Night Watch Island

Suit up, wear hats, and let’s go to the mall… today

Night Watch Island is so full of free stuff, it’s hard to decide what you want! Check out the Carnival Costumes and In The Now stores for lots of great new costumes and some handheld items from the mannequins! Plus, you can even get a moustache – how awesome is that? 🙂

Carnival Costumes

That’s not all! At the Hat-o-Matic, you can design and wear your very own custom hat and even support your Tribe with it. Pick up a new scent at the Eau de Toilette and have it follow you around as you go. Get your face on the cover of a magazine at the We’ve Got You Covered booth. At the Sizzling Tanning Salon, you can even give yourself a tan. But don’t leave the mall without taking at least one ride in the elevator, ’cause there’s some cool music playing in there.

Keep exploring Twin Palms Mall to see what other sorts of things you can discover, and make the most of what it has to offer! There are plenty of strange things in store (and in tanning bed)…

Tanning salon

If being a mall cop proves to be a challenge for you, check out our Night Watch Island Guide (with pictures) for the complete written walkthrough and cheats to help you finish the island. Night Watch releases to everyone on March 14, just two weeks away! Let’s go to the mall! 😀