April Fools! #2018 #WeStillBlogGood


April Fools, Poptropicans!

Yesterday, on April 1, the PHB declared that, inspired by the Poptropica Creators’ rehashed blogging and frivolous tweeting as of late, we were going to change things up here on our own site. Over the course of the day, we released over 10 silly posts on our blog, replete with hashtags and cute pics galore. We hope they made you smile. And don’t worry—it was all just an April Fools Day prank. Did we fool you?

You can catch up on the badly-inspired posts by scrolling down if you’re reading this on the homepage, or by clicking the links below:

The PHB team had fun coming up with these posts, and we hope you liked them too. Some of you even commented with your own hashtags—thanks for the love!

Rest assured, the Poptropica Help Blog will not be going the way of the Creators’ Blog—at least, not like this—and we’ll be leaving the tweeting style to Twitter. We plan to keep bringing you quality content and staying on top of things—and we hope the Creators will, sooner rather than later, get back on that track too. 😉

Thanks for sticking with us. Keep popping on, Poptropicans.

#peace #aprilfools #srslytho

– slantedfish 🐠 –

9 thoughts on “April Fools! #2018 #WeStillBlogGood”

  1. I wasn’t fooled, but this was a lot of fun to follow. I admire your dedication to the joke. My favorite post was #ForRealTho

  2. I definitely knew I was bound to see an April Fools prank at some point… but not every hour though! (Up until 9 or 10 or something in the evening)

  3. This was a ok prank. Did not really fool me but it was not bad. However I have a feeling that if the Poptropica community member Tall Cactus were still around she would say this was your worse prank ever 🙂

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