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Community Celebrity: Sporty Boa

community celeb sporty boa
background artwork by Sporty Boa & foreground artwork by napstachill 

Hello, everyone — Lucky Joker here, and welcome to Community Celebrities!

Community Celebrities is a PHB series where Poptropica community members get to be in the spotlight for their involvement in the community, by being interviewed here on the PHB so fellow Poptropicans can get to know them a bit more. (Find out how to be the next Community Celebrity at the end of this interview!)

Today’s Poptropica personage is Sporty Boa! Sporty Boa blogs actively over on his own site, Sporty Boa Blog, and has been doing so for just over a year now! Let’s get into the interview to know more about this committed Poptropican.

Welcome, Sporty Boa! Could you introduce yourself to everyone?

Hey everyone! I’m Sporty Boa, an animal-loving, laid-back teen who loves blogging and Poptropica! I guess some of you already knew that… Well, do you know I have two cats, a hummingbird, an unnatural hate for Myron Van Buren, phasmophobia, an annoying roommate, a bo staff, and a brother who’s an author here? No?… *breathes heavily* Maybe? Great!

Who is your favorite Poptropica character?

I have two all-time favorite characters from Poptropica, but there so many amazing choices! I’ll have to stick with Harold Mews from Cryptids Island and my boy, Director D!

What’s the best memory you have while playing Poptropica?

Ha! Without a doubt, the Jersey Devil jumpscare. I was either playing or watching with my siblings on the edge of my rolly-chair as we made our way through the (way too) creepy house of Mother Leeds. We made our way downstairs and… Hello! There it was. Not going to get too into detail, but there were screams… and I can neither confirm nor deny they came from me.

What do you think the best feature is on Poptropica Worlds?

Personally, I really like the costume store in Pop Worlds. The separate pieces of clothing you can buy allows for more diverse and unique outfits. And as a “Sporty” dresser myself, this feature gains my approval!

Aside from the PHB, what other Poptropica fan blogs do you read?

Pfft, does “all of them” count as a good answer? I’m always on the lookout for nice, new blogs to follow. I want to have their backs, just as the community did for me when I started blogging!

In your opinion, what’s the best thing about the Poptropica community?

I know, I know, this is pretty cliche, but: the people. The Poptropica community, in particular, has such an abundance of kind and unique characters and I’m both happy and honored to be among them.

Anything else you’d like to say?

I’m just a kid with big dreams, big hair and a big fear of the Nokken. Besides that, I’m also extremely grateful to be here, not just on Community Celebrities, but in the Pop community itself. I’ve had great experiences here and hopefully more to come! Stay awesome, peeps. This Boa’s gotta bounce!

Thanks to Sporty Boa for doing this interview with me! It was quite fun getting to know him a bit more, and I hope everyone else enjoyed what he had to say as well.

🌟 Want to be the next Community Celebrity? 🌟

If you would like to be interviewed for the next Community Celebrities post, or nominate a fellow Poptropican, send a private message to me, Lucky Joker, on Discord with the following:

  • the name of your nominee (a Poptropica name or other screen name)
  • a reason why your nomination (which could be you) should be the next Community Celebrity

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading, as always! Talk to you in the next one.

– Lucky Joker 🍀 


11 thoughts on “Community Celebrity: Sporty Boa”

      1. I would like to be on the next community celebrity because I’m frequent in the poptropica community website and because people know me for participating and winning different contests in the web like the community creations, meme face and wrote my place in Poptropica.

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