Although this is a Poptropica blog, and there are plenty of Poptropica resources on our website, this is the one spot you can use to deviate from Poptropica.

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Our off-topica recommendations

Listed below are (mostly) free, great web resources you can check out in your spare time which Poptropica fans might like. We don’t benefit from advertising them. Just enjoy!

Games For Fans of Poptropica

Whether it’s a point-and-click adventure or a virtual world where you can hang out with other kids, if you like Poptropica, you might like these games too!

  • Animal Jam – An online playground for fun and adventure, by National Geographic.
  • Broken Age ($) – It’s a timeless coming-of-age story of barfing trees and talking spoons. Vella Tartine and Shay Volta are two teenagers in strangely similar situations, but radically different worlds.
  • Machinarium ($) – Help Josef the robot to save his girlfriend Berta kidnapped by the Black Cap Brotherhood gang.
  • Night in the Woods ($) – An adventure game set in a lush, vibrant world, where college dropout Mae Borowski returns home, and things aren’t quite as they were.
  • Oxenfree ($) – If you liked Poptropica’s Ghost Story Island, you may like Oxenfree: a single player game that’s equal parts coming-of-age tale and supernatural thriller. You play as Alex, a bright, rebellious teenaged girl who brings her new stepbrother Jonas to an overnight party on a decommissioned military island.
  • Pocket God ($) – What kind of god would you be? Benevolent or vengeful? On a remote island, you are an all-powerful god, ruling over the simple natives.
  • Roblox – Create adventures, play games, role play, and more in this 3D world.
  • The Silent Age ($) – Help Joe as he travels between the groovy present of 1972 and the apocalyptic future of 2012 to discover the truth behind humankind’s extinction—a quest entrusted to him by a dying man from the future.
  • Sword & Sworcery ($) – An elegant music-inspired adventure created for a broad, literate audience. It tells a short, dreamy story about a lone woman warrior on a tragic quest in a lush, haunted mountain wilderness.


Learning doesn’t have to be boring with these educational resources!

  • – Learn how to program with computer coding, aimed at kids of all ages.
  • Crash Course (or Crash Course Kids for younger kids) – Watch educational videos on many topics, with great animations.
  • Duolingo – Learn a language by practicing a little each day.
  • Free Rice – Play and learn with quizzes online. For every question you answer right, 10 grains of rice get donated!
  • Funbrain – Play games and read books, comics, and more. This is the website that debuted Poptropica!
  • SciShow – Explore our world with interesting and informative science videos.


Create something cool with these great tools!

  • Autodesk Sketchbook – A powerful drawing program, with free versions on iOS and Android, and free 7-day trials on Windows and Mac. Paid subscription follows after the first week.
  • DeviantArt Muro – A simple drawing program you can access right in your browser (no downloads). Good for beginners!
  • – Create your own blog for free. (This is what the PHB uses!)

Off-topic chat starts in the comments below!

Remember, this is the only place on the PHB where you can talk about anything non-Poptropica (like your pets, favorite music, TV show — anything at all). Have fun!


2,884 thoughts on “Off-Topica”

  1. This is the second time I saw a woman with a Louis Vuitton bag (The big ones) This is the first time I saw it up close and its designs and its logo is genuine. Man people can really flex their lavish livestyle

  2. Quarter one for me ends tomorrow so far my grades are the same: I have only one B and the rest of my grades in my other classes are A’s

  3. Can someone tell me how to use Hangouts I never used it before. I have a group project that’s due this thursday

    1. Ig if you believe it’s not a scam, it’s not a virus, and there’s nothing at risk you might as well do it, and that really goes for anything in life!

      1. I don’t think it’s a scam cause they emailed my school account so I think it’s trustworthy

  4. I’ve got a couple of questions, how do y’all feel that there’s less than 2 months left until flash is done and poptropica will likely have its biggest update for flash players? My other question is how do y’all feel when you see an item that was once only exclusive to members now for everyone? Or how do you feel when an item that was once for everyone is now only for members? And do any of y’all get bored of this game? There’s rarely anything ever new, and when there is, it’s usually a downgrade like the remasters from the tutorial islands to the mythology remastered. And do any of y’all see yourselves quitting if poptropica basically remains the same in 2021? And my last question I’m just wondering, does everyone’s comment seek moderation? Because if so it’s really odd that there are toxic comments on some of these posts, and if not, I don’t know why my comments always seek moderation and some of my comments don’t get posted because of it.

    1. lol, some of my comments that I want to post needs approval too. For some reason, I cannot buy the wizard outfits in the store, I feel happy that rares items are now available to non-members. I feel kinda upset that Poptropica’s Flash is going to expire in December but on the other hand, I got Pixel Gun 3d installed on my phone the game itself can be boring sometimes. I do get bored on Poptropica and I would watch Youtube or play installed games on my phone. I’ll probably wait for any new updates if Poptropica is the same in 2021. I do see some items that are once for everyone then available to members only sometimes in the store.

      1. Yeah I can’t buy the wizard items in the store either, idek why they added them if no one can buy them, and thanks for responding

    2. It’s sad that Flash is ending and a lot of content will be lost, but it’s been inevitable for a while now. I’m cautiously optimistic that Poptropica will keep innovating and building on what they have.

      I do think it’s a bit odd to see members’ items become available to all and vice versa, but with the switch from Flash to Haxe, I suppose they’re restructuring and eventually we’ll recognize certain items to be for members/non-members rather than always switching around. Or perhaps the only items we can count on remaining member-exclusive are the monthly member gifts. I think it’s nice to see formerly member-exclusive items be available to all; not so much the other way around though.

      I’m interested in seeing what’s new, but not too invested in the current offerings at the moment. Still, other players like to replay islands, decorate their clubhouses, and more, so there’s interest out there.

      Comments sometimes get automatically flagged for moderation, particularly if they’re long or have links, since they’re more likely to contain spam. The system isn’t perfect but it does weed out plenty of spam comments every day! And we do remove comments that violate our comment policy, so if you see any that might fall under that, please let us know.

    3. Hmm..I ask these question to myself sometimes and at the same time I feel that I am outgrowing this game..I do get bored at times,during those times I try to make high scores at the arcade or watch the walkthrough of old islands which I no longer play…At times I feel like the only change that occurs is store update..This blog however helps me remain optimistic about the present condition of poptropica

      1. I agree thank you for responding I choose to not actually be on poptropica unless there’s a store update because really that’s the most change that positively effects this game, and I quit playing around 2014 and when I look back through poptropica history I really missed out on saving ad attire to my closet so I could make them asgs one day, and I also missed out on buying a ton of items that they haven’t added back into the store for nearly half a decade, so nowadays I only log into poptropica once a month just to see the store updates I have over 100,000+ credits just because they rarely add new items that I haven’t already bought.

  5. This is a random question but where did the troll costume in poptropica come from? Because I can’t seem to find any item card for it, I had originally thought the “turn to stone” store card was it but that only turns other plays grey for like 2 seconds, which I find pretty pointless. 😕

    1. I think its from Twisted Thicket Island…It does seem quite boring tbh ..but I think there was costumize option before..or I could be totally wrong

  6. no one:
    not a single soul:
    mobile game ads in 2019-2020: pLaY tHiS gAmE gEt MiLlIoN dOlLaRs!!!!!!!!!!!111111111
    (fishy or other phb staff you can delete this comment if you think it’s violating comment policy)

  7. Does anyone know when Poptropica is going to create a Haxe login screen, because every time I click “login” on the Haxe Home Screen, it takes me to the flash login screen.

  8. no one:


  9. okay, i don’t have time to think about this right now, but to be honest about this guest writer thing i think it’s like the pop staff is probably financially struggling or something and they might need help, and since skinny moon is gone and blue tooth… isn’t like one of the staff players could contact to interact with pop fans on twitter or anything, i tried tweeting them and they never responded :/ i’m starting to think we should probably try to find a way to get in touch with the members of the pop developers to ask them what’s going on with the company or smth… pretty stupid idea i came up with but what you guys think?

    facebook or smth?

    1. They might not always respond, but the Creators say they look at everything they’re tagged in on social media (more often Instagram these days, it seems). I don’t recommend contacting individual Creators on Facebook as that’s more of a personal space and they may not appreciate fans approaching them outside of their work platforms. As for Poptropica’s Facebook page, it hasn’t been updated since 2019. Better to tag @poptropicacreators or use #Poptropica on Instagram instead.

  10. oh, i remember that there was a q&a with one of the creators a few months ago, and i believed that it would be a method to contact the creators about the game and how the company is going… until i found out it wouldn’t be possible cuz i don’t know when they’re gonna make another q&a for us. oh, if blue tooth would get on twitter to communicate with the fans like skinny moon did!

    is it ok if i talk to them about the game by email? cuz by instagram i doubt they are gonna reply to the fans to talk about how the game is going or if they’re struggling or smth

    1. The PHB initiated the Q&A with the Poptropica CEO you’re referring to from late 2020. Maybe there could be another one in the future, but it’s still been fairly recent since the last one.

      You can communicate with the Pop Creators in various ways, most notably through their fan submission form. But they get a lot of messages from players and aren’t going to respond to every single one. They definitely aren’t going to share about company struggles in this manner — that would just be unprofessional. We know their major channels of communication, and although we might want better from them, we share what they reveal on the PHB — so do stay tuned for the latest news.

  11. i don’t know if a rant is allowed here but… i’m concerned about my pop account actually getting deleted if i do stop playing for 6 months. i don’t have so much time to check out the updates in the game with all this irl things building up on me, and i honestly don’t know why the creators decided to put the “if you don’t come back after 6 months your account gets removed” like it’s only a username and a password to log in and even without the email, what if the player wants to take a break from pop and come back to their account after a year and find out their account is gone? i saw this happen to someone’s account in the phc not long ago and… i just need some confirmation if this “6 months and your account gets deleted” feature is working or not

    i mean the accounts which weren’t active since pre-2019 are still here, but the last time i used my account was in december 2020 during the flash funeral/xmas party and if i stop using it for six months i might lose my account
    …is that right?

  12. Hey guys! This is really random, and certainly off-topica, but I want to start some sort of small business art shop! I love painting and drawing, real life and digital, and basically all things crafty! If you were shopping around, what would you be looking for if I started an artsy crafty company??? Any ideas??? There are no bad suggestions so shoot away!

    1. Create a house near a river. Blend the background pinkish-blue. Create the house as a small cottage. I like your community creations!

    1. My brother who’s 16, has full Percy Jacksons series amd he is currently trying trials of Apollo

  13. the first mario game is stopping the selling of copies… doesn’t mean the whole mario franchise is dying, right?

    also guess who got the second vaccine shot today

  14. Does anyone here know how to make armor in Minecraft on Survival Mode? My town keeps getting attacked by Pillagers and I want to defend it.

  15. Okay, each day, I’ll be saying something here that’s Blue’s Clues or Lilo & Stitch related. So, today, I’ll be telling you what Blue’s Clues Noggin airings my friend Jackson has.

    1×07 Adventures in Art
    1×11 The Trying Game
    1×14 Blue Wants to Play a Song Game!
    1×16 What Story Does Blue Want to Play?
    1×17 Tickety’s Favorite Nursery Rhyme
    1×19 Magenta Comes Over
    1×20 Blue’s News!
    2×03 Blue’s Senses
    2×04 What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try?
    2×06 What Was Blue’s Dream About?
    2×07 Blue’s ABCs
    2×12 Blue’s Surprise at Two O’clock!
    2×21 Hide and Seek
    3×02 Art Appreciation
    3×05 Animal Behavior!
    3×10 Pool Party
    3×14 Geography
    3×19 What’s So Funny?
    3×21 Inventions
    3×22 Blue’s Play
    3×23 Prehistoric Blue
    3×25 Words
    3×26 Blue’s Collection
    3×30 Stormy Weather
    4×02 Adventure!
    4×03 The Anything Box
    4×05 What’s New, Blue?
    4×08 The Baby’s Here!
    4×16 Rhyme Time
    4×17 Let’s Plant!
    4×18 Blue’s Book Nook
    4×20 Blue’s School
    4×22 Joe’s First Day (in Joe’s Scrapbook Adventure)
    4×23 Joe Gets a Clue (in Joe’s Scrapbook Adventure)
    4×24 Steve Goes to College (in Joe’s Scrapbook Adventure)
    5×01 Can You Help?
    5×02 Colors Everywhere!
    5×03 The Snack Chart
    5×06 Playing Store
    5×07 Patience
    5×08 Joe’s Surprise Party
    5×09 I’m So Happy!
    5×11 Bedtime Business
    5×12 Shape Searchers
    5×14 Contraptions!
    5×15 A Brand New Game
    5×16 A Surprise Guest
    5×17 Dress Up Day
    5×18 Blue’s Big Band
    5×19 Up, Down, All Around!
    5×20 The Story Wall
    5×21 The Alphabet Train
    5×22 Numbers Everywhere!
    5×23 Blue’s Predictions
    5×24 Our Neighborhood Festival
    5×25 Blue Takes You to School
    5×26 Meet Polka Dots!
    5×27 The Scavenger Hunt
    5×28 Let’s Write!
    5×29 Magenta’s Messages
    5×30 Body Language
    5×31 Blue’s Big Car Trip
    5×32 Look Carefully…
    5×33 I Did That!
    6×04 Joe’s Clues
    6×08 Soccer Practice

    Can you count how many episodes those are?

  16. Okay, so, today I’ll be telling you the Lilo & Stitch episodes that aired in order from 2008 to 2010.

    Spooky (only around Halloween)
    Yin Yang
    Mr. Stenchy
    The Asteroid
    Topper (only around Christmas)
    Bad Stitch
    Bonnie & Clyde
    Baby Fier
    Mrs. Hasagawa’s Cats/Ace
    Wishy Washy

    Then it went in that order again.

  17. hello there people
    does anyone here play .io games
    if yes , do you play and ?
    if you do , here a few questions for you
    1. what is your highest score ?
    2.what is your favorite base , and did you make it or did you take help from YouTube
    3. what do you think about the creators of the game not even bothering that the players are using hack in it ?
    1what’s your username and most used nickname ?
    2 what’s your favorite loadout in the game
    3 who is your favorite youtuber in this game ?
    4 what’s your favorite youtuber in

    that’s it from me this time
    see you next time 🙂

    1. my answers
      my highest score is 10 million
      my fav base is cokkie guy’s solo corner base
      i think the creators are just simply being lazy .
      my most used nickname is cureos
      illove cats
      thats it :))

  18. I have a question is there a site builder that is free and doesn’t require an email?

    I want to try my hands at a poptropica fan blog, but I don’t have an email and don’t want to make one just so I can create a blog.

    1. I don’t know of one that doesn’t require an email, but it’s pretty easy and fairly safe to sign up for a free email from Gmail. Email is often required for making accounts on websites, so rather than thinking of it as a one-off extra hurdle, think of it as being useful to have in the long run. 🙂

  19. okay im starting to get worried about the game. i sent them millions of emails but they’re not responding, and they haven’t posted in their blog for 3 months. i’ve also commented on their instagram and tiktok posts but they’re just gonna ignore it all the way. so what if i post something there and tag them? are they gonna follow me and probably let me talk to them in their dm?

      1. Maybe they’re busy. Though, I agree with you on things going quiet. I’ll try to comment on their YouTube since I don’t have Instagram.

    1. oh and speaking of tiktok if you non-discorders got any drop your username in the replies. i just made one a few days ago. btw if you don’t like tiktok/don’t care about it then iryo

  20. I’ll also message them on Discord (probably on the PHC server) and see if I get a response.

  21. sorry guys, but… how am i gonna get into contact with the creators… days are passing and im not getting anything in the emails… it’s not that i’m mad at them, i’m worried. gosh…

    1. There are lots of ways to send them messages and you’ve been trying them already, but it’s up to them whether to respond. The PHB just put out a tweet to call out the situation — hopefully the added pressure can help.

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