Pop Fan Artist Spotlights

Pop Fan Artist Spotlight: ArtisticAsianBunny

Hello, everyone!

It’s Lucky Joker popping in to showcase the art of another Poptropica fan artist in another Pop Fan Artist Spotlight. The featured artist this week is ArtisticAsianBunny!

ArtisticAsianBunny (AAB) draws in a simple yet super adorable style that is quite unique and distinctive to her work. Time and time again, you’ll see the Poptropica villains in most of her pieces. The funny thing is, they don’t appear scary or callous. On the contrary, they look quite huggable.

Seriously, check out this collection of her kawaii art below (and click the images for a better view):

Visit her DeviantArt Gallery for more!

Lastly, AAB shared with me how she came up with her recognizable art style and also gave me insight on how other artists can find their own. Here it is:

When I first started off getting into this community as an fan artist, the first thing I do is learn how to draw a poptropican. So, I decided to go to the PHB blog and found the “How to draw a Poptropican” page. My first try at drawing them was… decent, at least. At time go on, I looked at art from some admirable people like DeeJay-Rosiettahappyclonetrooper, and lots more and took some of their recognizable art style features to put into my own.

Experiment with the current art style you have. If you have someone you admire with their art style, take the things you like about it and add it onto yours. It doesn’t have to be just one artist however, you can do this to multiple artists as well!

Your art style is like a jigsaw puzzle, You put small puzzle pieces together to another one until you have the big picture. Of course it will take time to complete it, but once you are finished… it will all be worth it.

Well, that concludes this artist spotlight! I hope you enjoyed this look into a Poptropica fan’s artwork. Perhaps you’re even inspired to make Poptropica fan art yourself. If you’ve created some of your own, we’d love for you to share it on our DeviantArt group gallery at We-Love-Poptropica!

Don’t forget to check out the other artists I’ve featured here on the PHB, as well.

– Lucky Joker 🍀

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