Friend Finder

Friend Finder

Looking for more friends to add on Poptropica? Scroll down for some usernames you can add — and feel free to share yours too!

How to add friends on Poptropica

  • Click on the Menu in the top corner, then click the “Friends” icon.
  • In the Friends window that pops up, click the pencil icon next to your character’s name.
  • Type in the username of the friend you want to add, then click “send friend request.” That’s it!
  • Once you’re friends with someone on Poptropica, you’ll see their name and avatar in your list. You can also visit their clubhouse here!

In the comments section, feel free to share your own username and tell a bit about yourself and your Poptropican, and other people might want to add you! It’s also a great place to look for new friends to add to your list. Have fun!

PHB staff usernames

We’re the current staff writers of this Poptropica Help Blog! More about us »

  • Slanted Fish: slantedfish
  • Spotted Dragon: ooolala13
  • Fierce Flyer: muuuuuuuuuuu4
  • Sporty Boa: warei
  • Gentle Dolphin: magicalyre
  • Purple Paw: PurplePawzz
  • MaryannTheConqueror: mdp686
  • Smart Icicle: target1051

PHB former staff usernames

These accounts belong to former staff writers of the Poptropica Help Blog. Some may be inactive. Not all players chose to make their accounts known to the public.

  • Smockers: smockers
  • Codien: theCodien
  • Shaggy Tornado: 101396
  • Hicoga (Golden Axe): goomba511
  • MonkeyTacoz (MT): Drizzy`
  • Green Boa: popcoconutty / takemyhome
  • Brave Tomato: 1313cookie
  • Super Thunder: 1234swees
  • Icy Comet: IcyComet69
  • Rainbow Dash/ElmoPwns: monstercc
  • AWesoMe~Angry Wing: sleigh
  • Grumpy Wolf: wolf811
  • Coderkid: motionman95
  • Coskit: inventorkid / coskit
  • Cool Wing: daytail1
  • Fuzzy-B: ihbm / ihbm7
  • Sparkle Star/Green Seal: SparkleStar1188
  • Skyboy303: skyboy303
  • Samwow5 (Tough Icicle): samwow5
  • Blake: mickety2
  • HPuterpop: puterpop / puterpoptropica / puterpop23
  • Slippery Raptor: gabz1113
  • Cheerful Singer: cheerfulsinger9
  • Ultimate iPad Expert: paultropica6
  • Giant Hawk: joshuawesome8
  • Koi / Cobalt Spinner: CaptainSpencer
  • Ylimegirl: empressotime
  • Mighty Gamer: MightyGamer126 / DianaTheHunter
  • Perfect Sky: stupiddirectord
  • Happy Lobster: topkop88
  • Purple Claw: donatloul
  • Incredible Joker: cooldragon1442

Poptropica Creators’ usernames

These are some of the individuals who’ve helped make Poptropica what it is!

  • Dr. Hare: JordanLeary
  • Hazmat Hermit: JustinLacy
  • Shark Boy/Shark Guy (Nate Greenwall): SharkGuyCreator / SharkBoyCreator
  • Director D (James Lema): DirectorDcreator1
  • Black Widow: BlackWidowCreator
  • Hades: HadesCreator1
  • Binary Bard: BinaryBard
  • Thirsty Whale: ThirstyWhaleCreator
  • Triton: TritonCreator
  • Captain Crawfish (Mitch Krpata): CaptainCrawfishCreator
  • Skinny Moon: PopGirlJess

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Now, introduce yourself and your Poptropican in the comments below…


1,052 thoughts on “Friend Finder”

  1. My username- macandcheese520
    I have all 56 medallions (I know some people have 57 but that’s because they did Beta Carrotene, I think)
    I did all of the Pop Quizzes ( Creators- Please add more!)

  2. which character has the lightning sword? I need to know for a character im making

    slantedfish: That’s from the Lightning Knight costume, which comes with the Nintendo game Poptropica Adventures.

  3. how do you get someones costume closet I’ve tried everything and still haven’t figured it out! Please help!!!

  4. Hi 🙂 As you can tell by the name, you can add me at xxC.E.G.xx if you would like. I love fashion, so Im usually, always adding stuff to my closet. I dont think any of the stuff is really “rare,” but I do have things that you might not see very often. Some of the stuff I save to my closet you have to buy from the store, so sorry about that. Heres a list of some of the things you might see in my closet:
    *Aphrodite hair, complete with bangs and earings.
    *Platinum blonde pony tail.
    *Pink chevron shirt
    *Grey shirt (I know, I know, it sounds pretty simple. But its actually pretty cute; its from the winter collection that you have to buy on the poptropica app, or be able to spot on the home island. Its very uncommon that you see someone wearing it.)
    *White and black shirt from the Vampire island. (I am adding this tomorrow, its very rare you see someone wearing this.)
    *Lots more to come!

    Thank you for this list, very helpful 🙂

  5. Username:Big Stomper
    Friend me if you want.
    Completed all the islands. (Almost)
    cool skin

  6. When a star image appears on your screen, does it mean someone else friended you?

  7. Hey my name on Poptropica is sassychick1050 go ahead and add me 🙂 (username was created when i was like 11 :p) I have plenty of cool stuff also 😉

    1. Hai guys, Go ahead and add me!!!! Username is lucky58717. I have rares and am the owner of an ASG that I made, But it’s not popular it’s called Linus’sBlanketASG

  8. FRIEND ME: Poptropix88
    I completed 50 islands. I have loads of friends with rare items (like handheld items). I do personality quizzes if you guys want to know a little bit about me. I have 150+ photos. That’s all I can tell you for now. Thank you!

    1. HI! Lazy Noodles here
      I’m currently searching for the RARE LOOT-FILLED BACKPACK. Do you think you have it available in one of your many fabulous outfits? Or maybe know where to find one?
      Help out a fellow Poptropican and let me know.

      1. Go to the avatar studio gift and press the link the ASG machine by idk. Then put in ExplorerASG. That will get you the backpack you’re looking for.

  9. Hey guys, using the combined powers of the Poptropica Name Genie and iPop, i have created a “close-to-exact” replica of Thinknoodles’ (aka. Speedy Catfish) Poptropican. Here’s the username: realt89nknoo4l5s. Add me as a friend.
    I just wanna give a special thanks to Santorno for creating iPop and to Keith Sammut for creating the Poptropica Name Genie.

  10. The account above includes all finished islands and their medallions, the exact name of Thinknoodles character (Speedy Catfish), a 5-star battle ranking, and over 8,000 credits. If enough people are interested in this account, I might just giveaway the account to one lucky Poptropican.

  11. I might even give it to one of the PHB Staff. I don’t expect anything in return, I just like to help people out.

  12. hi, make sure you check me out also! i’m a decent player but not a good fashion person :/
    my username maggiesam12!

  13. i don’t know if people still play this game, but add me: kateygurl (mind the cringey name, i made it when i was seven lmao) i’m sixteen and still very active on poptropica haha

      1. !!!! well i’ll be telling this to my sister who kept convincing me this game was outdated and that no one plays it anymore haha, but i’m really glad that many people still do especially you! thank you, i’ll be sure to go on this website more often 🙂

      2. She’d be surprised! Haha. I’ll admit it’s not as popular as it used to be, and opinions are split about the recent transition to the newer Poptropica Worlds. But, there’s still a decent amount of people in the fandom, including older players who’ve grown up with the game. You can find lots of stories like that in our My Place in Poptropica blog posts where other players tell their stories.

        I hope to see you around more often! 😀

  14. Hello there. My username is Emperor, and I like to think of myself as a collector. All I do is collect every possible clothing item I can, every possible effect, and every possible medallion. I have accomplished this before but I.. forgot my username so I’m restarting. If you have anything in particular that you think is an interesting item that I don’t have stored somewhere, let me know and I’d love to see it! On the other hand, if you’re looking for a particular item, I may have it! Let me know if there is anything I could possibly help you with. If there’s anything I understand, it’s the need to perfect your creations. I may have the perfect item to complete that look of yours, so give me a heads up.

    1. Hey, Lazy Noodle here!
      I was wondering if you have or know where I could get the RARE LOOT-FILLED BACKPACK? I’m currently hunting one down but no luck yet.
      Think you can help out a fellow Poptropican?

  15. Hey, I tried lots of the codes and added tons of friends looking for a very specific item. I am searching for the RARE LOOT-FILLED BACKPACK. I found it once before on this website but my account crashed and I lost everything. I am currently working on a new account and would love it if someone could help me find it again.

    User: LazyN
    Poptropican: Lazy Noodle

    1. Idk, that´s what I´m trying 2 find 2! It would be really nice if Poptropica wasn´t so fricking complicated!

    2. Sadly, with the update, you can’t add friends by username. You can, however, meet people in the Arcade or Multiverse rooms and click to add them as friends.

      1. But what if you want to add specific friends? I can’t get into the same server as them!

      2. You can use the Multiverse to create and enter specific rooms, or arrange to meet your friends at the same time in a common room on any island (not just Home Island’s Arcade, which is probably the busiest common room). If you don’t see each other, keep exiting and re-entering until you do.

  16. Someone send me pls I don’t have any friends!

    Dangerous Dragon or if that doesn’t work it will be AxrnavKrumar! Pls 🥺

      1. ps: my poptropican name is smart jumper because i was testing the name changer and now i cant find shoeless lizard

  17. username:unicornqueen207
    completed every island and currently have everything in the store. I may not be a member but if you want a friend, friend me! BTW, i am throwing a party so if you friend me go to my house. here is info on the party:

    Wear: fanciest clothes
    When: February 21st
    Where: my clubhouse
    What time: 1:00
    Hostess: unicornqueen207
    Who: anyone who wants to friend me so you can be there
    Friend me if you want to come

      1. Hello White Fox,
        On my Poptropica account, it says we are already friends. If you want to make sure, you can always be and stay my friend.
        Thank you,
        Pink Panda!

  18. Hello Slanted Fish, Purple Paw and whoever else I didn’t mention,
    I would love if you all were my friends on Poptropica!
    Username: tealsealsqueal
    Poptropican Name: Pink Panda
    You can visit my clubhouse any time you want!
    Pink Panda

  19. There is going to be a party at my clubhouse!
    If you want to come, my username is tealsealsqueal.
    Be there at one o’ clock, earlier, or later.
    Hope to see you there!
    Pink Panda

    1. What day is it? Also, where are you? The time difference might make it difficult for me to be there.

      1. Where are you? One o’clock at wherever you are could be a different time for where I am. Can we do a party at your house at 5:00 Ohio time? I think that’s the only time I’m free.

    1. right now in Ohio it’s 4;52, but if you view this comment late it will probably be a different time then.

  20. hello there, my username is mathkid6 A.K.A giant dragon
    please befriend me . (BTW can you befriend me slanted fish.)

  21. My username is Seraphim22, my clubhouse is currently under construction and isn’t complete yet, I don’t have many great outfits since I’m not a member (but I’m thinking of getting one…) but I do put together awesome costumes. Please friend me!

      1. I do use it, but thanks for the advice anyway. What I meant was I didn’t have good costumes in my closet.

    1. Oh, I just updated my closet. I now have two RIDICULOUSLY RARE costumes, one from Skullduggery and one from Wild West

  22. My username is GoldenPuppy3 I sent a couple of friend request and you can reply to mine if you want to friend me on Poptropica. I play everyday, mostly in the afternoon and evening.

  23. Wow. Just wow. I had no idea you can befriend character creators too! This thing is wonderful. P.S.: My username is Aristah, you can friend me anytime 🙂

  24. I think Super Thunder’s account has been deleted. I typed in her username, 1234swees, and it said her account didn’t exist.

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