Haunted House Guide

Walkthrough written in second person by Muddy Dragon
Special thanks to: Slanted Fish, Legoless, Nameless UnDEFiNed, & Poptropica

Out of a hole in the ground, you emerge into a spooky graveyard, cluttered with grave stones and a single crying angel. As you get near the house, you see a sign on the old boarded up door. “Gone to the grave. Fill our yearning.” That’s what it says.

You try to open the door, but it is boarded shut. To the side of the house, you find a small locked door to the basement. Try as you might, you cannot get the door open. Right as you’re about to give up, a blue bat swoops though your hair and hits you with a heavy key. “That must be the key to this hatch,” you think to yourself. After chasing the bat up to the roof of the house, you finally catch it and grab the key from its feet.

As you open the basement door, years of dust and grime blow into your face. When you step in, something white and sticky engulfs your face. “Oh, gross!” you yell as you pull the spider webs off your face. As you walk down the old creaky stairs, you notice writing on the wall that says “Find the Draught of the Dead” and a barrel full of kerosene, a type of fuel. “I don’t know what that means, and I don’t need any kerosene right now, but I’ll remember this for later…” you mutter to yourself.

Further on in the basement, you see a water boiler and a furnace. The odd thing was, all the pipe pieces to connect the two were out of place and floating in midair. By rotating the pieces, you reconnect the boiler and furnace to make it work again.

hh pipes

Suddenly, you’re swept up in a burst of steam from the boiler and launched up onto a high shelf. Once you regain your feet, you notice a bottle of red liquid with a skull and crossbones on it. “Perhaps this is the ‘Draught of the Dead’ I was supposed to find,” you think. You look to the right and walk up the stairs that were there.

“Looks like nobody’s lived here for years. Nobody still alive, at least,” you think as you notice the pearly (and transparent!) white cat licking itself in the corner. You slowly approach it and after much questioning, it tells you more about your quest. “When the 4 treasures are found, I will guide you to the dead,” the cat tells you.

With that in mind, you enter the kitchen and notice yet another eerie message on the wall. “Ice soothes the burning dead,” the wall reads. There was a freezer, but you have no way of getting any ice, so you move on to the next room. Walking down the halls, you notice the painting eyes fallowing your movements. You ignore this and continue on.

Still in the hall, but up the stairs, you trip over one of the suits of armor. It makes you so mad, you jump on its head. You must be stronger than you thought, because you knock the knight’s pickaxe right out of his grip. You grab it for future use.

hh suitofarmor

You walk up another flight of stairs and enter the room on the right. Upon entering, you find that you were nearly hit in the head with an arrow with a note on it. The note said: “Fly to find the chalice.” As you walk along to check out the rest of the room, you spook a spider on the ground and hear a crash downstairs.

You run down the stairs to find a floating broom that had fallen off the wall. You hop on and fly back up the stairs. While flying around in the other room, you find a secret passage to the attic through the ceiling. You spot an ancient chest with a puzzle lock on it.


You study the movements of the puzzle pieces carefully, and when it stops moving, you find that you can solve it simply by retracing the moves it made, but in backwards order. You quickly complete the puzzle and take out what you find: a spooky ancient goblet with green jewels set into the rim. “I’ll keep this for later,” you tell yourself.

After going back down from the attic, you enter the room to the left of the stairs. You notice the phone ringing, so you pick up. “Darkness fills the grave. Find our light when midnight strikes twice,” a ghostly voice rasps at the other end.

“Midnight strikes twice…” you mutter again as you spot the two old clocks to the left. As you hover your hand over the one on the left, it goes faster. If you hover your hand near the right one, that goes faster. After much trial and error, you finally get both clocks to strike midnight at the exact same time. A small lantern slides out from the fireplace and you pick it up.

Back downstairs, you use the knight’s pick you found earlier to take some ice out of the freezer. Examining your inventory, you realize, “These must be the four treasures! The draught, the chalice, the lantern, and the ice. Now, I’ve got to talk to that crazy little kitty again.” You walk back over to the ghost cat and show it the four treasures you had collected.

Unfortunately, it turns out that you’re not done yet. The cat tells you to return to it once the lantern was lit. “Where am I supposed to light a lantern around here?!” you yell in confusion. And then you remember the kerosene. You go back down to the basement and light the lantern using the kerosene.

Now with all four treasures properly prepared, you go back upstairs and speak to the ghost cat again. You are told to “bring the treasure to where the cherub cries.”

So you go back outside to the weeping angel statue near all those gravestones that were mentioned earlier. Now that you have the treasures, you notice a deep hole that had been dug out near the base of the cherub. Against your better judgment, you decide to enter.

Underground, you see several dark figures staring at you through the darkness. Witches, mummies, and even a Grim Reaper (as well as so many more!). This was true nightmare. “Thank you for returning the items needed for our party,” the witch congratulates you.

So, it was just a huge Halloween party for the dead! The draught and ice were just punch for the chalice, and the lantern was for light. The witch awards you credits to spend at the Poptropica Store, and your work here is done. The End.

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

192 thoughts on “Haunted House Guide

  1. Maddie says:

    Thanks so much! I was so stuck on how to get the broomstick so I used someone else’s (because I didn’t see the link) and it was sooooooooooooo hard to understand!

  2. Brave Flame says:

    like i sed in the other post… da rewards arent werent really helpful to me =(

    Hijuyo: Oh well, at least you had fun doing the mini-quest! 😉

  3. Sparkle Star/Green Seal says:

    I just wait and open up a new tab and do something else. Eventually (it may take a while, but you don’t do anything) they will strike at 12:00 at the same time.

  4. Brave Flame says:

    i dnt kno bout u guyz but finding the ice pick was hard without the guide cuz i didnt try jumpin on its head before the guide came out…

  5. zippy hippo says:

    Once I did the clocks and it literaly only took 15 seconds!they bothy went by the clocks.Then with a little editing of the time,the second time round i beated it!

  6. Grumpy Octopus says:

    The hardest parts for me were the clocks… the skull puzzle was easy because someone else posted a comment on how to do it. Thank you nervous lizard 😉

  7. Serious Tiger says:

    Yeah. I really hope RTV Island or SOME other island comes out SOON, b/c Haunted House took about ten minutes and I’m bored already.

  8. Maddie says:

    What you do for the clocks, what most people don’t realize is that you can hover over one clock and it will go faster, and you get it to be the same time. It’s really easy.
    The guide even says it, just so you know. It’s a lot easier that way.
    And I think Reality TV Island WILL come out, if not soon…. but I keep hoping it will!

    • Serious Tiger says:

      I don’t think RTV will come out. It has been too long w/out any updates and they have just completely switched over to HH.

  9. Cool Biker says:

    If you customize the witches broom in the Ghoul’s Gala at the very end, it has a “special power” when you press space bar. You may need to press space bar for a while for it to happen. You can also try clicking on your poptropican. Hope it works for you too!

    • Serious Tiger says:

      It spins the broom in your Poptropican’s hand. It also works with the scarecrow’s pitchfork. The Grim Reaper’s scythe also lets you hold it up and grin.

  10. Grey Flame says:

    Thanks for the guide!
    Haunted House was really easy!

    On another note, what’s everyone dressing up as for Halloween?

    I’m going to be a Gothic fairy!

  11. dana says:

    Thanks sooo much I realy needed held on this I love how it keeps interested and doesn’t want to make you go some place else.Haunted House was soo much fun.

  12. Serious Tiger says:

    Yeah, the new costumes are cool, but I’m not going to buy anything on my primary account. I have not bought anything yet, so I have 950 credits and will have more as soon as RTV Island comes in. If ever.

  13. White Glove says:

    My Poptropican is so funny and scary. The witch that said something has a funny nose so I cuztomise. And The Beautiful witch I coztumised the clothes and I also coztumised the grim reaper’s scythe and the cape of the vampire girl and the scar of somebody. I don’t know it’s name. Try It yourself… Hahahahahahahaha!!!

  14. Lucky Flipper says:

    First of all, they should give you more credits after you complete the Haunted House! Second, buying credits with real money is a big waste.

    • Shoelessskull says:

      i buy credits when i have money left on my phone and the month is almost over so i cant use for anything else so i buy credits its not a waste unless you cant afford it or you can buy something more usefull.

  15. Nick says:

    I solved the skull puzzle by taking a video of its moves with my Blackberry phone, then playing the video back to retrace the moves in backwards order. 🙂

    • ash0221 says:

      really, because I thought that that part was pretty easy. The skull moves left, right, lefy, then down, up, down. Maybe it is just because I have a good memory that I figured it out!

  16. ash0221 says:

    Thank you so MUCH!I love your blog too, and I come on here all the time. I have been a big poptropica fan for a long time, but I used to try to figure out the islands on my own. I still do, but if I need help I come here! Love Your Blog!

  17. super dude says:

    That skeleton clock part is SO hard! It tokk me like 30 times to figure it out. I didn’t even know what to do until I read the help blog. Thanks Guys!

  18. Danny says:

    Wow! I finally just finished it. Took me a while to find the hole and I was so relieved when I finally got the clocks to strike midnight lol.

  19. Allallallallb'dindidididing says:

    Thank you! This guide really helped me. I will be using it to complete Haunted House Mini Quest for all of the many poptropicans I have!

  20. meow says:

    they be rippin us off 50 credits in return for 350 -.-

    Hijuyo: 50 credits AND being able to play the Haunted House miniquest. You don’t have to buy it, but you can if you think it’s worth it. By the way, it was free when it was first released.

  21. Haunt Map says:

    So outrageous, this would be better to find if it were on the Haunt Map – I spent too much time and it’s hard to read all the comments, so many of them now!

  22. Nice Bean says:

    I had finished, but it says that there’s new prizes. Apparently, I should have waited.

    Slanted Fish: The new prizes were already added, but about a year after the original release. No waiting needed.

  23. cuddly dolphin says:

    thanks a lot! this was really helpful. i was done with the haunted house in like five minutes and i kept looking back at your helpful guide for reference. Thanks again!

  24. Meep Meep! says:

    what I did for the clocks is I just moved my mouse from on clock to the other back and forth quickly and then eventually I got the lantern.

    • Slanted Fish says:

      After you’ve collected the four treasures, you should go talk to the cat again. Then you will need to light a lantern with kerosene from the basement. For more details, please read the guide!

  25. cheychey089 (user name) says:

    WHAT HOUSE?? you said as you approach the house… ect. what house?!?!? can you please tell us how to beat the island from the BEGGINING? like starting from where you start off with the float balloon thing that lets you travel places? how do you get to the graveyard???

  26. red berry says:

    is this island a limited-time thing? i cant find it anywhere in my island map

    Slanted Fish: You need the Haunted House card from the Store (it’s free).

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