🍍 The PHB’s 10th Annual Costume Competition: the Casual & the Creepy 🎃 (Win a Pop membership!)

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Calling all Poptropicans! Have you got what it takes to dress your Poptropican up for the season? Then enter your costume into the Poptropica Help Blog’s 10th Annual Costume Competition! (Can you believe we’ve been doing this for ten years??)

This year we’re presenting two categories: the “Casual” for your everyday style as well as the traditional “Creepy.” You can enter from Poptropica Original and/or Worlds!

Tips for a casual or creepy costume

As you put together your entry (or entries — feel free to submit as many times as you like!), keep in mind the following:

  • 🍍 Be original! Instead of just using all the parts of one costume that already exists, mix and match to create your own unique costume.
  • 🎃 For CREEPY VIBES: There are some great Halloween costume parts at the ghoul gathering from the end of the Haunted House quest from the Store, but be creative and search in other places too! We have tools like the Avatar Studio Gift (ASG) and iPop to help you find just the right parts you need.
  • 😎 For CASUAL VIBES: In addition to our massive ASG collection, simply hopping about in other places can help you locate some cool pieces! Try the Home Island “New You” place, clothes from Night Watch Island mall stores like “In the Now,” as well as browsing your friends’ threads to see what they’ve got!
  • 🍍 Keep your costume intact until after the winners are announced on October 31 (Halloween). If you change your costume before then, we may not see it! If you don’t want to keep the costume on your main account, you can create a new one and post the link to that instead. Or, send us a screenshot from the Avatar Studio in the same way as you see cropped on our ASG page. (Entries for Worlds will require a screenshot — don’t worry, it’s a simple process!)
  • 🎃 Optional: Give your costume a groovy name. It’ll help your costume stand out even more, and if it wins, we’ll refer to it by the name you’ve given it!

How to enter your costume

Once you’ve assembled your costume on Poptropica, here’s how to share it with us:

  • 🍭 To post your entry for Poptropica Original, go to the Avatar Studio, type in your username, click Load, click on the Link to highlight it, right-click and choose Copy. Then, go to the comments section right here on this post, right-click and choose Paste, type in your comment (you can include your username if you’d like to) and submit it, so we can view your costume by clicking the link!
  • 🍭 To post your entry for Poptropica Worlds, go to your closet and take a screenshot (see instructions here for screenshotting on any computer or mobile device). Then, upload your screenshot on an image hosting website such as imgur or TinyPic, copy the link to your image, and insert the link into your comment so we see it!

For both categories, you can submit as many entries as you like, but if you do, make sure to use multiple accounts so that you don’t overwrite the last costume you put on. Remember, though, you can only win a maximum of one time for each game.

The contest closes on Tuesday, October 30. Winners will be announced October 31.

Winners & Prizes

  • 👻 On Halloween (October 31), we’ll make a post featuring the winning costumes on the front page of the PHB for all to see, *PLUS* 3 top winners will each receive a one-month Poptropica membership, courtesy of the Poptropica Creators!
  • 👻 The winning costumes will also be immortalized on the PHB’s Costumes page, where you can see examples of past Halloween winners.
  • 👻 We’ll have 10 winners total – 5 costumes for each category – as well as some honorary mentions for just the post, but not the page. Three top winners will be selected from among the ten.

😎🎃✨ Happy Costumizing! ✨🎃😎

🦇 P.S. If you’re feeling especially artistic in this spooky season, be sure to participate in this month’s Community Creations. The theme for October is Villains!

92 thoughts on “🍍 The PHB’s 10th Annual Costume Competition: the Casual & the Creepy 🎃 (Win a Pop membership!)”

  1. This is really exciting, but I have two questions. 1:Can we enter a costume from last year that didn’t make it? 2: Can we enter multiple costumes? Anyways, I’m really excited to see all the great Halloween costumes. 🎃

  2. I’m going to enter. But I have a permanent eye glitch. My eyes twitch and for a second they look like a mannequin eyes. Quick question. Does anybody know how to get rid of it? I friended a
    asg mannequin and put on the clothes. I clicked on the eyes and pressed the OK button. After that, my eyes wouldn’t stop twitching. Please help!:(

      1. That glitch is happening to you, because you logged in from the new login screen, that login screen generates glitchy eyes on everyone, to prevent your account from having glitchy eyes, you must use the old login screen, and to do this, you can click on the image displaying poptropica which redirects you to the old login screen, Logging in from the old login does not generate glitchy eyes on your poptropican

      2. Wait a second, the one Greedy Shadow suggested is a fix for the glitchy eyes, and mine is a prevention to not get them in the first place

  3. this isn’t exactly about this, but I noticed when I went into the poptropica common room, peoples eyes were flickering like zombie eyes? Is this a costume I don’t know about, or have you mentioned this before?

  4. Great entries so far, everyone! It’s fun seeing what people are coming up with. 🎃

    Don’t forget we also have a category for Casual costumes as well! This refers to an everyday style; the sort of outfit that doesn’t look like you’re dressed to scare. You can enter in both categories (casual and creepy) as many times as you like! 🍍

  5. Assuming that I can put my master plan in practice…

    And assuming that anyone else will like my Casual outfit as much as I do…

    I look forward to seeing you all on the 31st.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Poptropica Avatar Studio isn’t working and I’ve literally used it so many times!
    OK, here is what just happened. I was on Poptropica, and then I quit yada yada yada. I got back on later, and when I did, there was a new login screen. Obviously, because I cared SO MUCH about the new update, I explored it a little. “Meh, whatever,” I thought. I logged on and went to a non SUI island and did the steps. But it didn’t work! So I did it again, and even checked back onto the blog to read the steps over.
    Nothing was happening, so, unfortunately, I figured they might’ve seen this post, and because they’re giving away memberships, THEY PATCHED THE GLITCH!
    And I’m not happy.
    I probably just screwed up the glitch or something.
    Whatever. I’ll just use my store outfits or something. *cries self to sleep*

    1. I’m not sure whether the glitch was patched, but some players did report having issues with it this summer, particularly for those updated to Windows 10 and above. However, there are workarounds available — see the tools listed at the top of our ASG page.

      1. @lch_gaia — I tried your TinyPic link but it didn’t lead me to an image. Make sure you are copying the right link (TinyPic gives several link options for different purposes; you should try putting them in your browser to see which link will lead to just the image). If you’re having issues with TinyPic, try Imgur, another image hosting site.

      1. The login screen is normal again.
        And the glitch is working too.
        I’m so confuzzled and I just made myself look like an idiot. Oh well.

    1. If you’re talking about Pop original, is it in the theator (in Home Island)?

      Or if you’re talking about Pop Worlds, wait really?

  7. Yeah, i’m referring to pop original in home island. The daily wheel is missing and isn’t in the theater no more.

  8. never mind, i understand now that they took off the wheel temporarily was because they added a lot of new features onto home island

      1. As an alternative, after you’ve selected the link on the Avatar Studio, you could press the keys Control + C (on PC) or Command + C (on Mac) to copy the link to your clipboard. Then, to share it here, when you go to write your comment, do Control + P (or Command + P) to paste the copied link into your comment.

      2. It’s not working. I’ll just put in a worlds entry. I’ve been working on one any way.

      3. If you manage to put in a Worlds entry, which involves uploading a screenshot online, you can use the same process for your Pop Original entry via the Avatar Studio image. Or, just comment with the username of your Pop Original account with the costume and I can look it up.

      4. Oh, and she’s suppose to be a causal entry. The name of the costume is best teacher ever.

      5. Actually, never mind because she is the same person as my worlds entry.So never mind.I apologise.

  9. Hi Everyone! I’m Shiny Bird (most call me Shiny for short). I have been an active Poptropican for many years now, but never had the chance to be a part of this small, vibrant community (thanks to school, unprecedented things happening in my life, and responsibilities). Luckily, I have been able to play more often lately and things are shaping up a bit (I’ve been thinking, if things continues like this, who knows? I might get more involved and eventually start a Poptropica blog!). Point is, I am an average Poptropican: I see “Free Membership,” I start having dreams (and eventually turn psychotic). In an attempt to satisfy my cravings, I’m going to make a “Creepy Vibes” entry. Without any further ado, I present to you: The Hypnotist.

    To spice my entry up, here’s a little poem I put together about him:

    He may not seem intimidating,
    But that’s just a misunderstanding.
    Don’t look into the serpent’s eye!
    For the unintended you will go by.

    Now some of you may recall seeing someone floating around the now dead home island common room with this costume on; yes! that’s me! and for anyone wondering, feel free to add me: My user is Arbiter213. Anyway, Arigato! I look forward to opening up this new chapter of my Poptropican life (that is, if life lets me) and Sayonara!

    Shine on Poptropicans 😉 (Yes, I’m already practicing for a potential blog!)

    – Shiny Bird 🐦

  10. I’m excited to see who wins.Best of luck.Happy Day-Before Halloween.I didn’t think I would see not a lot of worlds entries.Oh, and shiny b1rd, you might want to go to the costume page.

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