How to Draw a Poptropican

How to draw a Poptropican

Let’s learn how to draw a Poptropica character! This step-by-step guide is easy to follow, so grab a pencil and paper and let’s get started.

Draw MeThe diagrams show the current step in blue. Previous steps in the same picture are shown in black (excluding step #19). The Poptropican on the left will be our model for this how-to guide. Keep in mind that you don’t have to make your drawing look exactly like a regular Poptropican! Feel free to use your imagination and invent your own clothes, details, and accessories.

Drawing Steps

  1. Draw1Head: Begin by outlining the head, which looks like a sideways oval shape.
  2. Draw2Right Eye: Draw a much smaller circle on the top-right of this oval, which will be the right eye. Erase the intersecting line inside the eye.
  3. Left Eye: Draw3Next to the right eye, add another circle to the left, but slightly smaller. This is the left eye. Erase the intersecting line inside the eye.
  4. Draw4Hair: Outline the character’s hairstyle on the top. What this looks like depends on the hairstyle you want your character to have. Make sure the outline connects with the rest of the head (touches the eyes and/or head).
  5. Draw5Mouth: Draw the mouth under the eyes (but still inside the head’s outline, of course). What this looks like depends on the type of mouth you want your character to have. You could even have a small part of a tongue or large fang sticking out of the head’s outline a little bit. If the mouth has parts (such as teeth) overlapping the outline of the head, erase the unecessary line(s) it causes.
  6. Draw6Eyelashes: If the Poptropican you are drawing is a girl, add eyelashes above the eyes. (Skip this step if the character is a boy.)
  7. Draw7Eyelids: This step is optional. You can add eyelids to the eyes (sleeping/closed, angry, half-open, etc), or give the eyes a special effect (hypnotic, clothing dummy (an x in the middle of each eye), etc).
  8. Draw8Pupils: Draw a round dot in both eyes. These are the eye pupils. Make sure that the pupils and eyelids do not intersect. Congratulations, you have finished drawing the head! Let’s move on to the body.
  9. Draw9Torso: Under the Poptropican’s head, outline the body, which looks like a vertical oval shape. It is important that the body and head do not touch, because Poptropicans usually have ”floating heads”, and they don’t have a neck.
  10. Separation: Draw10Draw a horizontal line inside the body, to seperate it into two halves. (It may look better if this horizontal line was made slightly below the middle of the oval body, rather than exactly in the middle.) This seperates the top (shirt) from the bottom (pants/skirt).
  11. Draw11Arms: Draw a line on both sides of the body; these are the arms. Make them as flexible as you want: these arms could be pointing straight ahead or at the ground, just be resting on the sides, the arms could be folded, or even raised up in victory!
  12. Draw12Hands: At the end of both arms (the lines in step #11), draw a little ball to represent a hand. If you’re planning on adding a handheld item later (like a gun or basketball), leave some room around the hands for it.
  13. Draw13Legs: Draw two vertical lines below the pants/skirt part of the body, and make sure that they are connected with the body. Like with the arms, you can choose what kind of position you’d like the legs to be in: are they crossed together, standing straight up, nervously shaking like jelly, or crouching?
  14. Draw14Feet: Add a blob-shaped foot at the end of each leg. You can have them bent or in a normal position. Try having the left foot slightly shorter than the right, so that they don’t overlap.
  15. Draw15Accessories: This is the fun part! Decorate your Poptropican with some cool accessories, like face scars, freckles, hair clips (girls), and more! Consider adding a handheld item, such as a gun (with something shooting out of it?), ball (basketball, football, bowling ball, baseball, etc.), cell phone, microphone, pencil, pretzel, sword, paper scroll, and loads more. Normally, Poptropicans don’t have shoes to wear, but why not give it a shot?
  16. Draw16Belt: This is optional, but you could also add a belt (not recommended if you are drawing a dress). Add more to the horizontal line you drew on step #10; make it thicker. You could draw a buckle in the middle, and even strap a weapon/pouch/rope to the edge of the belt.
  17. Draw17Top: Decorate your top (shirt)! Put in a design (like stripes) all over your top, or a symbol/picture in the middle, like a lightning bolt or star. You could also put a collar, zipper, some buttons, or a logo in the corner. Also, add a neck accessory such as an island medallion or scarf, and maybe a vest or jacket over the shirt!
  18. Draw18Pants/Skirt: If you’re drawing a skirt, make its outline, then erase unnecessary lines. If you are drawing pants, then you don’t have to add more lines. If you wish to, you can add extra paterns on your pants or skirt, such as adding checker-patterns, patches, or something else.
  19. Draw19Color: Looking good! The final step is adding some color. Get your favorite coloring utensils (crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels, paint, markers, etc.) and fill in those empty spots with beautiful shades of color!
  20. Completed: Congratulations, you’re done! Step back and admire your amazing piece of artwork. Show it off to your friends and family, and when you think you’ve mastered the basics shown above, you can try drawing Poptropicans doing special actions – such as playing with a guitar or shooting with a bow and arrow!

Here’s another version of the steps by MalachiBoaz, drawing a female Poptropican. Click to enlarge it!

Drawing a Poptropican

Video: Speed Drawing

Created by Slanted Fish. More Pop videos on the Poptropica Help Videos (PHV) channel.

Video: Drawing Poptropican Heads

Poptropica artist, Jon Pitcher, shares some tips on drawing a Poptropican head.

Poptropican Portraits

Here are a few out of over a hundred Poptropican Portraits from a series by HPuterpop here on this blog, drawing characters from people in the community!

Taking It Further

Drawing a Poptropican outline is just the beginning. You could get even more creative by varying the poses, backgrounds, and more! Here are some more pieces of Poptropica fan art by people in the community for inspiration (there’s more in our DeviantArt group):


We would like to thank the following for their inspiration that came in handy when writing this guide:

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  1. If this is the right spot, pls do mine


    And can you make it Cuddly Lion the Ironic? XD

    But in a little while, first I have to change it.

    Slanted Fish: If you’re requesting your portrait drawn by HP, you need to do so on his latest post.

  2. Slanted Fish, which drawing tool did you use for your drawing? It looks really advanced, and I haven’t seen any online application like that. I’m an *aspiring* artist and it would be really helpful. 🙂

    Slanted Fish: For the drawing in the video, I used Sketchbook Express, which isn’t too advanced. I used a drawing tablet as well. 🙂

  3. Keep up the good work Slanted Fish, SamWow5, and all the rest of this blog’s staff. 🙂 😉 I can now draw Poptropicans thanks 2 you guys (and girls XD) and NO WAY would I ever be able to complete a few of the harder islands if it wasn’t for PHB, PHV and PHC. I am a self proclaimed Poptropica expert in training. 🙂

    Poptropica username: fastflame528
    Animal Jam username (if you play it): professorfrozen2004
    Hope it helps. Animal Jam rocks and so does Poptropica. See ya round
    Fast Flame

  4. Does HP still do Pop Portraits?

    I really want one, 😦

    And which thingy does HP use to make them? Also I recommend snapmyscreen to snap ur pics or drawings and stuff you can save em, so yeah prutty useful? 😉 c’mon give it a try.

  5. Thanks for the guide! I REALLY needed it because I’m thinking about sending a picture of a drawing of my Poptropican to the Popcorn magazine. 😀

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