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The code, the birthday, the maze and the photos…

Hey guys! Slip here.

We have lots of news to cover today. Without further ado, let’s start!


The Creators have added a brand new promo code to celebrate the release of Timmy Failure! Just enter the code FINDTHEPANTS4 and instantly get 150 credits! The code only lasts until Sunday, so catch it before it goes!


Speaking of Sunday, that will also be the last day of Poptropica’s 8th Birthday celebration. If you haven’t received the 8th birthday prize or 200 credits for finishing Early Poptropica (first time only), well now’s the time to grab ’em!

Next, Captain Crawfish has uploaded a new Realms video featuring Smart Bones’ labyrinth— and it left us a challenge! Captain Crawfish finished the maze in 6 minutes and 45 seconds—can you beat his time? Leave your results below

(Warning: Beware of shouting, ranting, groaning, words of wisdom and Crawfish-seizures! :P)

Speaking of the Creators, Poptropica shared some of their spooky Photo Booth creations on Twitter! Want to share yours? Tweet to Poptropica and they’ll retweet! 🙂

And that’s all of the updates! Have you checked out HP’s PoptropiComic or UiPE’s fan art contest entries? Don’t forget to leave a comment! 🙂



Early Poptropica Island

A Happy 8-bit Birthday, Poptropica!

Hey guys!

I’m doing a very special post for everyone today! Well, the most wonderful time of the year is here, and no, it’s not Christmas – it’s Poptropica’s 8th Birthday!


This year’s celebration is quite different from our traditional one. Remember the pixel Prized Porker we saw last week? As you can guess, it does have something to do with this year’s celebrations! You may have seen this critter hopping across the login screen, for starters.


For the first time ever, Poptropica is going to add a World Champions live map for a classic Poptropica island: Early Poptropica! Not only that, members and non-members can compete against the crown of being a top finisher for the first ever Poptropica island. And if it’s your first time finishing EP, you’ll get 200 credits instead of the typical 150! Isn’t that the best thing ever?

The race is on starting 1pm EST on Tuesday, Sept 15th! If you need a walkthrough, check out our Early Poptropica Island Guide (or our trivia page for a Quick Guide!).


The yearly balloon hunt is now on as well! This year’s prize is different from past years. Once you pop the 8th birthday balloon in common rooms, you will receive the 8-bit Birthday Pixel Pig Power! (What a long name!) Happy hunting!

Who’s excited? Don’t forget to tweet #HBDPoptropica today and get ready for a PHC party soon! 🙂

Plus, you can grab your free 8th Birthday Balloon in the Store now! Also, you may have noticed that the first NPC on Early Poptropica now holds one of these balloons and says something about the celebrations when you click on him.


UPDATE: WOAH GUYS. WOAH. I (Slippery Raptor) just got first place on the Early Poptropica World Champions Map. Best birthday ever? Other PHB authors and friends ranked pretty impressively as well: HPuterpop (Messy Sinker) was #11, UiPE (Yellow Sword) was #6, and his twin brother Giant Hawk finished at #7! Congratulations to all the finishers! :mrgreen:

Check your rank on the World Champions Map and share yours in the comments!