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PHB Special: Pop the Difference, Round 3

Howdy, Poptropicans! It’s LJ here with another Pop The Difference special. It’s been nearly 3 years since the last one, so to say this is overdue is putting it mildly. Let’s not waste anymore time and pop right into it!

So here’s how the game works: Down below are five pairs of Poptropica images, each containing five differences. Some differences are easy to spot while others may be tougher. Are you up for the challenge?

1) Inspection of the Imperial Garden

2) Casting about the Carnival

3) Nanoscopic Pantoscopic

4) Eatery Exploration

5) Scanning the Swarm

How many could you find? Send in your answers to [email protected].

The first two people to correctly spot all 25 differences (5 in each) will receive a drawing of their Poptropican by me. (Check out my DeviantArt page to get a glimpse of what you’re in for. :P)

Answers and winners will be revealed at some point in the next coming weeks. That’s it for now and I’ll talk to you all in the next one. Pop on!

โ€“ LJ ๐Ÿ€


15 thoughts on “PHB Special: Pop the Difference, Round 3”

  1. It’s okay! I am in India so I got it at night so that’s why I was fast! Also, try puzzles and buy spot the differences books! I have got here by that only!

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