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Pop Fan Artist Spotlight: treesareredinautumn

Hello, Poptropicans!

It’s Lucky Joker here featuring another Poptropica fan’s artwork in another Pop Fan Artist SpotlightLast time, I showcased the amazing art of BlazingAngel123. The featured artist this time around is the one and only treesareredinautumn! (Best pseudonym ever, in my opinion. 😛 )

Treesareredinautumn has made tons of Poptropica art in the past, and though she admits that her Pop art is kind of old, it’s still worth a look. Her Poptropica-related artwork includes everything from portrait requests to large scenic illustrations—all of them truly sublime. Check out this collection of her artwork below:

Her work is spectacular, isn’t it?

She says she’s inspired by imaginary worlds, the beauties of nature and the creativity of people around her, and that her favorite part about art is being able to create something from nothing and bring enjoyment to other people. Delightful!

And there’s plenty more where that came from. You can check out her DeviantArt gallery to view all of her other awe-inspiring masterpieces, which includes more Poptropica fan art and even works inspired by other things!

To close off this post, here’s an insight from treesareredinautumn herself about her creative process:

It starts with an idea. Whether it be a fully fleshed out concept of the final, or simply the desire to draw something. This is followed by trying and failing to transmit the idea to paper, while coming up with new ideas along the way. My drawings never quite come out the way I expect them to, but that’s half the fun. When colouring I generally have to try several times before I get it right, but it’s worth the effort!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this look into another Poptropica fan’s artwork! Perhaps you’re even inspired to make Poptropica fan art yourself. If you’ve created some of your own, we’d love for you to share it on our DeviantArt group gallery at We-Love-Poptropica!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

16 thoughts on “Pop Fan Artist Spotlight: treesareredinautumn”

      1. Well, TBH, I’d rather use a mouse than a finger or that Apple pen we have, and I don’t have the time to buy an Apple pencil. And besides, our iPad is kind of full, so I would just go buy Photoshop when I get older

    1. Those are options, though digital artists tend to use drawing tablets, so that’s something you could look into as well. Photoshop isn’t necessary—it’s just an app, and there are plenty of other (more affordable) options out there as well. A drawing app I’d recommend is Tayasui Sketches, which I used to draw my current avatar. 🙂

      1. It’s not the software it’s more of the tool I’m using(a mouse, finger, A. pen/pencil etc.). Using a finger isn’t all accurate when it’s wider than the line you’re drawing, and an Apple pen isn’t much better either (also it isn’t as smooth as using a utensil) . Besides, I’m more use to drawing with a pencil than with my finger.

    2. You do realise photoshop costs hundreds of dollars unless you pirate it. Are you talking about the desktop one. I recommend Medibang, gimp or Krita. Your art would come out the same in all apps. Also using an iPad is better than mouse. But invest in a stylus, gives better accuracy than your finger. But like slanted fish said graphic tablets is the best way to go

      1. Well, the whole reason in general is really because I simply don’t have the time to get that stuff. Maybe this summer or some time when I’m at college and I can’t draw at my spare time at school.

  1. Things I need (to work on) to improve my skills of the art of drawing:

    – Angling (on different prospectives)

    – Shines reflecting on objects (of which would definitely improve my metalic stuff)

    – More colors (Crayola is pretty cheap, I mean, they have peach and pink for crayons but not for color pensils?!)

    – I’ll say it again, p h o t o s h o p

    1. I know how to get photoshop cs6 for desktop for free. It’s the one this artists uses and so do I.
      I prefer sai though but I guess photoshop does have more features that I find hard to learn.

  2. … Guys… Something ain’t right.

    I’m currently at the Pop store at the moment, and here’s the thing.
    There are plenty of other items in the Pop store that they haven’t mentioned, like the “robot dance”, “binary rain”, “cool kid” and more.

    Although, for some reason, more than half of the store items that were originally there are gone! I don’t know if they did that because they will be on Pop Worlds (**I swear they better not be exclusive to members when they weren’t to begin with), or Adobe flash will be ending soon. Also, for some reason the costumes cost almost as much as the gold cards, and the membership items apparently cost credz (I don’t have membership so idk).

  3. Hi guys! I have some kinda bad news… I’m moving on. You may have noticed that I don’t comment as much, and I never got around to really posting on that blog of mine AND I haven’t logged on to Poptropica in a while… So yeah, because I am kinda losing interest in Pop and you probably are thinking NOOO RT/CDPG IS QUITTING but that’s not exactly true because I will still be participating in ATV on Lucky Wings blog but other then that you probably won’t see me around that often but I will visit sometimes!-for one of the last times, CookiedaPonyGamer

  4. I watch her. One of the most skilled artists in the poptropica community imo. Napstachill, SmileyfaceOrg, RobinTheBurb included

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