Big Nate Island, Sneak Peeks

Boy and Seagull

What do you get when you cross a seagull and a Poptropican boy? A Big Nate sneak peek! πŸ˜€

Thanks Grumpy Wolf for keeping us informed! The setting of this sneak peek looks very familiar to this other one. The picture of the school clock is back and this time it seems that it’s flying time for the birds! The time is different from the last sneak peek, too. Blog picture and information below:

Blog Post Title: Heads up!
Description: What time is it when a seagull flies over your head? Time to get a new hat! Bwaa ha ha! This is why I prefer bunnies to birds.
(If you’re wondering about the comment of bunnies preferred over birds, it’s because this was posted by Poptropica Creator Dr. Hare.)
Image URL:
Image Name: seagull.jpg

“…You’re on a mission to find a long-lost time capsule which, if found, can save the school from demolition…”
(Part of the Big Nate Island description from

Time: The time capsule relates to time,Β and so does a clock because it tells time.
School: If the time capsule is found, the school is saved. Also, the sneak peek shows a school clock.

Maybe this clock is related to that time capsule that can save the school? After all, they’re both related to time and school… πŸ˜‰

Big Nate Island, Comics, Sneak Peeks

Don’t be tardy!

Don’t be tardy! The school clock says it’s time for class.

You probably guessed it – a Big Nate sneak peek! Thanks to Grumpy Wolf for the reminder! Anyway, this sneak peek is obviously showing a school clock, probably from Nate’s school. Blog picture below:

Blog Post Title: Time for Class
Description: Oh no! I better get to school!
Image URL:
Image Name: schoolClock.jpg

On closer look it seems that the material around the clock is a little broken…

Also, here’s a Big Nate comic from the Creators to keep us all in the spirit of Big Nate. Thanks Blue 6254 for the reminder first.
Here’s the image link:Β For more Big Nate comics, visit!

Special Note: It is not a race to be the first to tell everyone about a new post on the Creators’ Blog. We’ve had many comments saying the same thing (“New post on Creators’ Blog!!!!”) and it is very annoying. If someone has already mentioned it, don’t bother to say it again – it’s not necessary. If people continue to spam and repeat the same thing over an over again, it will show us that you cannot handle this and we will stop giving out credits. Please comment appropriately. Thanks!

Anyway, remember to check the other sneak peeks below when you’ve got the time! πŸ˜†

Big Nate Island, Comics, Sneak Peeks

The Old Captain

Another Big Nate sneak peek. Thanks, Mat888 for keeping us informed! The title of the Creators’ blog post tells us the man in the picture is probably Cap’n Salty, who seems to have a building named after him on the upcoming Big Nate Island, as shown in a video from before known as Big Nate and Me. Anyway, the picture is below with all the information you need to know about it!

Blog Post Title: Cap’n Salty
Description: Here’s an interesting character you might run into on Big Nate Island!
Image URL:
Image Name: capn.jpg

And while we’re on the subject of Big Nate, here’s another comic shown from the Poptropica Creators’ Blog a while back about Nate’s new year resolutions. Zany Moon should be happy to see this!


The image link for that comic strip was For more Big Nate comics, visit!

There’s also an exclusive sneak peek about a French-themed island on Poptropica in the post below, so make sure you check that out, too! πŸ˜€

Big Nate Island, Comics, Sneak Peeks

Big Nate Island Video Sneak Peek and Comic!

Yay, another sneak peek! IIRC, this is our second video sneak peek of Big Nate Island! It shows the main street of Big Nate Island. Apparently, Nate follows you around during your journey on Big Nate Island. Um.. stalker much? LOL! Anyways, enough words! Video below!

Also, we receive another funny comic of Big Nate courtesy of the Poptropica Creators’ Blog!


There’s a new advertisement in between places on most islands. It’s advertising a Speak Out on PBS Kids. Clicking on the top of this ad will bring you to this webpage: Here’s what it looks like:


There is also a new poll on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog! It asks you what your favorite island is so far. Presumably, Nabooti is winning by a landslide. And good reason, too; it’s a fun and challenging island!

Check out our Nabooti Island guide (made by the wonderful Codien) to learn how to complete it fast and easily! =) The Nabooti Map is now available for viewing!

Big Nate Island, Sneak Peeks

The Eve of Nabooti and a Big Nate Sneak Peek!

We’ve seen Big Nate in the Poptropica Tour video, now it’s time for a sneak peek to be in image format! The Poptropica Creators have given us our first image (picture) of Big Nate Island, as seen below:

Blog Post Title: Detention!
Description: Big Nate is very familiar with this room.
Image URL:
Image Name: detention.jpg

Looks like detention for Nate! πŸ˜†

The Eve Nabooti Island

Twas the night before Nabooti, when all through the house
Every player of Poptropica held to their mouse
All eyes watched the screen with an impatient stare
In hopes that the new island soon would be there

Nabooti Island is expected to be released tomorrow! Get ready to trek across Africa to find missing jewels, and visit pyramids, ancient mines, and giant waterfalls on your quest! This’ll be one fun adventure! πŸ˜€

Also. Looks like Poptropica will be releasing Santa Hats on the release of Nabooti Island. Yay.

Blog Post Title: Nabooti Eve!
Twas the night before Nabooti, when all through the house
Every player of Poptropica held to their mouse
All eyes watched the screen with an impatient stare
In hopes that the new island soon would be there
Image URL:
Image Name: NabootiEve.jpg

Don’t forget to read the post(s) below if you haven’t already – there’s been a lot of news recently!