April Fools 2019: Smashed, Crackled, POPPED!

Aaaaaapril Fooools, Poptropicans!

You might’ve guessed that yesterday’s post introducing a brand new Poptropica gaming experience, titled “Smash! Crackle! POP!”, was an April Fools’ prank. But if you didn’t, we’re popping that bubble for good: as smashing as it would be, we don’t have any plans to make a Poptropica-style Smash Bros spin-off. We hope it at least made you crack a smile, though. (And yes, the name is inspired by the mascots of Rice Krispies.)

The PHB team did put in some thought into creating the idea of the game, though, so even if you missed it, we hope you’ll still check out our prank post! Gentle Dolphin especially worked hard on making illustrations of fighters, including the roster of PHB staff that’s available as downloadable content (DLC), and a battle arena of Mount Olympus.

Thanks for sticking around with the PHB amid our shenanigans. We’re still committed to being your go-to source for the latest and greatest in Poptropica news, and we’re still hoping to see Poptropica committed to bringing us an excellent game experienceโ€”preferably in the form of islands, but hey, some Legendary Swords-style battle would be pretty cool, too. Until next time! โš”๏ธ

Keep fighting the good fight, Poptropicans. โœŠ

โ€” the PHB fighters โ€”

20 thoughts on “April Fools 2019: Smashed, Crackled, POPPED!”

      1. Ringmaster Raven in the back** (the closest I could get to Doc Strange)

        “We’re in the end game now…”

        I just realized that an Infinity War parady with Poptropica char.s would honestly be epic.

      1. Here’s my cast:

        Iron man – Gold Face

        Captain America – that global super (forgot his name)

        Hawk Eye – Elf Archer

        Hulk – Dr. Hare i guess

        Black Widow – Black Widow (genious)

        Ant Man – The avatar (?) or the girl from Shrink Ray

        Captain Marvel – That guy with all the MAF powers

        Rocket – the red haired kid from SteamWorks (?)

        Thor – idk

        War Machine – Binary Bard

        Thanos – Omegeon

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