Although this is a Poptropica blog, and there are plenty of Poptropica resources abound on our website, this is the one spot you can use to deviate from Poptropica.

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our off-topica recommendations

Listed below are (mostly) free, great web resources you can check out in your spare time which Poptropica fans might like. We don’t benefit from advertising them. Just enjoy!

Games For Fans of Poptropica

Whether it’s a point-and-click adventure or a virtual world where you can hang out with other kids, if you like Poptropica, you might like these games too!

  • Animal Jam – An online playground for fun and adventure, by National Geographic.
  • Broken Age ($) – It’s a timeless coming-of-age story of barfing trees and talking spoons. Vella Tartine and Shay Volta are two teenagers in strangely similar situations, but radically different worlds.
  • Machinarium ($) – Help Josef the robot to save his girlfriend Berta kidnapped by the Black Cap Brotherhood gang.
  • Night in the Woods ($) – An adventure game set in a lush, vibrant world, where college dropout Mae Borowski returns home, and things aren’t quite as they were.
  • Oxenfree ($) – If you liked Poptropica’s Ghost Story Island, you may like Oxenfree: a single player game that’s equal parts coming-of-age tale and supernatural thriller. You play as Alex, a bright, rebellious teenaged girl who brings her new stepbrother Jonas to an overnight party on a decommissioned military island.
  • Pocket God ($) – What kind of god would you be? Benevolent or vengeful? On a remote island, you are an all-powerful god, ruling over the simple natives.
  • Roblox – Create adventures, play games, role play, and more in this 3D world.
  • The Silent Age ($) – Help Joe as he travels between the groovy present of 1972 and the apocalyptic future of 2012 to discover the truth behind humankind’s extinction—a quest entrusted to him by a dying man from the future.
  • Sword & Sworcery ($) – An elegant music-inspired adventure created for a broad, literate audience. It tells a short, dreamy story about a lone woman warrior on a tragic quest in a lush, haunted mountain wilderness.


Learning doesn’t have to be boring with these educational resources!

  • – Learn how to program with computer coding, aimed at kids of all ages.
  • Crash Course (or Crash Course Kids for younger kids) – Watch educational videos on many topics, with great animations.
  • Duolingo – Learn a language by practicing a little each day.
  • Free Rice – Play and learn with quizzes online. For every question you answer right, 10 grains of rice get donated!
  • Funbrain – Play games and read books, comics, and more. This is the website that debuted Poptropica!
  • SciShow – Explore our world with interesting and informative science videos.


Create something cool with these great tools!

  • Autodesk Sketchbook – A powerful drawing program, with free versions on iOS and Android, and free 7-day trials on Windows and Mac. Paid subscription follows after the first week.
  • DeviantArt Muro – A simple drawing program you can access right in your browser (no downloads). Good for beginners!
  • – Create your own blog for free. (This is what the PHB uses!)

off-topic chat starts in the comments below!

Remember, this is the only place on the PHB where you can talk about anything non-Poptropica (you can talk about your pets, favorite music, TV show – anything at all!)

There’s a separate Chat page for general Poptropica discussion. Please refer to the first paragraph on this page and our Comment Policy for guidelines.

Have fun and don’t forget to be awesome! 😀

2,749 thoughts on “Off-Topica”

    1. Do you know anything about CS’ disappearance?
      Rasuke: ANYTHING at all?
      Harold: It’s crucial we find information, Ms. Nariko.
      Adsuke: Uh…what they said.

  1. x running to Brian with BIG news x BRIAN! BIG news! I was just filtering accounts’ data – and I found a girl who looks EXACTLY LIKE Cheerful Singer. Her display name is ‘Icy Lizard’, she’s completed 13 islands (last island completed being Poptropolis) and you usually find her hanging around Early Poptropica! Her username is ‘Viking_Berserker’. Heh…Viking Berserker is my favorite name…guess she watches Naruto too!

  2. Just finished watching the second Spongebob Movie. Not bad.Its plot is average,but the characters really sell it for me. Plankton was amazing in this film with his dry wit,though I don’t understand his logic at the end. A lot of minor characters,like Sandy,actually have a big role in the movie,making it infinitely better than the first movie/

    The live action parts though….ugh.

  3. Just saw this on a review page for a puzzle game:

    “This game frickin sux i got it as a gift from a freind who told me it was fun and so i naturlly assumed it was a shooter, and i didnt even get to shoot anyone for like the first 15 minutes but their might be shootin but i got bored and sold it after the third 2nd puzzle. youd b better of with a good game, like the halo series ”

    He rated it 0/100.

      1. Adsuke: x talking on an ear piece x Brian, where are you? Seriously – I looked everywhere for you! And I never said that. Rasuke did.
        Rasuke: True. WHERE ARE YOU?!?!
        Adsuke: Brian…where are you?
        Rasuke: x smirking x
        Sasuke: x smirking x
        Itachi: x knows why they’re smirking. Long face x

      1. i like going to the hair CLUB, because it fits me.

      1. #aminerisactingcrazy and #everheardoftwitter? #hashtags. in a miner theres anime like anime/nariko! #mindblown.

      2. I created my own blog now and it needs some help! It’s new and and in need of publicity. It’s called ‘’. Could you do Symphony a solid?

  4. slanted fish, i found a new glitch on cryptids island. first, u choose a reply. then click on an item nearby at the same time, in this case the very expensive lighthouse in the shop. the person u r talking to , in this case the manager of the shop, will say the reply u chose earlier!

      1. hey slantedfish my username is WhiteCheetah216 on poptropica please add me as a friend

  5. i will change my name and will tell the story on july 10, if you dont figure it out first. i will leave you to it with a riddle, and when you figured out what my name is and why i am mysterious, i will come back. riddle: hoods and cloaks will swear and croak until the japan one comes. the prophecy will not be finished and everything be diminished until the japan one comes. his fish is waiting.
    *dissapears in a dragon second*

      1. A Miner-
        Probably because, well, I don’t know, just, almost EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN does it on July 4th!

  6. does anyone want to come to my concert @ the hair club? tonight, and tomorrow night @ 8:30. singing songs from newsies. wish cs could come. she was so nice…. ❤

      1. I love how you say you’re Happy Berry when your username states that you’re Moody Tuna.

        What a contradiction!

        (yes yes I know…alt accounts…)

      2. well, i pretended to leave on my old account and made up a new name, moody tuna. then i went further and made an account with a different gender and hair style then me. and her username is moodytuna. i love tuna and i am very moody on this blog. i even have a story about it. want to hear it?

  7. You know something I never really understood about the internet? The lack of privacy here. Everyone here says their name,age and where they live and whatnot,but don’t you think that’s a bit too suspicious? I mean,seriously,with that information,ANYONE could find you. Shouldn’t you keep personal info to a minimum?

    1. It’s up to each individual how much they want to reveal, and giving out broad details like the country you live in is probably not enough for the average person on the internet to find you in real life. On the PHB, we make sure that any personal info people post are safe for them to share.

  8. The art on your website is so cool! How did you find the poptropica plants thing?

    slantedfish: Thanks! One of the PHB staff here, HPuterpop, dug it up from Poptropica’s files.

  9. So guys how did you all come to know about/discover Poptropica and PHB? 🙂

    I discovered poptropica back in 2013, I remember I always used to search for good,adventure and fun games for kids. I always wanted to play a good adventure game,something like where it isn’t just a short game or mini game something more, like an island, or a house. So in 2013, I somehow founded I played those games on it and read few of the books. That time I saw the first book of Diary of a Wimpy kid was online to read for free on funbrain. Each day I read a few pages of the book, yeah I really was slow. XD When I finally finished it , I tried to find something more. At that time in the ad on the right side on funbrain, I saw the that the ad read ”Poptropica ;- Back a lot island available for non members” and a poster of back a lot island. Out of curiosity, I just clicked it and was taken to poptropica. I thought maybe it was just like other games where I have to pay to join or need membership.

    But then I found out it was free, I was so happy. My first island was Back a lot island. And I was so happy because poptropica was the kind of game I always wished to play. It was like a dream come true! 😀

    And about PHB, well I don’t remember! XD

    1. I learned about Poptropica through my friend Ivan in 2011. (He’s from the Honduras!) As for the PHB, I think I learned about them when I was looking through some old posts on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog.

  10. Main Differences between Animal Jam and Poptropica:
    Animal Jam-
    1. You are, of course, an animal.
    2. You don’t have to beat anything.
    3. There’s a limit to how many friends you can add.
    4. You can type what you want to say.
    5. There aren’t really any NPCs.
    6. Non-members have way less privileges than members.
    1. You’re a person.
    2. You beat islands and get credits and medals.
    3. If there is a limit, the limit of friends you can add is very high.
    4. Chat is pre-progrramed.
    5. There are tons of NPCs.
    6. While members have more privileges than non-members, non-members aren’t too terribly limited.

    1. True… But u can’t say anything on there. U can’t cuss or say fman122 or lost jammer cuz there both hackers in the game.

  11. Which Is the Best Tribe? Part One
    Starring: A representative from every tribe.
    Co-starring: An audience that likes to throw comments.

    Audience Member: Ooh, this should be interesting.
    Me: Now, guy from Black Flags, why do you think that your tribe is the best?
    Guy from Black Flags: First off, my name is Cool Storm. Second, my tribe is the best because we have gold and JEWELS!
    Girl from Nanobots: My name is Fierce Dolphin, and MY tribe is the best because we have PINK jerseys!!!
    Me: Well some people don’t like pink…
    Fierce Dolphin: If you don’t like pink, you are CRAZY!
    Me: Okay, moving on to Pathfinders. Why do you think your tribe is the best-
    Guy from Pathfinders: Big Tomato. And my tribe is the best because it is just cool, and all other tribes are totally LAME.
    [Other tribe representatives and all non-Pathfinder audience members shout in protest]
    Me: QUIT IT!!!
    [noise immediately dies down]

  12. Fishy I have a few requests. 🙂 (I don’t have a twitter so…) :-

    1.) Can you please request the creators on twitter to bring the outfits from the store in the app to the web. I mean the app store outfits are so cool.

    2.) Can you also request them to do something about the common room in home island on the web. Because it redirects to pathfinder’s common room. I would prefer a new common room though.

    3.) One more request (Sorry for asking so much!!!! ) Can they please bring back the man (the one who’s in the store in the app with the eye patch) to the web. I guess I really want his eye patch. XD

    Sorry again!!!!

    And do you know anyway by which we can customize any part of the outfit from a friend’s closet. Like I want an eye patch from my friend’s closet, but its not customizable. So is there any cheat?

    1. 1) I have mentioned it to them on twitter and they’ve said that nothing is definite as of now, but you never know. The request has been passed on to Poptropica HQ, but they’re pretty busy. 😛

      2) I’ve tweeted asking about the common room on your behalf, so watch the PHB’s twitter for any response (which I’ll probably retweet). They’ve replied saying that you should direct that feedback to Poptropica support. 😉

      3) Looks like the man with the eyepatch is gone from the web version. You can send in your request to Poptropica support.

      4) I personally don’t know how, but some people have been able to use a “friends customize everything glitch”.

      1. 1.) Aw, thank you so much. I hope it will come to to the web. 😀

        2.) Okay, I will see. 🙂

        3.) Really? But I just now went to home island and entered shop (on the web) , it redirects me directly to the store. I can’t see him. 😦 I might try again.

        4.) It’s okay. 🙂 But thanks for your help!!!! 😀

        slantedfish: Looks like the man with the eyepatch is gone from the web version. You can send in your request to Poptropica support.

      2. So fishy, I sent them the feedback. Will they like reply me or will they fulfill my request? Lol, sorry its my first time writing a feedback. 🙂

  13. For me,Halloween is over. But not for you Americans. So for the SPOOOOOOPY finale,I’m giving you one of the shortest but saddest stories ever written (by Ernest Hemingway):

    For sale: baby shoes,never worn.


  14. What’s your favorite food?
    A. Broccoli
    B. Pizza
    C. Anything with Bacon
    E. Other (say what it is in the comments)

  15. Just wondering that can poptropicans have the same name?

    Like if one poptropican’s name is Friendly fish , can any other poptropican’s name also be Friendly fish?

  16. How do you comment pictures and videos?Ive been wondering fro a while now.Please reply if you know how.Thanks! 🙂

    slantedfish: Post the url of the picture on a separate line in your comment (without other words on the same line).

  17. I wish I could be a PHB author. For now I’ll just stick to starting my own Poptropica blog until I manage to get on a famous site.

  18. I got a BUNCH more games to add XD MovieStarPlanet (You might not be able to play this game in some countries) Amazing World (The creators of Webkinz World made this as well, you need to download Unity flash player first) Webkinz World (You already know what this is 😀 ) And last but not least… Bin Weevils (but I hate this game anyways, I quit my first day cuz it boring, but if YOUR boring, then you’ll love this game!*

    * no guarantees

  19. *notices something in Fishy’s avatar in the PHB’s widget* Hehe, closed eyes. 😃😄

    slantedfish: Pretty neat, eh? 😉

  20. Hey people! Do any of u watch or like the X Files? If so, which character are u like and why?😉😊👽👣

    I’m like Mulder because I believe (in aliens, UFO’s, telepathy, etc.), and I LOVE sunflower seeds😂 Also, I’m devoted to solving a case, no matter if it puts me in danger.

  21. Hey fellow poptropicans!
    What ‘s your favourite book? (I hope this topic hasn’t come yet!) Well, I just adore Geronimo Stilton, and I love the adventurous Maguc Tree house series, and I also like Enid Blyton, though I mostly don’t read it…. And last but not the least I go with Gregory too! (I hope you find the book! 🙂 And yeah, you guessed it!My time off the Internet goes to books! Yup, I’m a big bookworm! 😀 )
    Stylish sensations,
    Lucky Bird

    1. Hi Lucky Bird! My favorite book is the ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ series. THEY. ARE. SO. GOOD!!!!!!! Since you love books, I suggest you read the series (if you haven’t yet). I also like ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ series. They’re really good also! 🙂

      1. love the benedict society read them in 2nd grade but u should read percy jackson or mangus chase by rick riodan!

  22. Hey, I’m new! If you go to the avetar thing type in goldengabby2468. Thats Golden Kid, me but without my first and last name as my user 😋.

  23. Alright, scrubs! This argument has gone on far enough! I,with the help of this biology textbook in my lap,will show you who’s right!

    So…does blood taste like salt,or like iron?

    Let’s find out. *rustles through pages*

    Okay,see right here! It says that the pH level of blood is from about 7 to 7.5! You know what else has a pH value of 7? SALT! And it even says right here that blood is salty in taste!


    Did you know that Red Blood Cells contains a little thing called Haemoglobin in it?


    Ded ya kno’ tat haemoglobin is made up of globin and a thing called heme?


    Diiiiiiiiiid juno dat HEME IS AN IRON PORPHYRIN COMPLEX





  24. I haven’t played Poptropica in a loooong time, for probably three or two years now…what’s new? I’ve been to other fandoms *cough* P!ATD, FOB, anime, etc. *cough* and school has been pretty stressful…but visiting this blog makes me feel nostalgic :’)

      1. 好開心呀!!!! Fine use English is better by the way where you live I live in Sha Tin but its fine if you don’t answer me 🙂

  25. Man,the community is so scarce these days. Even some SCs are started to get bored. Sc 49,Southern Corn,has gone on to another community entirely!

    Oh,and our latest recruit,Starving/Spooky Cereal/SC 474 x 10^27,has taken over the main account for us for the time being. He’s the intern currently. We’ll be on vacation for a while ourselves.

      1. A new one pops up every now and then,but in total I think there’s about 1636263e26 in total. I miss Southern Corn,though. He went off to play some boring lawyer game and left us in the dust.

      1. I’ve never seen any of them

        Me? My favourite is C-Stitch has a Glitch,mainly because of that one scene. You know the one. Where Lilo looks into Stitch’s eyes and says,”You truly are a Stitch has a Glitch.” So powerful. Made me poop my panties. ; (

      1. I was just wondering, do you think you might be able to tell me your real name? Is it true that you grew up in Hong Kong? You seem awesome! I was born in Holland, and I stayed there till I was 5. I moved to New Zealand, but some people at school make fun of me, because I have a dutch accent. If you know what a dutch accent sounds like, you’ll understand. Do you have any accent?

      2. Hey, you seem pretty awesome too. 🙂 My name is Yolanda, and I did grow up in Hong Kong. I’m sorry people mock you over something that’s a part of you – perhaps you can try to laugh it off to show you’re proud of who you are even if it is different. Any speaker of any language has an “accent,” technically. I suppose mine is more American, but I don’t think I could pinpoint a specific region of the country.

    1. Thanks, but if you know that God makes all people in his image, then it’s that image that makes anyone have value as a human, regardless of belief. 😉 My favorite chapter is Ecclesiastes 3. What’s yours?

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