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Museum of masks, Poptropica-style 🎭

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Mud Bub, who’ll be sharing a gallery of masks from throughout the Poptropica universe. Mask on!

Poptropica may have recently given us new face masks for this pandemic season (and more recently for winter),​ but this is by no means the first time masks have been introduced to the game.

Many a time in our Poptropica adventures, we use masks and similar facial coverings as disguises, protection, or just for the fun of it! They can be found virtually anywhere, much more than we think. Enjoy this gallery of various masks throughout Poptropica!

Whether from Medicine Man from the nostalgic Shark Tooth Island, to fandom fanatics at PoptropiCon, or from ninjas to warriors to the modern-day superhero, all Poptropicans are bound to have embraced the versatility of masks at some point or another.

Even fan artists got in on the masking fun a few months ago in September’s Community Creations here on the PHB. Masks can truly be functional and fashionable!

Poptropica Masks” by AdventurersNHunters

What other masks of Poptropica would you add to this collection?

Don’t just keep on poppin’ on, keep on maskin’ on! 😷

—Mud Bub

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Mud Bub. If you did, you might also like her other post, Pop 5: Islands From an Artist’s Perspective.

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