’ announcement and initiation. And now, I get to round up the PHB’s coverage of the Island Hopper Sweepstakes via my post yesterday as well as this post! Isn’t that fitting?

Nevertheless, we’ve waited all this time for this news, so I best not dawdle. The grand prize winner of the Island Hopper Sweepstakes, who has won a 30 minute video call with Jeff Kinney, is…


Comical Hamburger! Congratulations!

For all of us, including me, who did not win, remember to prepare for more community contests in the future!

As for Comical Hamburger’s chat with Jeff Kinney, expect an update on this post when the footage is released!

And now, on to another edition of Twitter Round-Up!


Now, you may have noticed (we here at the PHB certainly have) that the Creators’ Twitter page has been quieter than usual recently. Well, it appears that they may have something up their sleeves for us soon…

On a more depressing note, I’m sure you all have heard by now about the deaths of popular creative icons David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Well, I’m very happy to see that the Creators decided to Tweet out their respect to each man recently.

Plus, Spotted Dragon’s Snape costume, which the Creators linked to, can also be found on the PHB’s Costumes page.

And that’ll wrap up this edition of Twitter Round-Up! I hope this was a sufficient number of Tweets for this segment. After all, the Creators have some catching up to do, don’t they? 😉

Until next time…

— Giant Hawk

Week 5 Sweepstakes Winners and Twitter Roundup!

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here. The Creators announced the winners for the final weekly Island Hopper Sweepstakes winners! And here they are:

Congratualtions to Greedy Turtle, Happy Heart, Lucky Club, Skinny Tiger, and Sleepy Sky! 😀 If one of these Poptropicans is yours, you’ve just one yourself a one-month membership for Poptropica!

Be sure to tune in soon, because the Creators will be announcing the winners of the overall Island Hopper Sweepstakes including the winner of the grand prize, a 30 minute call with Poptropica Creator, Jeff Kinney.

Now onto a little segment I like to call the Twitter Roundup!


(Thanks to HPuterpop for help on the logo)

First off, the (currently unknown) Creator running the Poptropica Twitter account has begun a really cool “series” of tweets, in which they show off Poptropica fan blogs.

The PHB was lucky enough to be the first blog to be shouted out, which is a super big honor!

Even PHB author, Slippery Raptor, got a shoutout for his blog:

Also, apparently Poptropica has moved to a new HQ, while still staying in the city of Boston. The official Twitter has been tweeting out some images from the new headquarters, which you can check out below:

Speaking of Mystery of the Map, you may have noticed that the main trio is pretty racially diverse – according to Kirkus Reviews, Oliver is white, Mya is Asian, and Jorge is Latino. But Oliver and Mya are siblings – how does that work? Well, it turns out they’re half-siblings!

So, that about wraps up this post. Are you excited to see the winners for the overall Island Hopper Sweepstakes? What do you think about the  series? How about the new Poptropica HQ? Comment below.

• Ultimate iPad Expert •

Week 5 Island Hopper Winners

Hey Poptropicans, SD here to bring you the week 5 Island Hopper winners. 😛

Congrats to Sporty Lightning, Invisible Feather, Speedy Typhoon, Bendy Singer, and Red Bird!

For the rest of you, you only have until the end of Thursday to collect tickets, so get hopping! 😉


P.S. Remember that Escape From Pelican Rock Island will be out for everyone online this Wednesday!