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Paradise and The Purge

Hey Poptropicans—this is another Paradise Island update, so if you haven’t caught up to this point yet, start from the first post to know what’s up.

As promised from where we left off on Paradise Island, the next day brings us a talent show with a mini-game! (It’s not exactly a new one, though.) Head over to the makeshift stage on your island to begin playing. 

It’s a simple rhythm game where the goal is to tap the musical notes (represented by jewels) as they hit the bottom, with three jewels of notes to manage. You might recognize this game format (albeit with different looks) from some of Poptropica’s ads, including American Girl: Joss’s Island.

Try as I might, I could not get the game to recognize my taps, so I haven’t been able to win this one. I guess it’s a bit glitchy, but maybe you’ll have better luck. Supposedly, winning will net you a nice 1,000 credits!

The day after the talent show isn’t very exciting: you trade the stage for the taco truck, with a notification saying it’s “Taco Taco Day,” with two tacos for the price of one. However, the tacos were always free, and you don’t even get to hold two tacos at once, so there really isn’t anything special about this one.

Fortunately, the next notification for the coming day looks more promising… seems like a PoptropiCon festival is on its way!

Also, as with the days before, you can collect another 5 sand dollars around your island for a small 300 credit reward. Looks like this might be a daily thing!

In other news, we’re in the midst of Poptropica Month, a celebration of Poptropica’s birthday through fan-made videos—and there are already plenty to enjoy! 🎉 Check out this one from Dimension Bros, the duo who’s hosting this event, on an interesting concept mixing Poptropica with The Purge (based on the TV/film franchise, where the premise is a night where all crime is legal).

If Poptropica entered a Purge, what’s the best tip for escaping Myron Van Buren? How will CJ use her illegal shrinking powers for good? Find out what the Purge-tropica Help Blog would say in this twisted video!

Keep up with the latest Pop Month videos in this master playlist, learn more about joining the festivities in this PHB post, and get to know other Poptropican video creators on the Pop Month Discord as well as the PHC! Pop on, Poptropicans. ✌️

~Slanted Fish 🐠


16 thoughts on “Paradise and The Purge”

  1. Im kinda pissed,l mean i left this game like months ago and i came back to see any changes there is not any. All we want is new world, this game is completely dead and will never get better

    1. Our previous website theme has been retired, so to keep things running smoothly for the future, we’ve updated the theme. It may look a little different, but it shares some similarities with the old one too.

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