Pop Fan Artist Spotlights

Pop Fan Artist Spotlight: POP-whitewolf

Hello, Poptropicans! Lucky Joker here showcasing the works of POP-whitewolf in this week’s Pop Fan Artist Spotlight feature!

Yup, it’s POP-whitewolf—the winner of the Best Fan Art category in this year’s Poppies! Here was her award-winning piece, “Alice and Fierce Fox” for all of your viewing pleasure:


You think that was good? Then check out this collection of more of her work below (click the images to enlarge them):

Isn’t her artwork so pretty? If you want to see more, check out her DeviantArt where she posts (almost) all things Poptropica!

That’s it for this spotlight! I hope you enjoyed this look into a Poptropica fan’s artwork! Perhaps you’re even encouraged to make Poptropica fan art yourself. If you’ve created some of your own, we’d love for you to share it on our DeviantArt group gallery at We-Love-Poptropica.

Thanks for reading as always! Don’t forget to check out the other amazing artists I’ve featured here on the PHB, and I’ll talk to you all soon… pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀


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