Pop Fan Artist Spotlights

Pop Fan Artist Spotlight: CrazyPaintbrush

Hello, Poptropicans! It’s Lucky Joker here with another Pop Fan Artist Spotlight! Sorry I wasn’t able to post this on the usual Saturday, but better late than never, right? 😉 The artist in the spotlight this time around is the very talented and super nice CrazyPaintbrush!

CrazyPaintbrush is a very active member of our DeviantArt group gallery, We-Love-Poptropica, sharing her insanely cute comics and other drawings. She draws traditionally, which is pretty uncommon among Poptropica fan artists, and I think something worth noting. 🙂 Check out this collection of her work below (click to enlarge the images):

I really love the bold lining and posing of the characters. What do you think? If you want to see more cute Poptropica art, head on over to her Deviant Art gallery—you’ll find lots of it there!

Well, it’s time for this spotlight to come to a close. I hope you enjoyed this look into a Poptropica fan’s artwork! If you’ve made any of your own, we’d love for you to share it to our DeviantArt group gallery. Don’t forget to check out the other artists I’ve featured here as well, and I’ll talk to you all soon. Pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

What's popping, Poptropicans?

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