Mission Atlantis Island Guide


It’s a different world under the sea… but the ancient secret at the bottom of the ocean is beyond your wildest dreams.

For walkthroughs on Mission Atlantis Island, scroll down.

Note: Only Episodes 1 & 2 (for members) are currently available on desktop and mobile. For the full version, you can play it on Steam or with AS3 Flashpoint.

Released: April 17, 2014 (for members)
or May 15, 2014 (for all)
Common Room: N/A
Preceded by: Survival Island
Succeeded by: PoptropiCon Island

Resources on this page: Island Extras | Synopsis from Poptropica | Video Walkthrough | Written Walkthrough | Album Photos | Trivia

Island Extras: PHB Island Review | Official Tour | Videos | Champions Map 12, 3

Video Walkthrough

Click through the playlist menu to find the video for different episodes. For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page.

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough by HPuterpop, Samwow5, & Brave Tomato
Special thanks to Pixel & Slanted Fish

Table of Contents

  1. Episode 1: Into the Deep
  2. Episode 2: Fortress of the Deep
  3. Episode 3: Out of the Blue

Episode 1: Into the Deep

Welcome to Mission Atlantis Island! Aboard the Medusa, filmmaker Cam Jameson needs your help to shoot underwater scenes for a movie he’s making. He’ll give you his Sea Creature Files.

Open up the files, and inside you’ll find information and pictures for various sea creatures. Read the info carefully, because they’re clues on what to do. Here they are for reference (click to enlarge):

Moving on, jump up to the top of the boat and talk to the guy with a beard and hard hat. He says you can’t get the key yet — but wait, there’s a bucket above his head! Get to it by scaring away the bird on the pole on the right side of the boat. Now you can hop up to grab the Empty Bucket!

Next, hop down and click on the octopus. He’ll squirt some ink into the bucket and you’ll have a Bucket of Ink.

Climb to the ledge once more and use the Bucket of Ink, pouring it all over the man, who will drop his Key. Pick it up while he frets over his ruined helmet.

Return to the movie director, Cam Jameson, then hop over to the crate containing your “Bubble” submarine pod. Click it to open the lid and again to go inside the sub.

Underwater, the first creature that you need to find is the sea dragon, who’s nearby hiding in a patch of seaweed. Make him come out by nudging him a bit, then click on him, and let your sub pod record some Sea Dragon footage. If he slips away, he’ll just be on the other side of the area, hiding in a bush.

Next, go near the bottom and head into the next scene. This terrain is a little deeper. Here we’re looking for the Stonefish, who’s hiding on the bottom right of this area, but won’t show his face long enough for a decent video. Hide in the seaweed next to him and wait for him to come out, then click to film discreetly.


Float up a bit until you find the cuttle fishes’ hideout. There are multiple cuttle fish here, but you need to get footage of the rare purple one.

However, the purple cuttle fish only shows up in the one patch of red seaweed at the top. Guide it to the top, one patch at a time. The picture below shows the directions. Once you’ve snapped footage of the purple Cuttle Fish, make your way to the left side of the area.


Next, you will find a Barreleye fish inside an underwater tunnel. You must clog various pipes in order to blow the fish along the tunnel and out the other side of it. The pipes are blowing out a strong gush of air, so don’t get near their front — instead, approach them from the side and then click, moving your sub close enough to clog them. Once you’ve got the footage, continue to the next area.


You’ll find the angler fish about halfway down this area, hiding in a little cave. She won’t come out for very long, so swim around the area and collect tiny fish to swim around your sub. Watch out for the purple urchins that will scare away them away! When you’ve got about three fish following your sub, go back to the Angler Fish and let her eat the other fish while you record her.


Now return to the reef. When you get there, you will see an ultra rare Hydromedusa! The director encourages you to follow it into the next area. Make your way over and click to capture it. When you do, a gang of Hydromedusas will come over and shock your sub, and you’ll fall into the deepest waters…

When you reach the bottom, you won’t be able to swim up because of the pressure. Slowly make your way to the right… and here you’ll make a huge discovery. It’s the mythical underwater city of Atlantis! You’re going to need a bigger lens to finish this expedition…


You’ll win the Episode 1 Medallion. What will you find in the adventures ahead?

Episode 2: Fortress of the Deep

You’ll enter the mysterious alien ship you found earlier. Inside, you’ll be blocked by a purple glass barrier. To get past, ram your submarine into it until it breaks.

Enter the alien area. Here, you’ll find a strange glyph on the wall. Click to get a snapshot of it. Continue right and you’ll find a strange circular door with three panels of icons: a shark, jellyfish, and puffer fish.


Head up from the alien door and you’ll find yourself in a dark area. Cam, the filmmaker, will acknowledge the bad vibes. Go around and break the glass, collecting at least four little fishies to travel along with. As you make your way up, suddenly, a shark appears. Now’s a good time to swim down!


As you swim down, the shark will eat some of the fish you lured with you. Lead him into the cage at the bottom, which will lock him up and give you your first energy source! Along the way, you’ll also see two glyphs you should snapshot and two puzzle keys to take, hidden in two walled-off areas. Reference below.


In this next area, you’ll need to connect all of the hydromedusa (jellyfish), which surround a glowing ball in the bottom left corner, to nearby outlets all around. To do this, move close to the hydromedusa pod to make one of them follow you. Lead it to one of the six outlets and then let it find its way to them.


After connecting, each outlet will unlock a different door in the maze. Inside, you will find more outlets (to connect the hydromedusa), glyphs (to take snapshots of), and puzzle keys (to pick up). Lead the last one to the bright power cell in the bottom right corner of the area. Reference below.


Dive into the next area. Here, you’ll need to rearrange the pipe corners to make the pipes connect from one end to the other. Reference below. Once you’ve got it, press the big red button on the right to suck a puffer fish through the pipes and into the power cell. Plus, be sure to snapshot the glyph in the bottom left.

There are also two puzzle keys stuck in separate pipes. To collect them, rearrange the pipes once again to blow them out. Reference below.

So now you’ve got all the puzzle pieces! Go into your inventory and “Assemble” the pieces. Lock each piece into place until everything fits into a perfect circle. Then close the window. Go back to the alien door and click the seat beside it.

There, you’ll place your circular key. Turn each ring of the circle until it matches each other. Then, using the mysterious glyph files, press the glyphs buttons in their proper order. Reference below. Now, the alien door will open up, sucking your bubble sub into the unknown….

You’ll win the Episode 2 Medallion, and Cam will receive a mysterious message in an alien language from an unknown entity. Hopefully whatever is on the other side is friendly…

Episode 3: Out of the Blue

After being sucked into the city, you’ll lose contact with Cam Jameson. Okay… let’s find a way out. Go all the way to the right.


You’ll pass through the main deck. There, you will receive a cryptic message. Continue right, past the laboratory and its multiple odd cages.


Go up one scene, landing you in the living quarters. Go around the sphere and explore until you see a green button on the ground. When you click on it, a green power disk will pop up. Now you’ll need to push it to where it belongs. Reference below: the red arrows are where you should go, and the green arrow shows where you need to move the disk.


Take the green disk up and around the large alien sphere in the center and you’ll find the power socket. Push the green disk into it and you’ll be treated to a series of visions. A spaceship… dinosaur… and a rat?

You’ll be contacted with another alien message. Okay, so that’s probably not Cam Jameson…

To get out of the room, push the red button above you to open the door. Go down and exit the area. In the cage room, you’ll find a ginormous sea creature trapped in a cage much too small for him.


Go left into the main deck and you’ll find that you can push the red buttons in that area now. Head up and press the first red button you see. Go left and summon the green power disk by clicking on the green button again. Bringing the disk, go right, press the red button again, and go up. When you see the green gate, leave the the disk there (avoiding the lasers further up that will disintegrate it) and go up by yourself.

Push the red button up there and then go back down to the green disk. Take that disk through the path you just opened up and place it in that socket. Reference below: follow the red lines with just your sub, and follow the green lines with the disks. Start at the circles and stop at the triangles on the line tips.


You’ll see a second set of visions, with a rat getting zapped in some test tube, followed by a meteor hurtling towards the earth, about to wipe out the dinosaurs. The mysterious messenger will now talk about life support. Weird.

Now, go back down and go back to where you saw that ginormous creature in its cage. There’s just one problem: the creature has broken out. That’s not good!

Follow the path that the serpent opened up. You’ll see peeks of the loose creature through the cracks on the wall, and eventually wind up at yet another green button. In order to get past this one, you’ll need pretty quick reflexes.

Push the disk towards the right, towards the big hole in the wall, but be careful not to get too close. When the monster comes, back away and let it eat the disk. When it closes its mouth, quickly speed past him, and you’ll find a red button. Press it and one of the gates will open up.

Go back to the green button and summon another green disk. This time, go around from the way you came into this serpent-infested area and go down the newly opened path. Then push the red button and go downward again with the disk, where you’ll find the last socket.


Put the green power disk in and you’ll be treated to a last set of visions, featuring the spaceship crashing into the water, and it turns out to be a familiar silhouette: it’s the place you’re inside at this very moment. After that onslaught of revelation, you’ll find an alien sphere next to you power up and scan you, with the mysterious messenger requesting you to find it.

Follow the alien sphere out of the serpent area, then go back to where you had to push all those buttons. You’ll find that the door up there is unlocked. As you head on up, you’ll find a hologram of a galaxy, and you’ll rethink the possibility of this place being Atlantis. Instead, it’s something more sci-fi than fantasy…


Go through the originally closed-off entrance and head on up. You think someone is there, but it turns out to be an Atlantis Captain costume, which you can keep.

Click on the panel beside it, and it’ll recap all of your visions, telling the story of how aliens within this mechanism have been stuck underwater ever since the extinction of dinosaurs millions of years ago. Now that you’ve finally powered up their spaceship, they can finally go home.


Suddenly, the spaceship activates — it’s time to get out of here! Go back down and go left, where you started your adventure. You’ll beg the aliens inside the spaceship to let you go home too. Luckily, these aliens are friendly and are grateful for you helping them, so they teleport you away.


Meanwhile, back on the Medusa, it’s just like any other day on the ship… except for the giant spaceship that just so happens to fly out of the sea. The workers look on in shock as the spaceship flies off into deep black space.


Sadly for Cam Jameson, he didn’t catch it on tape. Still, you’ll get your Episode 3 Medallion. Congratulations, you’ve completed Mission Atlantis Island!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🏝

Album Photos

These pictures appeared in a former feature known as the photo album.


  • Mission Atlantis Island is Poptropica’s 39th island. The first episode (Into the Deep) is was released to members on April 17, 2014, came to the iOS app on May 8, 2014, and finally on May 15, 2014 it was available online for non-members.
  • Mission Atlantis was re-released for Haxe on November 2, 2021 for members only, with only the first episode.
  • Mission Atlantis (full version) was re-released for Steam on May 25, 2022.
  • Mission Atlantis is the second island to have no common room, after Survival Island.
  • Atlantis is a legendary (but fictional) underwater city that has its roots in Greek mythology.
  • The name of the ship (which you land on when you first arrive on the island) is Medusa, which is the scientific word for jellyfish. The hydromedusan jellyfish at the end of Episode 1 bring you to the lost city of Atlantis.
  • The ship’s crew members bear uncanny resemblances to the construction workers on Super Villain Island.
  • Cam Jameson, the filmmaker you try to help, may be a reference to the film director James Cameron, who in addition to his work with movies such as Titanic and Avatar, is also known for his underwater filming.
  • The octopus who squirts ink for your bucket looks quite like the one in the marketplace on Red Dragon Island.
  • The sea creatures you encounter in Episode 1 all exist in real life – there are sea dragons, stone fish, cuttle fish (as noted in the files, they are actually mollusks – not fish), barreleye fish, angler fish, and even hydromedusan jellyfish.
  • According to this XML file on Poptropica’s servers, Mission Atlantis Island’s original name was Deep Dive.
  • Members would previously get an additional Diving Suit, Atlantis Drone Follower, and Puffer Fish Costume in the Store.

Are you ready, kids?

Aye aye, Captain!


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