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Thursday, Thursday, Gotta Get Down on Thursday

Hey everyone, it’s me again! Angry Wing. The Creators have made an announcement. First of all, they have confirmed that the whole HD-3D thing was yes, just an April Fool’s joke. A good thing too, because I don’t exactly have $999.95 just laying around.

But now for the big announcement…

Back Lot countdown

Back Lot Island comes out for members today, Thursday April 4th. (And for non-members, it’s April 25th – three Thursdays later.) Mark your calendars! Set your keyboards! Go play that island!


You can check out the countdown on Poptropica’s homepage now.

Right now it’s at 6 hours 36 minutes, 17 seconds. 16 seconds. 15 seconds. 14 seconds…

Here is the video one last time before the release.

Alright, that’s all for now! Good luck on your quest through the Back Lot!

*flies off*